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Pro Sports Wrap - by Sam Ruesler

Pro Sports Wrap - July 2012

Shirtless Decline in Civilization

July 31st 2012 15:07
Wasn't sure at first if I was going to have any tweets to post today, but a few showed up throughout the day. I had a backup plan anyways, but now I can just save it for some day to come. Before I get to those there were some big stories from the Olympics yesterday, what a shocker.

Missy Franklin is a 17 year old American swimmer from Colorado. Everyone already knows this because her story has been told a lot leading up to London and throughout the games. She still swims on here high school team which is pretty crazy but awesome; meaning she has had to turned down many sponsorships. Swimming in college is something else she wants to do, so sponsors you better wait. The biggest thing, outside of being only 17, is that her parents didn't move her out to California or somewhere else to train with other elite swimmers and coaches. Colorado is where her life is and where she has a great time being a teenager; she has no problem having fun. Just watch before any of her races; she is dancing and smiling which she can do on a plane too.

Franklin touches the wall, looks up, she is in the finals for the 200 freestyle. Other swimmers head back to change and rest for races later in the day or the next. She does not follow; instead she hops in a warm up pool to stay loose. In less than 14 minutes later she will again be touching the wall, looking up, but instead she'll have her first Olympic medal and it's gold. She has a huge smile on her face, partly because she won but also because thats just who she is. Her parents are in the stands going crazy, rightly so, knowing their daughter is a huge star and inspiration.

Missy wasn't the only one standing proud to the National Anthem; Dana Vollmer set a World Record in the 100 butterfly final becoming the first woman ever under 56 seconds, and Matthew Grevers and Nicholas Thoman finished 1,2 in the 100 backstroke. Oustide of the Americans the other big story was Great Britain's bronze medal in men's gymnastics team, their first medal in this event in over a century. Bronze seemed their destination after they finished outlasting Ukraine, and the 3-time World Champion finishing off Japan's silver. Then Kohei Uchimura felt resulting in the English moving up to silver only for a short 5 minute review to change the score and push them back down to bronze.

Thats enough news from the day in sports so here are some tweets.

1) "Shirtless Tebow over-coverage is certainly the most valid example of the decline of Western civilization in, oh, decades."- Peter King, @SI_PeterKing

Not really Tebow bashing, more bashing the media which is still ok with me. He did know the cameras were on, lying is a sin Tim.

2) "Hope Solo now on rant about inferior quality of orange wedges served at halftime."- Kenny Mayne, @Kenny_Mayne

She better not rant about orange wedges at half, Those were the greatest thing of all time.

3) "Preparation is the key to taking advantage of opportunity when it arrives."- Emmitt Smith, @EmmittSmith22

4) "Until today I didn't know Lufthansa served reindeer. Didn't know people ate it. Did not taste like chicken." -Kenny Mayne, @Kenny_Mayne

At least I wont be thinking of Rudolf when I eat some fried chicken later.

Writing, Scooby Doo, and Orchestra

July 30th 2012 14:45
No venting today mainly because I tired myself out doing that yesterday. It also helps that there wasn't any shit talking or complaining in the Twitter world yesterday. Highlights in the sports world really only belong in the Olympics right now: The French got revenge in the Men's4x100 relay while Phelps got one medal closer to the record, USA men's basketball dominated in their first game of the tournament, and a few world records were set including USA's Volmer.

Oh yea, and Jordyn Wieber did not qualify for the all around finals in gymnastics. I guess I do have something to complain about. How does the World Champion not make it to the all around? Oh yea because some stupid rule says that only two gymnists from each country can move on. Wieber may have not had her best day but she is still easily one of the top 5 competing (from what I've heard, only time paid attention is now). You have to be happy for the other two Americans and they deserved to move on, but here is a suggestion: take the top 24 scores. Wow I'm brilliant.

Enough gymnastics talk, here's your best tweets from Sunday.

1) "As a kid, I could never solve Scooby Doo mysteries. As an adult, I could never solve Law&Order. Ahh where does it end?"- Kendall Marshall, @KButter5

Congrats KButter for being the first tweeter to top my list twice, on way to the Tweeter of the Week? Everyone loved/loves Scooby Doo, and Law&Order is great, as long as its not Criminal Intent. Not being able to solve the cases is one of the reasons we all watched; what fun would it be to know who the bad guy was from the start? We liked to be surprised, and I don't think it ever ends. Sorry.

