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Pro Sports Wrap - by Sam Ruesler

Pro Sports Wrap - September 2009


September 19th 2009 00:45
Good god I cant believe I missed every game in week 1! It wasn’t my fault I swear but now its time to focus on week 2. Lot of good matches that may show some teams as pretenders and some as the high powered juggernauts we thought they were.Here are the games I’m looking forward to.

1. New England @ New York Jets – My Pick Patriots

This is a perfect example of a team that is writing alot of checks that they may not be able to cash. Rex Ryan has taken a smart approach to this match, using his words carefully saying things as “I’m not kissing any rings”. His team should have taken that humble move. If its one thing you don’t wanna do is anger the sleeping giant. The Patriots have never backed away from a challenge and aren’t much to talk about it. I think Tom Brady put it best by saying “Talk is cheap”.

Don’t get me wrong, the Jets defense will get to Brady and cause some havoc and get to him more than the 6 times the Bills did. In the end I don’t think they have what it takes to slow down the pats offense. The key will be if the New England D can pressure rookie Mark Sanchez into making some turnovers and keep him from getting into any rhythm. Sanchez had his way against the Houston D last week. Lets just see how he reacts to the Pats furious 3-4 D. Welcome to the NFL kiddo.

2. New Orleans @ Philadelphia – My Pick – Eagles

This is the one that I really wanna see. I wanna see what the Saints are all about. Ok fine, Brees had 6 TDs in week 1. WHO DIDNT SEE THAT COMING!!! Come on, seriously it was the lions for god sakes. What worried me about that game was that they gave up 27 points and over 200 passing yards to Detroit. The only wild card going into this game is that Mcnabb may not play this game leaving Jeff Garcia to take over the offense. I think that the Eagles defense showed in week 1 what they are made of. They are playing with heavy hearts after the sad passing of there Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson. Its not like this D needed more reason to play hard, they are now a team on a mission.

I dont see the Saints having the D to slow down the Eagles offense and see them taking this one in a close game.

3. New York Giants @ Dallas – My Pick Cowboys

The Cowboys welcome the G men to town as they open up the new punter friendly Cowboys stadium. Alright I’m picking the cowboys to pull this one out. It hurts because I love the way the giants defense looked in week 1 and are going to be awesome this season. I think Romo will continue to power that offense. Roy Williams and Marion Barber need to step up there game in order to keep pace with the eagles in the division. I don’t think Jerry Jones will allow a lose in the first game in his Ga-Gillion dollar stadium.

Here’s are the rest of the games.

* Carolina @ Atlanta – Falcons

* Minnesota @ Detroit – Vikings

* Cincinatti @ Green Bay – Packers

* Houston @ Tennessee – Titans

* Oakland @ Kansas City – Raiders

* St Louis @ Washington – Redskins

* Arizona @ Jacksonville – Cardinals

* Seattle @ San Francisco – 49ers

* Tampa Bay @ Buffalo – Buccaneers

* Pittsburgh @ Chicago – Bears

* Baltimore @ San Diego – Ravens

* Cleveland @ Denver – Broncos

* Indianapolis @ Miami – Colts

Last Week 13-3

Season 13-3

Nebraska Looking Good

September 16th 2009 21:06

Life was good in the 90’s for the husker nation, between 1993-97 seasons they went 60-3 and took home 3 national championships in 4 years. Since then things have been very inconsistent. Since 2000 they have posted a 74-40 record and have been in and out of the AP poll.

Things seem to be getting back on track under Bo Pelini in his 2nd year under the helm. Nebraska is ranked 19 in the nation and looks good in a tough Big 12.They will have the opportunity to make a statement this week as they face the number 13 Virginia Tech. The huskers haven’t won a game against a ranked opponent since 06′ and need to prove to the voters that they are the real deal.

The offense is running on all cylinders putting up 87 points and over 900 yards in total yards which is 17 in the nation. They are lead by quarterback Zac Lee whose thrown for 533 yards and 6 touchdowns. Its all gonna comedown to if the Husker defense can stop Tyrod Taylor and keep him from making the big plays. He hasn’t been that passing threat so far but he can still be dangerous be it from his running ability or making that big pass.

If they can pull this one off Nebraska might sneak there way into the top ten if things go there way. If all goes well they will make or break there season on Nov. 7 when they welcome the Oklahoma Sooners to Lincoln. Depending how high the sooners are ranked ( and if Sam Bradford is healthy or not) the winner of that game will definitely be the favorite to play Texas in the Big 12 championship. The future looks bright but there destiny is there hands.


Time to step up

September 9th 2009 20:49
After all the up and downs the Red Sox starting rotation has gone through this year I sometimes lose focus on some of the amazing things that happen and that are so awesome for the future of the team. That one big bright spot is the maturing and outstanding play of starting pitcher Clay Buchholz.

He has certainly made the most of his opportunities this year and has kept this team in the wild card and keep some structure to an other wise unstable rotation. Clay is 4-1 in his last 6 games with a 3.00 ERA and 27 strikeouts. Not bad for someone who was 1-2 in his first 6 starts and ended up being demoted back to triple-A . He has been improving with every start and with the way the bats are playing he might get to 9 wins which would be a career high.

He was the 42 pick in the first round of the 2005 draft for the sox. He went 3-1 in 2007 which included a no hitter against the Baltimore Orioles in just his second start in the majors. The following year wasn’t so pleasant as he went 2-9 and I personally thought he got beat mentally.

