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Pro Sports Wrap - by Sam Ruesler

Pro Sports Wrap - September 2012

The Call On the Field

September 27th 2012 18:05

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes the real NFL referees are officially back with the end of their lockout. Does this mean things will be better? Duh. Perfect? Of course not. The regular officials will still make mistakes and miss things, but they wont set the ball on the wrong yard line or take forever to make a call.

It's going to be nice seeing Ed Hochuli face the fans with his muscle ripped body and announce a penalty, hopefully not on "red". Yes we all still watched the games with the crappy officials. Even after the events of Monday night we were still going to watch. Now we can watch without complaining the whole time before, during, and after.

I still loved the football we had, so this really doesn't change too much for me. The games will still entertain me, just wont be so much waiting for calls. Can't blame the replacement officials; they weren't qualified and never had a chance. So welcome back our old striped friends. Lets see you face the right way, make mostly the right calls, and not get intimidated by the players or coaches.

Wednesday Player of the Week

September 26th 2012 16:59

Most plays/player of the week come during the weekend, but I thought Wednesday was a perfect day for mine. Play is obviously the most important factor in my decision; there are other things I think about as well. This weeks winner went up and beyond for his team.

Name: Torrey Smith
Team: Baltimore Ravens

Position: WR

Sunday morning a call is made to Torrey Smith that no one ever wants to recieve. Losing a love one is very difficult, but he lost his little brother. To me this has to be even harder; you expect your grandparents and even parents to die before you grow old. I don't think anyone believes they lose someone pretty much their own age.

I would lose my mind if I lost either my brother or sister. Smith wasn't just a brother, he took care of his little brother; made him breakfast and bathed him. Is it possible to be any closer? Is it possible to go out and play a game? Thats all football really is.

Well the answer for Torrey was yes. He went out there as an area kid who went to the University of Maryland and put on his Baltimore Ravens uniform with the rest of his team. What do they all say to him? I have no idea. No one would have thought twice about it if he decided not to play. He played for sure. 6 catches for 127 yards and 2 touchdowns. None of the catches were deep balls really, which is what I have come to expect from Smith. He ran great routes and made great plays. Without him the Ravens would have fallen to 1-2.

Even without great play Torrey Smith would have still been the winner for me. You could see the emotion while he sat on the sideline, but when he stepped between the white lines he was focused. Doing what most of us couldn't and doing it for the right reasons shows great character. Congragulations and good to Smith, and you are in everyone's thoughts and prayers.

Week 3 Wrap Up

September 25th 2012 17:45

The NFL is still awesome and has given us yet another outstanding and crazy week. There were some key injuries, upsets, and that ridiculous hour where 3 games went into overtime and finished while others came down to the wire in regulation. Andrew Luck had seemed to do it again, but Gabbert ripped it away at the last moment. While that was going on the Lions blew it in overtime with miscommunication leading to a failed qb sneak on 4th and 1.

Those were great, especially the SportsCenter host going through that hour in about 2 minutes (back and forth between games), but there are other things that I came away with from Week 3.

1) Replacement officials AGAIN: I really didn't want to comment on them again since everyone else already is. I wasn't going to but then Sunday night happend, followed by an even worse Monday night. The Ravens and Pats were going at each other in a physical game where refs didn't know what they were and weren't calling. Then came the final play of the game; as it happend I thought the field goal was no good. After seeing the replay many times I have no clue if he made it or not. More calls and non calls were made last night in Seattle. It seams the officials don't know how to call pass interference or late hits. Once again it came down to the final play. Should have been called an interception to win it for Green Bay but was ruled a touchdown for Seattle. It was reviewed and confirmed by the replay official. THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS!!! Problem is we will still watch so the NFL still has the leverage.

2) Saints 0-3: At home against what has looked like the worse team in the NFL in the Kansas City Chiefs, Saints win right? Even though they have looked horrible no one really believed they could fall to 0-3. They blew an 18 point lead and gave up almost 300 yards rushing. PATHETIC

3) Darrelle Revis out for the year: He tore his acl in a non contact play against the Miami Dolphins, who they beat in overtime because of missed kicks by Miami. Revis has only missed 3 games with the Jets, and when he is not in there the defense goes way down; 0 interceptions and pass completion goes up to around 75% from 50 something. Crapy qb and now crappier defense equals no playoffs.

4) 49ers fall to Vikings: Upset of the year, unless Minnesota ends up being a playoff team. The way they tore up that number 1 defense and won easily, look out Green Bay. I guess they saying that any team can beat any other team is true. Still can't believe it.

