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Pro Sports Wrap - by Sam Ruesler

Pro Sports Wrap - August 2010

Robinho and Huntelaar Transfered

August 31st 2010 13:58
It's that time of year again. Soccer players are on the move during the last day of the transfer season. Robinho was involved in many rumors pointing to a move to AC Milan. The Serie A powerhouse had just completed a huge move involving another high profile striker, Zlatan Ibrahamovic.

As a result, star striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar was transfered to Schalke. In truth, Huntelaar is better than Robinho. Schalke got a really nice deal and he will form a fearsome tandem in attack with veteran striker Raul. Schalke also signed Jurado, a striker from Atletico. Both moves solidify Schalke's status as the second best attacking team in the Bundesliga. However, they are still nowhere near the super class of Bayern.

Werder Bremen bolstered their defense by signing veteran Frenchman Mikael Silvestre from free agency. He is up there in age and not as effective as he once was, but Bremen really need the veteran defensive presence to counter dynamic offensive players such as Huntelaar.

Veteran striker David Trezeguet is finally out of Juventus. Hercules acquired the striker. It is a huge move for Hercules, and it is a move that Juve don't really care much about. However, this next move stings their entire team.

Midfielder Camoranesi is still a very talented player and is known as one of the best set-piece takers in the world. Stuttgart helped replace the midfield loss of Khedira. Camoranesi isn't as good, but he is still a player that will keep Stuttgart at one of the top 4 slots in the BL.


Bryant Released: Why?

August 30th 2010 14:27
The Cincinnati Bengals released star wide receiver Antonio Bryant after signing him on a 4 year deal worth 28 million earlier in the offseason. However, Bryant has a bad knee injury. I don't think it affects him on the long term, so releasing him wasn't very smart. Terrell Owens has been playing well off late, but he isn't a long-term option.

I really don't get why Antonio Bryant was released, unless they know something about this injury that we don't. Right now it looks like a move that could bite them in the butt, however there is a chance that they do end up looking like geniuses. Only time will tell.

The New York Jets have a very deep receiving core. They released Laveranues Coles, a long time Jets veteran. At 32, he could be seeing the end of his careers. However, it does look like the Jets released him for money.

He signed a one year deal worth around 850K about a month ago. He was due a signing bonus if he was on the team by week one of the regular season. If he is resigned after week one, he will not get that bonus. I doubt anybody else will pick Coles up.

There is a strong possibility that Coles will retire if he is not resigned. In fact, it is almost certain. He wants to finish his career with the New York Jets. Coles says he is not in it for the money, and he does not want to become a journeyman player.

Calling Shots: Moore and Manny

August 29th 2010 13:52
This post is about more crazy predictions. I just changed the segment name.

1. Matt Moore has a good year. Subsequently, Steve Smith ends up a top 5 wide receiver and Brandon LaFell ends up crushing DeMaryius Thomas. The talent is there for LaFell.

2. I love the Panthers, so more on them. Greg Hardy, Everett Brown, and Charles Johnson. One of them has a big year. Another one of them ends up a solid player. For the latter prediction, add Tyler Brayton to that list.

3. Manny Ramirez goes on a rampage with the Chicago White Sox. However, he and Ozzie Guillen crash heads on more than one occasion.

4. Shaq tries UFC out.

5. The Boston Celtics sign Larry Hughes because Rudy Fernandez goes to play in Spain.

6. Ricky Rubio becomes the biggest draft bust in history because he never goes to the NBA.

7. I am crazy, aren't I? Brandon Flowers becomes one of the top 5 cornerbacks this year.

8. Last one. CC Sabathia ends up as the only 21 win starting pitcher.
Could He Beat Kolb?

Manny's Connection in Chicago

August 28th 2010 13:14
As all of you should have heard, Manny Ramirez was claimed off of waivers by the Chicago White Sox. Manny actually has some connections to another player on the White Sox.

Alex Rios was also picked off of waivers last year by the Chisox. They are both outfielders and stars that had a down year the season they were put on waivers. This year, Rios has been one of the top 30 players in the league. Am I saying that Man-ram will follow suit? No, but in a way yes.

Think about it, Manny went on a tear when he went to the Dodgers. He is switching leagues again, and once again into an easier division that where he formerly played. Manny Ramirez has a chance to go off. This is a chance for the White Sox to quench a hot streak off of Manny.

The aging outfielder saw that nobody wanted him off of waivers after his stint to the DL and in the midst of a terrible season. Subsequently, Manny started to hit at a better rate. He wanted a change of scenery. Ramirez has the ability to go off and put a team in the playoff race. That's how streaky he can get. Will he? He could, the Sox are only 3 and a half games back of the leading Twins.

