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Pro Sports Wrap - by Sam Ruesler

Uneasy situation in Montreal

December 11th 2011 15:24
The chances of defenseman Matthias Ohlund playing this season are slim, as he hasn't skated for several weeks due to pain in his knees. He had knee surgery in mid-October, and it looks like GM Steve Yzerman will stand pat. There really is no reason to do something else, as Bruno Geravis has played well as a depth defenseman. I think the furthest Yzerman should go is call up Radko Gudas if things get worse on the blue line.

Before the Carolina Hurricanes were able to dump off Tomas Kaberle's contract on the Canadiens shoulders, the 'Canes tried to trade the $4.25 million man to the Blue Jackets. Carolina tried to package a second rounder and the 33-year-old for center Derick Brassard, but the Blue Jackets rejected this offer outright. Kaberle had a -11 this season with the Hurricanes, and it really seems like the only way to improve this sagging team is a complete overhaul. It may seem imprudent, but this strange collapse may be for real. The key players, such as Eric Staal, are here to stay, but guys like Kaberle and other older role players are expendable. I still can't believe the Canadiens would ever take the under-performing, aging Kaberle and- most of all- the contract that comes with him.

The team that obtained Kaberle, the Canadiens, are interested in shaking things up as well. The fan base has been calling for Jacques Martin's head, but there are also rumblings that GM Pierre Gauthier's job security is falling. Patrick Roy and the surprise firing Randy Carlyle are two names circulating around Martin (the vultures around a "corpse"), and even some players have said that Martin has a poor system that is too restrictive. The aforementioned Blue Jackets were among the teams who made head coaching changes, and they have gotten off to a hot start with their new coach. The Canadiens are coming off of a shootout loss against the Jackets, and maybe firing their head coach will help them out; I certainly think it will.
Tomas Kaberle
Traded to Montreal


2002 Darryl Kile is found dead in his hotel room before a Route 66 rivalry game. The Cardinals pitcher's tragic death still brings a tear to my eyes today.

1926 Grover Cleveland Alexander was picked off of waivers by the Cardinals from the Cubs. The pitcher was 39 at the time.

1930 Lou Gehrig smashes three homers in a game.

1946 Bill Veeck buys the Cleveland Indians.

1958 A game in Kansas City is delayed for 29 minutes because of a tornado. The A's beat the Red Sox in that game 2-1 on their home turf.

1959 Sandy Koufax whiffs 16 hitters on the Phillies.

1982 Pete Rose moves into 2nd place on the all-time list with another hit.

1983 The NHL adds a five minute overtime.

1984 Carl Pohlad is the new CEO of the Minnesota Twins.

1987 Tom Seaver retires.

1990 General Manager Bobby Cox is named the manager of the Atlanta Braves. We can safely say that his reign in Atlanta wasn't bad at all. Russ Nixon was the man who lost his job as manager.

1991 The Quebec Nordiques selected Eric Lindros with the first pick in the NHL Draft. Lindros also had a great career.

1993 Anthony Young went winless in 27 starts, but he actually pitched okay during that span.

1994 The Rockets beat the Knicks in 7 games to win the NBA Finals.

1997 Ernie Els won the Buick Classic.

Happy birthday to Carl Hubbell, Pete Maravich, Clyde Drexler, Kurt Warner, Champ Bailey, Brad Hawpe, and Ian Kinsler. That's a nice list right there.
Happy 33rd Birthday!


1. Pujols injury update

Albert Pujols will be out for about six weeks with a fractured left wrist in a season filled with ups and downs for Puj. He sustained this injury after colliding with Wilson Betemit of the Royals in a baseball play gone wrong. The Cards have had to deal with many injuries this season to their stars. Matt Holliday has missed time, David Freese is still out, and Adam Wainwright has missed the entire season.

"You can't replace a player of his magnitude," general manager John Mozeliak said. "It just seems like we've had to deal with one injury after another.

"We still have to find ways to win games, and that's what we'll do."