5) The 3 3-0 teams: Texans, Falcons, and Cardinals are now the only undefeated teams left. Texans aren't a big surprise because A:they are really good and B: Haven't played anyone really. Peyton did try and bring the Broncons back against them but fell short again. The Falcons have also looked really impressive especially their defense. After playing on Monday they flew out to 2-0 San Diego and held them to 3 points while turning them over 4 times. The Cardinals are easily the biggest surprise in the NFL. Just like the other 2 unbeatens Arizona has done it with defense, holding Tom Brady to under 20 points and dominating the Eagles. Which team is the best? Falcons have the best offense of the 3 but not sure how good the defense really is. It really is a toss up.

Triple Crown but No MVP?

September 24th 2012 18:18

The year was 1967. The Packers have beaten the Chiefs in the first ever Super Bowl and the Outer Space Treaty has been signed. After all this happend Carl Yastrzemski became the 17th and last player to complete the triple crown in the MLB. It is even more rare than hitting 4 home runs in a game or throwing a perfect game. You could also consider it an even bigger accomplishment, being that it is a full season's worth of greatness.

Miguel Cabrera may possibly add his name to the list of all the great hitters, mostly Hall of Famers. He is first in average in the AL at .331, first in rbi's at 133, and tied at the top with 42 home runs. If he passes Josh Hamilton and maintains the lead in the other categories we all may be witnesses one of the best seasons by an individual ever. The only question is, will he win the AL MVP?

How can someone have such a great year and do something only 17 others have ever done and still fall short of the MVP trophy? Well there's a 21 year old kid out in California that is also having one of the best seasons ever. Mike Trout already has the AL Rookie of the Year in his pocket. Only 2 players have pulled off being the best rookie and winning the MVP; Ichiro and Fred Lynn. Will Trout be the 3rd? I believe so. His numbers all around are amazing, and you can't really put his amazing defense into stats outside of fielding percentage. Cabrera is the only AL hitter to have a better average and no one has more steals than Trout (46). He also is in the top 15 in home runs while he has taken away more round trippers than anyone else.

The debate of making the playoffs cannot be used here. These are the only 2 up for debate in the AL MVP picture and neither of their team looks like it will make it to the post season. I'm not dismissing Cabrera's possible accomplishment; it will be amazing if he pulls it off. It's just that Trout does everything for the Angels and means so much to them. I would love to see the 18th triple crown winner, making this debate so crazy and impossible to be wrong. My vote is for the kid though.

Another Week

September 21st 2012 21:02

Coming into the 3rd week of the NFL season, which actually started last night, there were the same amout of 2-0 teams as 0-2 teams (6). That means there are 20 teams that are 1-1, the most ever. There are definitely surprise teams that fall into each of these categories. Who saw the Cardinals going 2-0 or the Saints going 0-2? The later is more believable because of all the offseason stuff. After winning week 1 Tom Brady and New England looked like an easy 2-0 start until those pesky Cardinals beat them in their home opener

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NFL Week 2

September 18th 2012 18:40

I've been a little inconsistent on my posting and that happens when you aren't such a great writer. Since the NFL is the most popular league in America I've decided to have a recap post every Tuesday and a preview every Friday. Other posts may be made throughout the week, depending on what happens in other sports.

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Wild Card Craziness

September 14th 2012 19:48

I was against adding another wild card team to each league in the MLB. With less than a month left and so many teams having a chance to make it to October, I still don't like it. What was wrong with the way it was? Wasn't the last day of the season last year the best ever? I believe so. When they announced this decision in the offseason all the "experts" loved it because it would make the end even more exciting. I don't think so.

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Rich to Broke

September 13th 2012 17:20

4 Years $100 million, when you see this you automatically think of a contract for some sort of professional athlete. That is a lot of money. Do athletes deserve to make so much? That can be, has been, and will continue to be debated. I'm not going to do that though. The only reason that bothers me is because I love sports and am jealous. Who wouldn't want to play a game they love and make enough to live many lifetimes?

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NFL Week 1

September 11th 2012 21:02

The first week of the NFL season has finally come and passed; what a great way to start. A national party convention pushed up the Cowboys v Giants game to Wednesday making us wait an extra day for the full slate. With the Giants being defending champs and facing division rivals, that was one of the games to look forward to. The other big game was between the best defense in San Francisco and a lot of people's favorites to win it all in Green Bay. This matchup did not disappoint. There were other great games that no one saw coming; Rams at Lions, Vikings vs. Jaguars, and Eagles at Browns.

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Back for Football

September 7th 2012 17:57

Been in process of moving and finally git it done just in time for football. Having directTv is going to be great, the first weekend of college football has already proven that. I got to watch every game I wanted to live or recorded and watch great plays over and over again. Banana dominated big blue and jumped to number 1 where they should have already been. There were some great games (Vanderbilt vs. South Carolina), great debuts (Marcus Mariota), great plays. Then there were blowouts between big time programs and FCS. teams, tons of drop passes ending in interceptions, and bad debuts (Mike Leach).

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