The White Sox did a make a gamble for the quench. Manny is owed 4.25 million the rest of the year and he has a one year contract extension. That was a request from the player and his agent Scott Boras. Of course, Manny did have a no-trade clause. The Dodgers didn't want to pay the money. Manny's charm fades after a season. By the way, Manny is 38 for those of you that don't know.

The AL Central leading Minnesota Twins saw their second place division rivals made this move and felt a little threatened. They countered with the useless acquisition of Brian Fuentes. The have gone overboard with the whole Joe Nathan thing. Capps was adequate when you coupled him with Guerrier and Rauch. Fuentes is a good closer in the aspect that he gets the job done. It is a move that doesn't make sense, unless they demote Capps to set-up man. Then it only makes a tiny bit of sense. They should have tried to add a starter if anyone. (Photo from
Welcome to the South Side


Crazy Predictions: Features Skelton

August 27th 2010 13:30
1. By seasons end, John Skelton will show us all that he is better than Tebow and Colt. In fact, I see him as the starter for the Cardinals. I don't think you trust Derek Anderson either. The Cards already gave up on Matt Leinart.

2. Jimmy Clausen turns into football's Jarrod Saltalamacchia, which means Skelton beats him. However, Bradford does a decent enough job that Skelton won't beat him

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Remember Him Differently: Pollard

August 25th 2010 13:28
Many people remember the hit in 2008. It was about to be Tom Brady's 12 attempt of the season, all of them in week one against the Chiefs. He never threw 12 that year. Brady was just a year removed from the best statistical season by a quarterback in NFL history.

The man that sacked them and injured him for the rest of the year was the lone bright spot on the team's secondary. He was their leader. A stand up guy. Wrongfully cast as a dirty player. He was- and still is- Bernard Pollard

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Flow: Manny on Waivers

August 24th 2010 12:45
1. Manny Ramirez just came off the DL and has been put on waivers. Only a contender starved with outfield depth would even dare to make an offer. Could the San Diego Padres try and pull him from their rivals? Anyway, I don't see any other team that could use him, and the Padres are barely a team that need him.

2. Did you know that the Padres have the best record in the NL? Most of us thought they were a team destined to fail. I mean, they have no power, right? They have been winning because of a free agent acquisition that was once low-profile, but that I did predict. Jon Garland would be great in the new ballpark. Clayton Richard stepped up and is now outperforming the guy he was traded for, Jake Peavy. Mat Latos looks like he could have a better career than Stephen Strasburg. Is it that premature to say such a thing? In truth, their offense is terrible. They have only one 20-homer guy and one 75 RBI guy. Well, he's the same player. The great Adrian Gonzalez. Gonzalez is also the only guy hitting over .280. He is at a .297 clip

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Gallas Joins Spurs

August 22nd 2010 17:25
No, not San Antonio. I am talking about Tottenham. I have decided to write about soccer due to increasing demands. Arsenal is my favorite soccer team. They released one of the top defenders, Williams Gallas, and Gallas signed with crosstown rivals Tottenham.

The Spurs are willing to make moves to compete with the rest of the teams in the league that recently made big splashes. Asier Del Horno is another former Chelsea defender that found himself on the move

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11. Ray Rice- He is the best pass-catching receiver in the NFL, as well as being very fast and agile. Rice can also hold his own on the goal line. He reminds me of a Gore and DeAngelo hybrid.

12. Brandon Marshall- Athletically, Marshall is a specimen. He has the uncanny ability to get 100 catches each year, no matter the quarterback and receivers around him. Marshall is a supreme athlete, and there is no doubt about that

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1. Drew Brees- Quarterback is the most important position in the NFL. Brees is the best quarterback, therefore he is the best player.

2. Peyton Manning- Even at his age, he still keeps going on. Manning is not only the second best player today, but he is also one of the best players in history. That's obvious

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Seahawks Acquire Balmer

August 17th 2010 13:41
Former and under-performing first round pick Kentwan Balmer took off two days due to issues concerning his personal life. It's nothing bad. Anyway, he has been AWOL since last Wednesday.

The San Francisco 49ers traded the defensive tackle to a division rival. More specifically, that rival is the Seattle Seahawks. Balmer is actually a huge 49ers fan. The man that drafted Balmer- Scot McCloughan - works for the Seahawks. I guess he sees something special in Kentwan. All the Hawks gave up was a lowly sixth round pick. That's a very good move to take a risk on Balmer

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Preasons Week 1: What We Learned

August 16th 2010 15:27
The preseason teaches us a tiny bit about teams. In a sequence-like format, I will note different things that teams did.

