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Pro Sports Wrap - by Sam Ruesler

Pro Sports Wrap - December 2010

12/31 NBA Rumors: Nuggets and Guards

December 31st 2010 11:22
Happy New Year's Eve to all of my readers! I hope you enjoy this festive time! Anyway, here are some rumors for you NBA fans. This time of year is always packed with rumors. Let's get started with some Bulls stuff. Chicago is one of those teams that is always looking to make a deal. Except this time, the Bulls are denying their interest in shooting guard O.J. Mayo and Stephen Jackson; two stars in this league. They will stay put with Keith Bogans, sharpshooter Kyle Korver, and Ronnie Brewer.

However, the Timberwolves are a team interested in O.J. Mayo. As trade talks for their point guard Jonny Flynn heat up so do the talks for shooting guards. The Wolves expect Ricky Rubio to finally come to the states and leave FC Barcelona; especially now that the buyout is reduced to one million. Minnesota was the team that originally drafted Mayo, but they made a draft day deal to acquire Kevin Love and others.

O.J. Mayo is angry at his role in Memphis as he no longer wants to sit on the bench. He would start with Rubio if a deal was done and if Rubio goes to Minnesota. The Timberwolves could also get Anthony Randolph from the Knicks and would trade Sebastian Telfair in a deal for Randolph. However, the T'Wolves won't deal Luke Ridnour.

The Nuggets are pushing for Nicolas Batum as much as the Nets are pushing for Carmelo Anthony. Denver wants to make a three or four team deal that would net them Batum and send Anthony to NJ. The Nuggets, Nets, and Trail Blazers have been talking about a trade since September. If they can't re-sign Anthony after one last try; they will package him with Al Harrington. That Harrington deal was stupid. They paid him 5 years and 33 million instead of giving Kenyon Martin a new deal. This made K-Mart angry, and Denver made a stupid deal.

The Kings are not interested in a Yao Ming deal, particularly because the Rockets asked for Dalembert or DeMarcus Cousins. The latter is a rookie and nearly untradeable while Dalembert is a more valuable expiring contract than Yao. At 36, Marcus Camby may retire if he is not traded to a contender. A deal with the Bobcats nearly took place to send Camby to Charlotte; but it never went through as the Cats didn't want to lose out on a piece of the deal like the Suns did in the Shaq trade. If you recall, Phoenix was set to acquire Ben Wallace; but he retired shortly after the deal was made.

Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee are known for their poor locker room influence, especially Blatche. Last year, there was an altercation on the bench between Blatche and his coach Flip Saunders. After what Javaris Crittenton and Gilbert Arenas did last year, Washington won't put up with conduct issues. McGee and Blatche were suspended for something that happened outside of a nightclub. The Wizards are shopping both players to see what they can get.
Finally Going to Minnesota?

This is it. The battle between two terrible teams for NFC West supremacy and a playoff spot. One of these teams could be the Cinderella team. Is it the rook leading his team to the playoffs? Or is it the experienced ones with their own stud rookie? It's time for the breakdown.

The Rams are 7-8 and first in the worst division in football. The Seahawks are 6-9. Regardless, the winner goes to the playoffs. This what I'm talking about. A one game playoff. The Rams defense is terrible, but they are lucky that the Seahawks offense is just as bad. Hasselbeck can't throw, and the offensive line can't block for Lynch. This game is going to be about the playmakers. Robbins, Laurinaitis, and Atogwe face off against Obomanu, Lynch, and Williams. It's almost like three on three football. I think that the Rams three are slightly better than the Hawks three. It's going to be a tough matchup in this aspect.

Sam Bradford is doing amazing considering his receiving core. He is on his way to becoming a legend. Seriously, you don't churn out results with this receiving core. He's passed where numerous quarterbacks have failed. Some people have outrageously proposed that A.J. *cough* Feely should start. No way. Bradford is the guy to lead this team. Steven Jackson is going to destroy the Seahawks. The Jasons on the O-Line should have their hands full with Curry and Clemson.

Seattle's linebackers are strong. Tatupu is a good player, and David Hawthorne is on a hot streak. Earl Thomas is the strength of the secondary. Marcus Trufant is nicked up, but I think Milloy and the others should give enough support to make it a huge battle against Bradford. What separates these teams is coaching. Carroll is an average coach, but Spagnuolo is a beast. This will be a close one, and it is insanely difficult to predict the outcome. However, I give the Seahawks the edge here. They are the better team in terms of all around skill. I'm not confident in picking them, but I have to make a choice.