2) "My five rules on how to write: 1. Procrastinate 2. Procrastinate 3. Procrastinate 4. Procrastinate 5. Panic" -Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops

Hey Seth did you follow these rules when tweeting this? I hope so because that would make it even better. We all procrastinate and then when its the end panic. So the truth of this statement helps it as my #2 but it also is funny. Weird thing though on this blog I don't follow any of those rules; I guess I just don't care.

3) "It'd be cool to be a beach volleyball player....o wait #shortgirlprobs"-Magen Elizabeth, @magen_elizabeth

Magen is a friend from school and like most girls that aren't Olympic volleyball players she is vertically challenged. Its ok though, she can still sit on the couch and watch the USA kick some ass. We were beach volleyball players back at school though; it was just behind a frat house with beers in our hands. Wasn't in front of the world or going for gold, but can't get much better than that.

4) "A man who wants to lead an orchestra must turn his back on his crowd."- @aefrikan, RT by Dwayne Wade, @DwayneWade

Just a clever quote. Again tweeted by someone I don't know so have to give DWad credit for RT this one. Fits in perfect with sports too so thats a bonus. Nothing else to really say here so....

5) "If you don’t design your own life plan,you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. & guess what they have planned for you? NOT MUCH”- Matthew Barnaby, @MattBarnaby3636

Kind of a serious quote here but also kind of funny. Almost still didn't put it on here because well, I'm not good at making plans so it hits home a bit. Hopefully this shitty blog picks up a bit. You all could start reading me more and maybe leave some helpful comments. Hold up your end of the relationship people, C'MON MAN!!

Some Good in the Middle of Crap

July 29th 2012 15:45
Being new to Twitter I just expected it to be a friendly place where people are social and just update people on what they are doing. Stupid me, I forgot the bad side of being social. What's with people talking shit via Twitter? It's pretty ridiculous and makes you look just dumb. Say something to me and I'll go crying to my room, sarcasm for all you Sheldon Coopers out there (2nd time referencing him on this blog). And for those who actually respond back to those talking shit to them, well you are just as pathetic. Why does it bother you so much? Just ignore it, it's not that difficult.

Then there was Hope Solo last night. STOP TWITTING THE EXACT SAME THING OVER AND OVER! I was getting really annoyed seeing her picture pop up everyone minute knowing the exact same complaint was following (and she is gorgeous). We got it the first time and that was even too much. Yea the commentators criticized your team but thats what they are suppose to do, and even if the game has changed since they played last they still know just as much about it as you do. Ignoring the bad media is what you are suppose to do and you had an epic fail. You won so move on.

I had to vent because this shit is stupid, but now I'm done. In between all of that there were still some good tweets, so here they are.

1) "Olympics. Red. White. Blue. What's your country code? Ours is #1."-Brian Wilson, @BrianWilson38

Brian Wilson is crazy and that makes him hilarious and awesome. Add on that he is American and can't do any better. This is AMERICA! GO USA!

2) "Can someone tell me why Cornhole is not an Olympic event?"- Mardy Fish, @MardyFish

I don't think anyone can answer your question Mardy, and that is so unfortunate. Thank You for your concern.

3) "The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything they just make the most of everything that comes along their way."- Mark Schlereth, @markschlereth

Most of the tweets on here are funny, at least to me, but here is one of those serious/sentimental ones. All athletes do have a soft side, I think.

4)"I move that Team Handball be replaced by Dodgeball.. (current team handball players grandfathered in--fair) Hashmark, the ocho."- Kenny Mayne, @Kenny_Mayne

If only the ocho was real, we could watch Mardy Fish play some cornhole. Have to have Jason Bateman be the broadcaster though, only way it will work.

The Fight for the Top Tweet

July 28th 2012 14:37
Thursday's tweets were good but it wasn't difficult to decide which deserved the top spot. Revere started off my blog nicely. Yesterday there were even more good ones and deciding the best kept me up all night. Never thought twitter could do that. At least it was only a decision between 2. What made it difficult was that the instance I read each one I really did laugh out loud.

