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Pro Sports Wrap - by Sam Ruesler

Pro Sports Wrap - October 2010

10/30 NBA Rumors: Dampier and TP

October 30th 2010 17:35
Tomorrow is Halloween. Happy Halloween readers! The NBA season has been great so far. The Heat- especially D-Wade- have been absolutely dominating. They completely blew out the Magic. Wade has been showing that Miami is still his team. However, their supporting cast has been putrid thus far. Is this going to be their undoing?

Anyway, Erick Dampier is finally going to make a decision. The veteran center will take a one year deal with the Houston Rockets. He has long been rumored with a move to Houston. This isn't set in stone, but I believe he will find a team. The Rockets- and the teams in the race- could do with the depth that Dampier provides. Houston needs this frontcourt depth, especially with the uncertainties about Yao's career.

Andrei Kirilenko is a Jazz favorite and instrumental to their success. AK47 says that he had a talk with GM Kevin O'Connor. Based on this talk, he does not expect to be traded. Kirilenko also thinks that he will be resigned. This is the last year of his 17 million dollar deal. It is too much money, so he will have to take the paycut. However, anybody can tell that Kiri loves Utah. He feels like the organization is a family to him. As far as the trade rumors go, who knows what will happen in the midst of another season? In my opinion, Kirilenko is not going anywhere. He will retire in a Jazz jersey.

The Portland Trail Blazers are always at the center of attention when it comes to trades, signing, releasing, GMs, and the like. You know, front office moves. Well, the Minnesota Timberwolves are not happy and they want something back. According to them, the Blazers gave them an injured player. Earlier this offseason, the T'Wolves dealt the 16th pick which was used to pick *laugh* Luke Babbitt.

Anyway, the Blazers gave average swingman Martell Webster in return. The Wolves believe that Webster was injured at the time of the trade and happened without the Timberwolves noticing. Minnesota want a draft pick as compensation. You know what I say? The Wolves only get like 3K. Really, it's not that big of a deal. Besides, you have to figure out what you're getting? But anyway, an injured Martell Webster is better than Luke Babbitt.

The biggest news comes in favor of me. Lately, I have been squashing the Tony Parker trade rumors. Especially, those that connect him to an asinine scenario where he would end up with the Knicks. Do you really think they have anything to trade? They overvalue their players almost as bad as the Wizards. Nobody else in the league even thinks about Jared Jeffries.

The San Antonio Spurs have done it. They made the smart move to resign their star and fan favorite; Tony Parker. Parker's heart is in San Antonio, and he has always wanted to remain there. Now he will. This seems like a Kirilenko scenario, except this one has almost come true. Parker received a multi-year extension. George Hill, Parker, and Ginobili make up one of the best backcourts in the NBA. Parker will also be vital in mentoring Hill to help Hill become one of the superstars of tomorrow.
Extension: As Expected

CB Jason Allen Miami Dolphins- He may be a starter no longer. Allen is losing his job in favor of rookie Sean Smith. Jason Allen is regularly burned and contributes nothing to the Dolphins defense. It doesn't help is cause when Vontae Davis is starting beside him.

CB Kyle Arrington New England Patriots- He only starts because of the injury to Leigh Bodden, which has proven to be a truly terrible loss for New England. Arrington is torrid. People wonder why the secondary is so weak. Wonder no more, just look at how bad the second corner is.

LG Jamey Richard Indianapolis Colts- Just watching him play shows how much of a drop off there is between a solid guard and a terrible guard. Ryan Lilja is sorely missed by the Colts mainly because Richard is so bad. In 2008, he was fine. These past two seasons have shown just how bad he is.

S Aaron Francisco Indianapolis Colts- With Bob Sanders out, this guy has been brutal. He is one of the worst safeties and defensive backs in the league. I am elated that the Panthers released him. He was only signed to replace injuries, but he is a starter as I am writing this.

LB Kevin Bentley Houston Texans- This is pretty much a ditto to everything above. However, Bentley has managed to be a much worse player.

S Courtney Greene Jacksonville Jaguars- Are the Jags sure this guy is better than Reggie Nelson? Because I am not. Greene is a very poor player. Don't look at the tackles. He gets them because he always gets burned.
Burned Repeatedly


Bobby Valentine wants to make 10 million over three years. He is an intelligent baseball guy and could be the next Brewers manager. The deal has yet to be finalized, but Valentine is interested. Joey Cora and Bob Melvin are among the other finalists for the job.

Ryne Sandberg is one of the faces of the Cubs, as stated in an earlier post.
Sandberg might actually switch forces an go to the South Side as the White Sox bench coach if Joey Cora leaves to be the manager of the Brewers.

David Ortiz still firmly believes that the Red Sox will accept his 2011 option that will owe him a whopping 12.5 million. A players WAR- Wins Above Replacement- measures how valuable they are. Each WAR is worth 4.1 million dollars. Ortiz's war was 3.3. That is 13.53 million dollars of production. I say that overall it is a decent deal. At first I was skeptical, but the numbers say yes. Besides, it is only a one year option and a not a long-term deal to the about to be 35 year old DH. Ortiz made 13 million in 2010. If the option is not used, Ortiz will be a free agent five days past the World Series.