Prediction: 23 Seahawks 20 Rams MVP Earl Thomas
Looking for the Playoffs

2010 Week 16 All-Stars

December 29th 2010 13:53
QB Aaron Rodgers
QB Matt Cassel
RB LeGarrette Blount*
RB Adrian Peterson*
WR Dwayne Bowe
WR Jerome Simpson
WR Greg Jennings
TE Kellen Winslow Jr.*
DE Charles Johnson
DE James Hall
DT John Henderson
DT Darnell Dockett
LB Geno Hayes
LB Akin Ayodele
LB Patrick Willis
LB Lofa Tatupu
CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
CB Brandon Carr
S Ed Reed
S Chris Harris
K Sebastian Janikowski
Game of the Year

12/28 NBA Rumors: Yao and J-Rich

December 28th 2010 15:48
Well, NBA fans are always hungry for their rumors. Here are your rumors folks! The Chicago Bulls wanted a center. Right now, they are interested in getting a number two (shooting guard for those of you not used to basketball jargon). Really the only player Chicago seems interested in is Courtney Lee. The Bulls don't want to acquire a star, they just want to acquire an average player for depth. Lee is just what they are looking for.

Yao Ming is making 17.7 million dollars and is out for the rest of the year. However, it is an expiring contract and a win-win in the making. The Rockets want to get something for Yao, and a team out there will want to dump of some cash for an always valuable expiring contract. It seems useless to the average fan. An average fan would ask, what's the point; he won't play for his only year? Ah, but basketball is about business. Especially in uncertain times with a lockout looming and cash being tight in this economy. Expiring contracts are everything. Basketball is about trading stars for junk/picks/cash/promising young talent/expiring contracts.

Anyway, what makes Yao tantalizing for those in need of cap space is that Houston is adding in 8 million. The Kings and Bobcats are reportedly interested. However, if Yao is not traded; there is a slight chance that the Rockets will re-sign him. I mean, the ownership and fans still love him even though he sadly will never be the same. All the years of playing through injuries and being faithful for his national team in China have unsurprisingly caught up to him. The teams interested will give Yao a one year, low risk deal worth peanuts to try and get him back in the game. It could be a worthwhile endeavor, especially for the fan base. China would love the team with Yao.

Boris Diaw could actually be in a swap for newly acquired Magic superstar Jason Richardson. I am deflating this report myself because Magic owner Otis Smith rarely trades superstars he recently, painstakingly acquired. Baron Davis would like to stay in LA. The Clippers are saying no way. They have Bledsoe at the point now, and they have Griffin to help them out. They clearly want to dump off Davis's contract and get going on their youth movement.
Yao Ming
Expiring Contract Trade Chip


12/27 MLB News: SPs Webb and Pavano

December 27th 2010 15:58
Dan Uggla and the Braves are looking to get a contract extension done. The best power hitter in Marlins history's contract runs out after this year. So far, it's at 5 years 61 million with Ugg wanting more than that. However, reports say that a deal should be finished by the first week of 2011. Carl Pavano is 34, and he wants a three year deal. He is not going to get three, and he shouldn't get three.

The Twins and Nationals- surprise, surprise- are interested. Fast fact, both franchises have played their home games in Washington. The Twins were formerly the Washington Senators. The Rangers and even the Mariners are teams interested in Pavano. The Phillies will trade Joe Blanton after Pavano goes as Blanton will go to the losing team. Blanton is a better prize than Pavano

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12/26 Around the AFC East

December 26th 2010 14:47
The Buffalo Bills are ready to face their old pal Brady. They can stick in there against the Pats, but I don't see them coming away with a victory. Right now, the Bills are just focused on trying to force an upset or try to do something against the two powerhouses in the division. The Bills need to get a pass rusher, but more importantly they need guards and tackles. Their whole offensive line reeks, but they can live with Eric Wood at center.