The Cardinals have found ways to win games thanks to some amazing play by Lance Berkman. I don't see him cooling off. He's hitting line drives, and his BABIP is right where it should be. Detractors will point to a high HR/FB%, but that number is in line with his career numbers. Berkman is healthy, and he's mashing.

2. All Boston does is win, win, win no matter what

I feel bad for the Padres, because they stood no chance. The Red Sox scored ten runs in the seventh inning and won the game 14-6 behind Adrian Gonzalez. The interesting thing is that Orlando Hudson was the only player to hit a homer in this game. He went 3 for 5 with two runs and three RBIs. Chase Headley went 4 for 5 with a double and two runs (he scored on Hudson's dinger).

The Red Sox scored on a double play, twice on an HBP, and twice again on a walk. Evan Scribner gave up four earned runs without getting an out, and Ernesto Frieri gave up four earned runs without even giving up a hit. He walked two and was responsible for the two batters hit by pitches. Adrian Gonzalez went 3 for 5 with a double, two runs, and three steaks.

3. Lidstrom will return

This is great news for hockey fans in general, and it's the best news ever for Red Wings fans. Fellow defenseman Brian Rafalski surprised everyone by retiring when all eyes were on Lidstrom. Much to the relief of GM Ken Holland, Lidstrom will play another season in the NHL. He still hasn't lost it, and he is my pick for the Norris Trophy.A testament to his sportsmanship and leadership, Lidstrom is also a finalist for the Lady Byng Trophy and Mark Messier Leadership Award.

4. Tim Hudson

That's all I need as a header for this one, because it was all about Hud in the Braves' 2-0 victory over the Jays. His Game Score of 85 was backed by a remarkable performance through eight innings. Hudson gave up just two hits and a walk while striking out eight. He broke the 1,600 mark in this game. The amazing Craig Kimbrel got his 20th save of the year by striking out the side.

Ricky Romero had a strong outing, but that was overshadowed by the greatness of Hudson. The veteran starter his his second career homer in the seventh inning with two outs. It was a two-run shot to left that was 401 feet out, and it generated the only runs scored in the game. It's safe to say that Hudson didn't have a bad game.

5. Is Jimmer a bust?

Jimmer was great in college, but I don't see him panning out in the NBA. He's a great shooter, he works hard, he's a leader, and he knows how to win games. But there have been tons of guys with those qualities who have busted out. Why? They're not good enough. Jimmer isn't a true point guard because he is only an average passer and he stinks on D. I see him being a below average player in the NBA whose real value is as a scorer off the bench. I love the kid, but I just don't see him as a guy who deserves to be a lottery pick. He should go in the late teens because of his college production.
Can the Cards get a break?

The Daily Rundown is a new segment I will do that covers the days biggest stories. I will also comment for a paragraph or so on the subject.

1. Vancouver Riots

100 people have been arrested, and 150 people were injured as a result of the disgraceful riots in Vancouver that stemmed from the Canucks' loss in Game 7. Canucks fans live by their team, and they have been waiting for a Stanley Cup final for so long. The Canucks have been great in the regular season for the past few years, yet they can never win a championship. They finally made it to the Finals, but they lost in a poorly played Game 7.

There's no excuse for rioting over a game. You can be angry, you can cry, but you can't start destroying property just because your team lost. This whole fiasco is a disgrace to the city of Vancouver, to the fans of the Vancouver Canucks, hockey fans in general, and it also hurts the reputation of sports fans.

2. Braves Beat Mets

The title doesn't sound to interesting, but the Braves beat the Mets in the tenth inning thanks to a walkoff balk. Yeah, D.J. Carrasco balked- it was very easy to call- with Jason Heyward at the plate. Diory Hernandez crossed home plate, and the Braves won 9-8. Jordan Schafer went 5-6 with three runs scored, and Chipper went 3-4 with 5 RBIs and a homer. Jose Reyes went 3-6 with a stolen base and triple.