Both were about two athletes I am not a fan of and both came to us from two totally different people. I expected something funny and clever from the beautiful television host but not sure about the intimidating closer. So I had to go with the surprise affect to put him over the top.

1) "Tim Tebow has become a Kardashian of professional sports!"- John Axford, @JohnAxford

I told you, did you really expect that from The Ax Man? I don't care though because it is awesome, mainly because I've never liked Tebow but also because its so true. Yea he was good at Florida but he's not been good at all as a QB in the NFL. Yet he still gets all this attention and praise. The Broncos won all those games last year, not just the guy taking the snaps and throwing the ball where he doesn't even know where it will end up. The Jets didn't take HBO's "Hard Knocks" but maybe Tim can just get his own reality show. Even better he could just marry a Kardashian and they came become relivant together for no apparent reason. I'd go on with the reasons I don't like Tebow but I don't think I can talk anymore about him. Congrats to Axford though, I am now a huge fan except when facing the Cardinals.

2) "Just saw @KingJames and congratulated him on the championship. A little piece of me died."- Michelle Beadle, @MichelleDBeadle

First of all I am in love the Beadle. She is gorgeous, smart, funny, and loves/knows sports. What else can you ask for? Someone to cook you dinner maybe? That alone almost got her #1 but she did congratulate Lebron which docked her some points. I'm not one of those guys who just doesn't like him because of the media or because others don't like him. My dislike started before that, as in when he first came into the league. I don't know what it was then but I don't really have to have a reason. Yea I never wanted him to win a ring, but that was ridiculous to even suggest could happen; he is the best player in the world. I'm sorry a little piece of you died Michelle but hopefully that's his only ring and you can get some of that back alive.

3) "think that was my nephew. We look alike, except for him being 10 and all."- Scott Van Pelt, @notthefakeSVP

I wrote alot about the top 2 tweets so unfortunately I can't/wont write about the next few. The good thing is what is there to say about SVP or this tweet? .....

4) "I'm way excited the Olympics are starting. Watching darts at 4 in the morning is what I live for."- @NICKKNOWS rt by Derrick Williams, @RealDwill7

Since I don't know who Nick is and he probably wont make it on here again I'm just gonna give Dwill credit here. He did after all see this greatness on Twitter and in darts at 4 am. Plus he crushed Duke in the NCAA tournament which is always gains love from me.

5) "The Olympics: where awesome athletic competition is preceded by a broadway musical on steroids."- Trey Wingo, @wingoz

Not busting on the Olympics here, just the opening ceremony. It was pretty ridiculous and boring. Watched some of it but couldn't take it so put in "Up In the Air." I even love Clooney. There is a reason this tweet cracked the list and none of the others about this steroid infested musical did. I guess London just took all the leftover steroids from the MLB.

I only do a top five but I have to add another just out of respect. Lets call it an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: ""Everybody welcome my uncle and future Hall of Fame wide receiver @criscarter80 to twitter he has finally made the leap best hands ever."- Larry Fitzgerald, @LarryFitzgerald

How is Carter not a first ballot Hall of Famer? I have no clue. One of the greatest of all time but lets see if he can transition that into making my list himself.

First Winner on Twitter

July 27th 2012 14:30
So everyone has been on Facebook for who knows how long, including myself, but it seems like everyone has also been using Twitter. Athletes are some of the biggest users and have some of the biggest number of followers. Being a die-hard sports fan it would make sense for me to have a handle, right?
Well up until yesterday I did not. I never really cared what people were doing or had to say. Plus all the funny/good tweets were shown on ESPN sometime throughout the day. I finally gave in and joined the world of Twitter. Not being very creative coming up with a good handle wasn't going to be easy and I probably failed. I didn't want it just to be some lame variation of my name but I did want my name in there somewhere. I came up with @SportsGuyRuesler. I love sports, I'm a guy, and it includes part of my name so perfect even if not creative.
After joining I added some of my favorite athletes (CP3, David Freese, Steve Nash, etc.) and other athletes just in case they had something interesting, funny, or dumb to say. Also had to add SVP because he is the best SportsCenter and ESPN Radio personality. After reading the tweets through out the day I decided to chose some of my favorites and write about them. They can either be about sports or just by an athlete/sports personality. Here are my top ones from Day 1 (yesterday

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