The Dolphins are futile at home, and the Lions are horrifically terrible on the road. Shaun Hill is in, which means that Drew Stanton is out. The Fins need to fire Dan Henning. That's their big problem. As far as personnel goes, investing in a corner that is at least competent to play alongside Vontae Davis would be a very wise move. I think their chance of winning against the Lions is to play a lot of gun-it-deep shotgun throws. They should be able to use a vertical type set-up in this game. Run it early, and then bomb it to Bess and Marshall against that terrible back 7. This should be a good game for Miami if Henning is actually smart enough to do anything of that sort

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Tomorrow holds a game featuring last year's best defense, and this year's best defense. The Jets came off of two huge losses with a big win against a great Steelers team. Now they are trying to take their skills to Soldier Field against the Bears. This game is probably the hardest game to predict of the week. There are so many luck factors that can swing this game for either team. I will try and do my best to break this game down.

The reason why the Chicago Bears have done so much better this year is the progression of their secondary. Charles Tillman is playing like he used to, and Manning and Jennings have really stepped up this year. I think that's because they got Chris Harris back. He is a great leader at safety that is one of the most underrated players in the league. He was the glue for this team before he went to Carolina. Now that he is back, the improvements from last year have been obvious

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2010 PSW Awards Part 2

December 24th 2010 14:55
Artist of the Year: Eminem

Song of the Year: 25 to Life by Eminem

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The NFC South is my division mainly because the Panthers are my team. This game is going to be a fun one for me. From a fan perspective, I want to see the Saints take down the Falcons. My tastes are rigidly divided between the Panthers and Saints and the Falcons and Bucs. I like the first two- love Carolina- and I dislike the Falcons while absolutely despising Tampa. Now that I blog, I am able to mask out my hatred of the Bucs. Anyway, off to my first break down since game one of the season. Coincidentally, that was a Saints game. I was right on about that one, like right on. Let's hope I have that same success.

New Orleans still have a slim shot of winning the division. That shot will be thrown in flames if they don't beat the team with the best record in the NFC. Dropping this and their next game could jeopardize their playoff chances, but right now their chances look pretty safe. At this point, they are mainly playing for the seed. Of course, the Falcons have already clinched a playoff spot

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2010 PSW Awards Athletes of the Year

December 22nd 2010 16:21
With 2010 winding down to a close, I am about to recap the year by listing the best of the year in sports. There are several categories, and I hope everybody comments and enjoys.

Athlete of the Year: Roy Halladay

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2010 Week 15 All-Stars

December 21st 2010 15:30
QB Jon Kitna
QB Michael Vick
RB Ray Rice

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2010 Week 15 Sunday Notes

December 20th 2010 16:01
Call me crazy, but I think Jamaal Charles is the fourth best running back in the league and is nearly as good as CJ and MJD. Charles' per carry average- 6.4- is a crazy number that you see in Madden games. Jimmy Clausen was able to be the Mark Sanchez of the Jets 2009 playoff run. He sat back and let the running backs do his work while throwing short passes. This is how the Panthers need to win games. But trust me, Matt Moore is better than Clausen.

LeSean McCoy is turning into the back I always thought he would be- huge Pitt fan here. Michael Vick is explosive, but boy McCoy is too. Hakeem Nicks showed all the inconsistencies that were in his college career. Big play ability that drops easy passes. Manningham showed his characteristics as well. A guy that can get you deep and move the chains. He isn't as explosive at Nicks, but he is more reliable

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Yeah, I haven't written about anything soccer in a while or very much on this website. It's mainly because- as an American- I am focused on basketball, baseball, and football. That's America's Big 3. What I'm writing about is obvious and overstated, but I will try and bring it into different terms. This season, there have only been three undisputed elite soccer teams in the world. Those are Dortmund- who lost to Frankfurt and are spiraling downward, Manchester United- who might not even deserve to be on this list, and Barcelona. Only the last team of those three cannot be questioned at all.

All three teams have dominated, and really I should rephrase that sentence in the last paragraph. Only one of those teams is indisputably elite. I just had to name a top three. Barcelona are mowing through the La Liga in style. Nobody can exactly romp the Champions League, but if anyone can- it's Barcelona. Usually, we find about five teams each year that are very strong. Last year, Chelsea; Inter; Barca; Bayern; and Manchester United were dominant. This year, it's been all about La Blaugrana

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12/18 MLB News: Hudson Signs

December 18th 2010 16:09
The San Diego Padres have put together a quality middle infield. They made the Jason Bartlett trade public, and then they signed Orlando Hudson. As much as I love Hudson, he isn't close to the player he used to be; especially from an offensive standpoint. However, he is a great clubhouse guy and still plays incredible defense. Hudson will get 2 years and 11.5 million dollars, which is fair value. His offense is quite terrible, especially from a power standpoint; and PETCO will do him no favors. Still, leadership and defense are important to the Padres who are a team that really builds around defense and run producing out of finesse play. Hudson provides all that, which makes this a great deal for the Padres schematically.