3. Ricky Rubio Officially With T'Wolves

Rubio is David Kahn's last hope of vindication from the last couple of drafts. He's finally leaving Barcelona to play for the NBA team that drafted him. He was on the basketball radar after having be electrifying in the Olympics. He's a smart player who knows the game, but his offense has been declining each year in Spain. One overlooked factor is that Rubio is a creative point guard, and Barcelona's coach does not let him use that creativity. However, Kurt Rambis and the Timberwolves will allow him to let his creativity flow.

4. Wild Hire Coach

The Minnesota Wild have hired Mike Yeo to be their new coach, and he is set to replace the previously fired Todd Richards. Yeo was one of the best AHL coaches, and he also did a nice job for the Pens as an assistant coach. I think he's a nice upgrade over Richards, but I still don't think the Wild are going to be in the playoffs.

5. Flacco As Good As Rivers?

KC Joyner is a very good sportswriter, but I am going to disagree with his post that Joe Flacco is just as good as Philip Rivers. Joyner makes most of his decisions using advanced statistics, and his main reason for saying this is that Flacco organized a great deep attack with mainly possession receivers.

Flacco is a very good quarterback, but Rivers is one of the top five best in the game. Flacco has a better arm than Rivers, but Rivers has way better accuracy and poise. I view Rivers as a top five quarterback and Flacco a top ten QB. I just think that Rivers' amazing accuracy puts him over Flacco.
Finally w/Wolves

2010 PSW Hart Trophy

June 16th 2011 14:48
For me, choosing the player who should get the Hart Trophy was a difficult task for me because there were two guys in the thick of it. Daniel Sedin and Corey Perry were absolutely vital to their respective teams' success this season, and it was difficult to choose between the two. By the way, there may be more typos than usual in this post as I am typing this with a severely sprained finger that literally turned blue. It's basketball related, but nobody really cares about that. What we do care about is some good hockey discussion.

Vancouver Canucks LW Daniel Sedin

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6/2011 NHL Forward Rankings

June 9th 2011 14:44
1. Sidney Crosby
2. Alex Ovechkin
3. Daniel Sedin

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The Nathan Horton Hit

June 7th 2011 14:48
First Alex Burrows bites Patrice Bergeron, and now it comes to this. Aaron Rome delivered a nasty, blindside hit on Nathan Horton. But this wasn't a good nasty. This hit was an uncalled for cheap shot in a series filled with them from both teams, but more of them from the Canucks. Horton was carried off to the hospital on a stretcher, leaving the crowed at the TD Garden shocked. "Horty" was lying down on the "B" logo in the middle of the rink.

I hope Aaron Rome is suspended for the entire series. That kind of a hit has no place in hockey, and it should never happen on the biggest stage in hockey. More importantly, however, I hope this injury doesn't hurt Horton's hockey career. These injuries don't just disappear, just ask Trent Green and the innumerable amount of athletes who have suffered these types of injuries in their careers. Severe concussions ruin careers, but at least Horton didn't lose movement in his limbs

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5/2011 Player Profile: Shea Weber

May 16th 2011 15:03
When you talk about the five best defensemen in the NHL, Shea Weber has to be one of the names you talk about. The Predators' captain is the team's best player. Not only is he a great defender and leader, but he is also a valuable threat on offense.

Weber is set to become a free agent, but he loves playing in Nashville and will certainly re-sign with the Preds. He's the face of the franchise, so money and years are no problem even though the Predators are short on money. I'm betting that Weber will give his team a discount of some sort. The James Norris Trophy nominee's 16 goals were tied for fourth among all defensemen in the NHL, and that stat shows his offensive ability. Weber had 48 points in total

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2010 PSW Norris Trophy

April 23rd 2011 13:32
There were many defensemen that had great seasons this year, and it is extremely difficult for me to pick just one of them. Keith Yandle, Lubomir Visnovsky, Zdeno Chara, Nicklas Lidstrom, Kris Letang, Dustin Byfuglien, Shea Weber, and Christian Ehrhoff were outstanding in the 2010-2011 NHL season. My pick will be given to the guy that was a great defender and a great points-scorer as well.