1. Christopher Ivory has taken the place of Lynell Hamilton

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8/15 FF DST Rankings

August 15th 2010 20:30
FF denotes fantasy football.

1. New York Jets

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8/13 WR Rankings

August 13th 2010 20:30
These are fantasy football rankings for this year.

1. Andre Johnson

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Flow: Strasburg Should Be Demoted

August 11th 2010 10:18
1. I am not the first Orble sports blogger to say that Strasburg should be out of the big leagues for the rest of the year. Stephen Strasburg just came off the DL for right shoulder inflammation. That is a serious injury because it can be aggravated. He should be resting and sparingly making minor league starts. I think the Nationals lied about how they would handle the situation.

What I am saying has nothing to do with Strasburg's last start- which had to do with great hitting from the Marlins rather than the pitcher's skills. I am saying this because injuries to young starting pitchers can ruin careers

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The Flow: Rant on LeBron

August 8th 2010 13:40
1. First off, I really don't like LeBron James. He thinks he can own the league. Seriously. He acts like the league is his, like the commissioner doesn't matter, and like he can control other players destinies. Well I am sick of it. LeBron was on that stupid show about his free agent departure. The Heat is Wade's team. Dwayne Wade is the guy I want running the show.

2. Look, LeBron cannot run a team. With the Cavs last year, he handled himself so poorly around his teammates and the media. He constantly fought with his coach- who is way smarter than him. Mike Brown is one of the best coaches in the league. Arrogant LBJ got him fired

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Flow: Dallas Cowboys Outlook

August 7th 2010 14:39
1. How good are the Cowboys? It's a question I pose to all that view this blog. Granted, their offense is incredible. But how good is their offensive line? That could be the undoing of an NFC championship caliber football team. Their defense has the playmakers, but they really need to be healthy and step up. If that doesn't happen, then the team is in Romo's hands more than any Dallas fan would want it to be. Sure he's great, but he will make mistakes if he has to do too much.

2. Many playoff mistakes in older quarterbacks can show the decline in a player. Just look at Jake Delhomme. The Panthers wrongfully believed in him even after his terrible performance against Arizona in 2009. There really were no quarterbacks that completely blew up last year. Actually, most veteran quarterbacks did great jobs. Favre and Warner were once again monstrous

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Battles: Stewart or Williams?

August 6th 2010 13:54
Jonathan Stewart or DeAngelo Williams?

I would take Stewart just because he is younger and stronger. Sure he's an injury risk, but every running back is

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More Flow: The New Orleans Saints

August 5th 2010 16:14
1. I wish I could believe in Kevin Kolb, but I don't. I will wait 5 weeks of the season, and then make my judgement. For now, I have no idea as to what I think. He has weapons and accuracy, but that's all that is going for him at this point.

2. Weapons, accuracy, and other skills are what makes Drew Brees this year's top fantasy option. Don't get me wrong here, I love Aaron Rodgers. This guy is incredible and has weapons, but Brees has everyone

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Looking at the NFL

August 5th 2010 14:26
Just to sum it up in two words, I'm excited. Every year in August, I glue my eyes to the computer screen and read about football. Even without a CBA, the NFL is still the best thing to follow and watch on TV. Each day there is another storyline. Moreno's injury, Derrick Burgesses's possible retirement, and everything else that goes on.

When you look at running backs in the NFL, you start to see that nearly every NFL team has a timeshare at the position. The only star that will have no timeshare is Chris Johnson. Ringer and Blount? Seriously? Those guys are third string running backs in the league today

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The NFL's Best Center

August 5th 2010 14:24
The Chicago Blackhakws signed Marty Turco. When you read that sentence, you will either feel extremely happy or annoyed. A fan of a contending team, say Washington, might swear in disgrace. The Hawks dominated the NHL last year. Their mix of young talent, offense, and stingy defense led them to the Stanley Cup Finals victory. Niemi was a decent goalie, but Turco is a star. What does this mean? Well, it's a whole lot harder to score against Chicago.

This whole Revis garbage is getting annoying. It's actually helping Revis. If you think about it, all this bad publicity pressures the Jets to get a "Ray Lewis" off their back, so to speak. Like, you don't want a linebacker literally on your back. Yeah, I don't own a website devoted to comedy. Anyway, on to the next subject

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First Post

August 5th 2010 14:21
I am doing a small stint with another blog here. The "flow" will be somewhat presented in this post.

1. The San Diego Padres are a huge surprise. So much so that it seems like luck is an important factor in baseball. That, and the rest of the teams in your division disappointing heavily

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