The New York Yankees got a former Mets player, and I am very happy- as a huge Yankees fan- to announce that the Yanks signed Pedro Feliciano. The Red Sox call the Yankees the Evil Empire for their spending, but it has been the Sox that have signed Jenks, Fuentes, Crawford, and technically Adrian Gonzalez as they gave him a huge extension. That's a splurge. The Yankees have instead quietly made inexpensive deals to solid players like Russell Martin and Feliciano

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With Joakim Noah out for about two months, GM Gar Forman is looking to trade for a center for depth. Noah's injury really hurts the Bulls not only because they lost a star player but also because they lost depth. Carmelo Anthony really wants to play ball in New York, but the Knicks just don't have anything to trade for a star player. They are saying that they will acquire a first-rounder if it is needed in the deal- which it will be.

They also put Anthony Randolph on the trade block, but the Nuggets don't really like Randolph as a player. I also think that Randolph is a terrible player. The Knicks need far more than a first rounder to come close to fair value with the Nuggets. I'm not saying that the Knicks don't have more combined talent than Anthony, I am just saying that the more talented players- Amar'e- aren't for trade

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2010 Week 15 Predictions

December 16th 2010 15:04
13 49ers 27 Chargers MVP Eric Weddle

30 Chiefs 14 Rams MVP Jamaal Charles

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12/15 MLB News: Matsui and Martin Sign

December 15th 2010 15:05
I am doing a lot of baseball stuff, because Hot Stove Season has been really busy. Our rumors will not fail you as Hideki Matsui has signed a 4.25 million dollar deal for one year. He was productive last year and went under the radar in his first season out of New York. He is added to the long list of older sluggers that move to another team in the division.

After being unable to sign coveted free agent Adrian Beltre and other former veteran slugging Yankee Lance Berkman; the A's signed Matsui, which was not a shock at all. The Athletics now have somebody that can hit for power, which is something they have long lacked. That's been pretty much their mission so far this offseason

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2010 Week 14 All-Stars

December 14th 2010 17:01
I made an epic comeback from being down 20 fantasy points to winning 97-91 and finishing the season at the number one seed at 13-1. The guy that was formerly in first- whom I beat in week one but he had the tiebreaker as he beat me in week 7- lost in an upset 125-101. By the way, he has Roddy and Vick. Yeah, he's a tough opponent to face. I lost against him because the great Tom Brady had a bye. I won this week thanks to 393 yards and 3 TDs from Matt Schaub, which was a great fantasy line, but he was actually terrible. Going 31 for 62 isn't exactly good.

Yes, he really did attempt the most passes. Schaub and Brady were one and two respectively in yards thrown for the week. Besides Brady, Welker, Schaub, and the Falcons defense posting unreal numbers; my team was horrible with the exception of average performances from Matt Bryant and Larry Fitzgerald. Giants Steve Smith (1), AP (2), Tamme (3), and Blount (4) were all dreadful. * denotes fantasy team

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12/13 MLB News: Rivera's Betrayal

December 13th 2010 17:45
The St. Louis Cardinals made a deal that showed why they got Ryan Theriot. It also showed how stupid of a move it was. In the comments someone, please tell me you agree that Brendan Ryan is a better player than Theriot is? Ryan is the far better defensive player, and Theriot is older. Sure Ryan can't hit, but boy oh boy is he great with that glove.

The Cards acquired pitching prospect Maikel Cleto from the Seattle Mariners. I don't know what the M's want with Ryan. They already have a good enough defense, especially at shortstop with Jack Wilson there. Besides, the M's need hitters. Ryan cannot hit. Cleto can hit 100 miles per hour on the gun, but he is a terrible pitcher overall. At best he will be a good player in the end of the pen. It was a deal that made no sense for either team. At least Cleto would have added something to a Seattle team that has terrible pitching depth in both starting and relief pitching

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The LA Dodgers are continuing to roll in a busy offseason. The McCourt divorce has finally been settled, and the Dodgers just signed Tony Gwynn Jr. He isn't a good player- he is subpar- and his only claim to fame is being the son of one of the best contact hitters in history. However, Colletti and Co. got off a bargain deal. Gwynn has a low risk and cheap one year deal worth 675K. This is tough to find in an offseason and market that demands so much money.