He has shown that he is the future of the Red Sox even though he was in some of the Roy Halladay trade talks. I’m so glad we didn’t give into our panic and just give away some of our homegrown talent. Instead we our leaning on him to bring us to the playoffs this year and to keep this great team in the hunt for many more years to come.

Do or Die In The Big House

September 8th 2009 23:44
Here’s a story of two football programs that have there coaches on the hot seat. Charlie Weis leads his number 18 Fighting Irish into the big house to take on Michigan.

Weis seems to finally have things going at Notre Dame after his impressive week 1 victory and showcasing his quarterback Jimmy Clausen. This will be the first road test in a season that may lead to a BCS bowl or championship. Honestly the only obstacle in the Irish’s way are the Trojans.

The offense seems to be running on all cylinders and if they keep it up it may land Clausen a Heisman Trophy at the end of the year. Charlie needed this badly as alot of people were calling for his head after his 30-21 record in five years at Southbend.

I don’t see things as bright on Rich Rodriguez’s side. From the beginning he wasn’t a good fit for the wolverines. I don’t see Michigan winning this game or many this year which may lead to Rich being outed from Michigan.

Sorry Ric but I had to write something about your favorite college team.

Men Of Troy Invade The Horse Shoe

September 8th 2009 23:01
These are the games that make college football so exciting. I like it even better that’s its so early in the season. I just hope that it lives up to the hype as number 3 USC goes to Columbus to take on number 8 Ohio St.

Right of the bat if the buckeyes are gonna stand a chance and not get blown out like last year there defense better tighten up and get a game plan ready to slow down the USC offense. The Ohio St defense allowed 342 yards on the ground and in the air to Navy last week

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SEC Recap

September 6th 2009 21:48

What an opening weekend for College Football! It’s been about ten years since I really started loving college football and I gotta say every year its gets better and better. The one thing I took from it was how absolutely dominating the SEC is. I gotta give Texas, Oklahoma St. , and Notre Dame some love but WOW! Every SEC game I watched was amazing, except maybe the South Carolina game. Things that blew my mind

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New Ace Needed In Boston?

September 4th 2009 20:39
At a glance people may think that Josh Beckett and the Red Sox are getting things together. Beckett is 14-5 this season with a 3.87 ERA. But going into September the team and Josh are going into totally different directions at the wrong time.

Beckett is 1-1 in his last 6 games, in those games his numbers are absolutely terrible! And coming from a Sox fan its hurts to admit the horrible truth. In that span he’s pitching a 6.10 ERA and has given up 26 earned runs!,( that’s 3 less than what Smoltz and Penny gave up combined before leaving beantown). I mean in a plus he has struck out 40 batters but he’s given up 14 home runs as well which makes me think. Does he still have command of that devastating fastball that made him so dangerous? Or does he have that fast ball at all

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Showdown at Broncos Stadium

September 3rd 2009 21:15
It’s all at stake tonight when the number 16 Oregon Ducks come to Bronco Stadium to play number 14 Boise St. This pretty much is the Super Bowl for both teams being that the loser has absolutely no shot at a BCS bowl game. This is more so for Boise St. which under head coach Chris Peterson is 35-4 in his three years as head coach with the program. They raised alot of eyebrows when they went 12-0 in 2006 and caused the universe to shift when they upset Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta bowl.

The broncos are 60-4 since joining the WAC in 2000 and is 1-0 in BCS bowl games. Yet alot of people put down this program due to lack of strength in schedule. But is it really there fault? I mean they have to play with the hand they were dealt and much as people don’t want to give them there due they keep improving every year. They are not in a power house conference such as the SEC or Big 12 but they really aren’t given the chance to prove themselves in that spotlight

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ACC Talk

September 3rd 2009 17:43
Good gravy! We are hours away from the start of the 2009 College Football Season. Lots to look forward to in my favorite conference the ACC .Keep in the mind the following I wanna see.

1. Miami starts the season @Florida State, Georgia Tech, @ Virginia Tech, and Oklahoma. If they survive that above 500 they still have @Wake Forest and @ North Carolina. GEEZ!! And they end the season @ South Florida which is taking this year to prove they are BCS worthy. Not looking good for the canes

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AFC EAST Preview

September 3rd 2009 17:30
Tom Brady
Its about time we start talking some football! There’s alot to look forward to starting in the AFC East. The Patriots are looking to make a statement this year after missing the playoffs last year. The are definitely the favorites to win the division and a sure Super Bowl contender. With a returning cast of familiar faces and few new ones such as Joey Galloway and Fred Taylor, this should be a Super Bowl campaign for Belichick and crew. Oh and they got this guy Tom Brady back… No biggie.

Things aren’t looking as good in Buffalo where the T.O. circus has come to town. Its bad enough Marshawn Lynch is out the first three games of the season, Bills fans can only hope that Trent Edwards can avoid any complications with his new wide out. This team had the twenty fifth ranked offense last season, so they can only go up or stay horrible again. This may be Dick Jauron last chance to make it happen

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New Era In Green Bay

September 3rd 2009 17:20
It was only two years ago that the Green Bay Packers were one game away from the Super Bowl. What followed was nothing but a total headache. Once the Brett Favre soup opera had passed the spotlight was on one Aaron Rodgers.

All he did was throw for 4038 yards and 28 touchdowns. Not bad for someone taking over for a legend. He led the eighth best offense in the league. He has returning weapons Donald driver, Greg Jennings, and Donald Lee. From how they have played in the Preseason they should pick up right where they left off. Now the defensive side is a different story

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