Detroit Red Wings Nicklas Lidstrom

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2010 PSW NBA and NHL All-Stars

April 21st 2011 15:17
I have assembled both of my All-Star teams for the NHL and NBA with both league's regular seasons having ended. There are three All-Star teams (or lines for hockey) and there is a goalie for each NHL line. This has nothing to do with team value, but rather how well the player played overall.


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2010 PSW Jack Adams Trophy

April 19th 2011 14:56
Each year, the Jack Adams Trophy is given to the best NHL coach that season. I am going to give my own Jack Adams award for this website based on what happened during the 2010-2011 season. Barry Trotz, Dave Tippett, Dan Bylsma, and Guy Boucher were my four finalists. My final winner was a coach that showed why he is mentioned among the best in the league with another job well done in guiding his team through the playoffs in the midst of a myriad of set-backs that would leave most coaches overwhelmed.

Pittsburgh Penguins Coach Dan Bylsma

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2010 PSW Calder Trophy

April 18th 2011 14:43
The NHL season is over, and I am going to kick off my awards with the NHL's rookie of the year. The Calder Memorial Trophy is given to this player, and there were a few deserving candidates like Jeff Skinner, Logan Couture, and Michael Grabner. Only one of these great rookies can win this award, but they will all shape the landscape of the NHL for years to come.

Carolina Hurricanes Center Jeff Skinner

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4/2011 Team Scope: Atlanta Thrashers

April 17th 2011 14:01
The Thrashers finished the season with 80 points and a 10th place finish in the Eastern Conference. The Thrashers were good on the power play, but they were terrible at penalty-killing and let in far too many goals. That's surprising considering Chris Mason and Ondrej Pavelec make up a solid pairing in goal, and Dustin Byfuglien is one of the best defensemen in hockey.

Coach Craig Ramsay did a nice job this year after the Thrashers did a great job at the beginning of the season. However, they broke down as the season wore on which is a too familiar feeling for Atlanta's hockey team. They played really well during the first 40 or so games of the season, and GM Rick Dudley sees this as a sign of good things to come for the future. The Thrashers were able to sustain a high level of play for about half the season, and this shows that they will be able to improve with a solid scoring free agent acquisition

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2010 NHL Playoffs Round One

April 12th 2011 11:55
Eastern Conference

1 Capitals vs. 8 Rangers

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3/2011 Defenseman Rankings

March 2nd 2011 16:17
It is time to rank the best defensemen in hockey. To my hockey readers, I hope this list isn't too terrible as I am just starting to get into hockey. My hockey knowledge is pretty low, but I will try my best to put together a decent looking list.

1. Nicklas Lidstrom

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I have decided to bring in some more content from other sports such as hockey to give people the sense that Pro Sports Wrap encompasses all of sports. I am previewing a game between the Columbus Blue Jackets and Nashville Predators. There are trade rumors circling Predators' star Shea Weber, while Craig Rivet is set to make his debut for Columbus. Both teams are 31-23, but Nashville has two ties which make them higher in the playoff standings by two spots (10 to 12). Even though they wouldn't be in the playoffs if the playoffs started today, both teams are very much alive in an extremely close playoff race in the Western Conference.

I don't know that much about hockey, but I will try to attack this game as best I can. Let's start with the Blue Jackets and their best player Rick Nash. He leads both teams coming into this game with 29 goals. Nash is one of the biggest stars in hockey and is regarded by some as a legendary player. I would vote for him into the NHL HOF. Anyway, Jakub Voracek is doing a great job of passing it around. Matt Calvert's had trick is fresh in his mind, but P.J. Umberger is the left wing to watch. The Predators are going to be busy with four athletic wingers that are balanced on both sides in their passing, goal scoring, and explosiveness. Steve Mason is solid in goal for Columbus

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