I know many teams that would pay for more for far less talent. Gwynn is solid defensively and is a better hitter for batting average than quite a few players. Dodgers GM Ned Colletti likes the fact that Tony Gwynn Jr. has the ability to play every position in the outfield. Gwynn is 28, but he still has some upside

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This post has also been done in advanced.

1. RB Maurice Jones-Drew

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This post has been done in advanced as I will not be able to write on Friday and Saturday.

1. RB Jamaal Charles

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12/9 MLB News: Crawford and Pena Signed

December 9th 2010 16:09
Two former Rays signed, and both of them were signed to teams that were connected to PSW rumors pertaining to those two players. In short, listen to our rumors. Anyway, the Boston Red Sox paid Carl Crawford a ton of money. Much like Jayson Werth, Crawford-29- is getting seven years. However, he will also be paid 142 million dollars. That amounts to a little over 20 million per year, making it the seventh largest contract in baseball according to annual figures. That's a steep price, but Crawford doesn't seem risky. Every deal carries a risk, but this is certainly one well worth taking.

Crawford is younger and more talented than Werth. This deal makes the AL East once again a division run by the two most powerful teams in baseball. The Red Sox are the clear cut favorites in my opinion. The Yankees aren't getting younger, and their rotation isn't getting any better. Sure they might get Cliff Lee, but until pen hits paper; I'm not sold that they have him quite yet. There are more teams than just the Rangers and Yankees that have a legitimate shot at signing Lee. The Rays are completely out of the race, they lost so much talent

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2010 Week 13 All-Stars

December 8th 2010 15:03
I destroyed my opponent in fantasy football this week, 132-85. Victory is sweet, and so is my now 12-1 record. O.J. and I are tied at the top with equal records, although he is the number one seed thus far because he won our last meeting even though we are 1-1 head to head. My 47 point margin of victory was the highest of the week.

But wait, I have more to gloat about! My 14-2 prediction record in the Associated Content NFL Pick Em' for Week 13 was the best. I even beat Zac Wassink in my first week of the contest. Anyway guys, you came to this post to view my All-Stars. *denotes fantasy team

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12/7 MLB News: Reynolds Traded

December 7th 2010 14:40
I know the Diamondbacks want to shave payroll and rebuild, and I also realize that Justin Upton and Mark Reynolds have been on the trade block for a while now. It is just ridiculous what they are doing. They are, in a sense, fire selling their team. I can understand trading just one of your top 3 players- Dan Haren- but trading your best player is just overboard. Yes, they need to rebuild; but trade off the Gerardo Parras of the world instead.

Anyway, what's done is done. The D'Backs- who are now the worst team in the league- traded star third baseman Mark Reynolds to one of their contenders for the title of "Worst Team". The Diamondbacks have a horrendous bullpen, so at least they upgraded it in this trade. My problem is that they got little in return for a star player. They didn't get top prospects. What they got were two relievers. One of them, Kam Mickolio, is terrible

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Jayson Werth is set to make 17 million dollars per year with the Washington Nationals. The Nats were always creeping at the back, ready to make a big signing splash this year. After seeing that Adam Dunn was well beyond their reach and that Crawford is also untouchable the way the bidding war is going with the Angels and Red Sox; Mike Rizzo decided to sign Werth to a seven year, 126 million dollar deal.

Werth is 31 now, so the deal will run out when he is 38. To me, that's the really risky part of the deal. Signing a very good but not great outfielder over 30 to a deal with more than five years and over 100 million has a good shot of going badly. This deal does make sense in that the Nationals would have absolutely nobody- aside from Zim- without Dunn and Werth. The good thing about Werth is that he is a good all around player, so I don't think his defense will disappear into the dust. It won't be good when he is 38, but at least we won't be watching Hideki Matsui in the field

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12/5 MLB News: Adrian Gonzalez Traded

December 5th 2010 14:33
The San Diego Padres knew they would never re-sign one of the best players in baseball once his contract runs out after the 2011 season. After many long conversations, the Padres sent him to the Boston Red Sox. Unlike before, the Red Sox would not have to give Jacoby Ellsbury; Clay Buchholz; or Daniel Bard. Instead, they sent top prospects Casey Kelly; Reymond Fuentes; and Anthony Rizzo. Kelly is a pitcher, but he also played shortstop and would still be one of the best prospects at short if he was still a shortstop.

Kelly is ranked as the 24th best prospect by Baseball America. Rizzo is a first base prospect that had 92 runs, 42 doubles, 25 dingers, and 100 RBIs while splitting time between A and AA. Fuentes is a top centerfield prospect with a ton of upside. Overall, the Padres got a nice haul for A-Gone when they would have got nothing if they waited. San Diego would have gotten even less by waiting until the season started. Boston got an MVP-caliber player. This would be a good deal for Boston instead of an average one if they can get Gonzalez re-signed

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12/4 MLB News: Jeter, Lee, and Ad-Go

December 4th 2010 15:32
The San Diego Padres' have the most pitcher-friendly stadium in PETCO. They utilizing this by signing inexpensive free agent starter with a past that had them once being stars. Their newest exploit is Aaron Harang. Each year, a handful of sportswriters always say that Harang is in for a big year, and each year he is horrible. I am going to be the sportswriter that says his numbers increase under one condition, if he can stay healthy. If Wade LeBlanc can do it, then Harang can succeed too. This was a great move by the Padres, another low-risk one year deal.

The Adam Dunn deal was no surprise and was inevitable. For those of you that consistently read this blog, I have long predicted that the White Sox would end up with the star slugger. They love that dude. The Atlanta Braves got solid set-up man Scott Linebrink. The 34 year old has enjoyed much success with the White Sox, but he was dealt for poor minor league prospect Kyle Cofield. Linebrink struggled last year, but this was a good move for a team that is completely lacking relief pitching with the losses of veterans Billy Wagner and Takashi Saito

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Tribute to Ron Santo

December 3rd 2010 15:32
Ron Santo died at the age of 70. He was one of the greatest players to ever play the game of baseball, and one of the top 5 Cubs players in history. He was an All-Star nine times at third. He was also an announcer for WGN. He died from complications from bladder cancer. Santo was diagnosed with diabetes at 18. Santo is a first ballot Hall-Famer in my mind, but the voters didn't let him in. Santo not being inducted is the reason why I despise the Hall of Fame. The voters are complete idiots. The Hall of Fame is overrated, and I don't care about it. I have a Hall of Fame in my own head, and that's what matters. What a panel of people that don't know their butt from a hole in the ground says doesn't mean a thing.

Anyway, Santo was also a four time Gold Glove award winner. Even though he had so many health problems, he still managed to play in 2,243 games. His career is similar to that of Dale Murphy. Santo scored 100 runs only once, but he led the league in triples with 13 in 1964. He played with the Cubs for his first fourteen seasons from 1960-1973 and spent his last season with the South Siders. He had four season with 100 or more RBIs and also four seasons with 30 or more dingers

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2010 Week 13 Predictions

December 2nd 2010 15:01
20 Texans 37 Eagles MVP Michael Vick

27 Browns 21 Dolphins MVP Peyton Hillis

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12/1 MLB News: Tulo Extended

December 1st 2010 15:15
Troy Tulowitzki inked a 157.5 million dollar extension through 2020. I believe he is the league's best shortstop, and I still think it is a smart move even with salary concerns. Tulo would have made much more on an open market. It's a good deal for the Rockies, but by the same token a bad one for Troy Tulowitzki. In other shortstop news, Hank Steinbrenner is certain that #2 will sign with the Yankees.

Zack Greinke has changed his stance. He has taken off big market teams off of his no-trade list. This means that the Yankees have a shot at getting him, which they won't. Greinke is best fit on a low profile contender that is not a dominant hitters park. Even though the Cardinals are high profile, he would still be a great fit with Dave Duncan and friends. The Giants love signing old shortstops. They inked Miguel Tejada to a one year deal for 6.5M. This is a low-risk offer that is average. However, it is a smart move for Tejada. All the talk of the Giants wanting Jeter should be gone, as they have already signed an old shortstop. Besides, they can't stick DJ at first. Jeter can't field anywhere! The only team that should ever take him is the Yanks

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