The Marlins want to keep Edwin Rodriguez as their manager. His record was exactly .500 after replacing Fredi Gonzalez. Not bad for a interm guy. Of course, the word "good" cannot be used to describe 46-46. Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. is deflating another one of Scott Boras's ploys. He says that Philly do indeed have the money to re-sign Jayson Werth, and they would love to have the outfielder back. However, Werth's teammates think that the star will be headed elsewhere.

Joe Girardi is not going to the Cubs. Mike Quade is the Cubs manager. Girardi is moments away from being rightfully re-signed as the Yankees manager. He is expected to obtain three years. Girardi has proven to actually be slightly better than Joe Torre. Again, Torre is overrated.

Manny Ramirez wants to play for the Toronto Blue Jays ever since they hired former Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell as their manager. Man-Ram also likes Toronto, because of the Dominican baseball players they used to have. Manny should only get a one year deal and it should be worth 6 million. He is old, but I think he will produce with the Blue Jays "Swing for The Fences" mentality. It did magic for Bautista and Alex Gonzalez.
Staying or Leaving?


Behind the Stats: Lakers and Rockets

October 27th 2010 14:26
I am not surprised with any of the three results that happened last night. In fact, I can feel proud to say that I picked the winners in all three games. I bet quite a few others did as well. Certainly, the most enticing matchup before the games were played was the Celtics and Heat game. However, I believe that it was the worst game played on Tuesday night. The closest game was LA's amazing comeback. However, they looked shaky. I am going to go behind the box scores in each game.

The MVP in the Lakers harrowing 112-110 victory over the Houston Rockets was Pau Gasol. Gasol shot nicely from the floor, enabling him to put up 29 points with 11 rebounds for his double-double. However, Gasol had two assists compared to three turnovers.

Kobe Bryant had an OK shooting night, but he did well in the other categories. Kobe scored 11 points from the line, which means he scored 16 points on field goals out of his 26. Kobe missed all of the three shots he took from downtown. He shot 40 percent. Don't read into the -8 when he was in the game. That was when the Lakers were terrible. Bryant had only one turnover to go with 5 boards and 7 assists.

Lamar Odom put up a great shooting display, going 7-10 to nab 14 points and 10 rebounds. Odom had 4 turnovers, so the big men need to cut down on those. He only threw one assist. Steve Blake was 3-4 from behind the arc and had no turnovers. Blake was clutch and showed why he was a very smart signing. Blake is so much better than Jordan Farmar. There may be upside in the now Nets point guard, but Blake is the better player and leader. That's what LA needed more for a 4-peat quest.

Shannon Brown was an outstanding 4-5 from 3-point land with 16 points in total off of more crisp shooting. He had four thefts. Matt Barnes also looked good.

Aaron Brooks was pretty much perfect today. He was perfect with his FTs, he was the second best 3-baller on the floor in terms of statistics last night, and he had 24 points off of great shooting. Brooks led the team mainly because of his 9 assists to just two turnovers. Kevin Martin had his shooting boots on, but he really needs to cut down on his TOs. That's been the bane of his career for the most part. Tonight it showed.

Luis Scola had a dominating performance with 16 boards and 18 rebounds with perfect shooting from the charity stripe. Scola is underrated and extremely vital in what the Rockets do game in and game out. Tonight it showed as he dominated the boards against the great Gasol and his sidekick Odom.
29 Pts 11 REBs


2010 Week 7 All-Stars

October 26th 2010 15:27
QB Carson Palmer
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

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2010 Week 7 Monday Musings

October 25th 2010 14:20
Ryan Fitzpatrick is the solution. Another Ryan- Ryan Torain- is the solution to an entirely different problem. This guy is a fantasy zombie.Want to know why Cutler threw four picks? The greatness of Hall, Cutler is mistake prone, and the pass rush. Cutler was sacked four times. The Bears offensive line needs help. Then again, the Skins have a great pass rush. Brian Orakpo anyone?

Jason Snelling and especially Jerius Norwood should give up hope. Michael Turner is fully recovered. Just don't give him 360 carries. 300 should be enough to let him do some damage. For those other carries, let Wood and Snell eat em up. Roddy White is that great. Did you guys forget about Jordan Shipley? Yeah, another one of my predictions came true

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2010 World Series Preview

October 24th 2010 14:38
I was wrong, twice. Most people were wrong at least once. The San Francisco Giants somehow overcame the Phils in only 6 games. The same can be said about the Texas Rangers, but their victory wasn't surprising. This preview looks at both teams' players as a head-to-head matchup.

The Rangers have a solid rotation that features Cliff Lee. Colby Lewis and CJ Wilson are both pretty good, but I think that Tommy Hunter is a weak link. Tim Lincecum is the best pitcher in the league- in my mind. Matt Cain is very good and Sanchez and Bumgarner are good at the 3 and 4 slots. I think that San Francisco have the better rotation

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2010 Week 7 Predictions

October 23rd 2010 13:22
6 Jaguars 27 Chiefs MVP Jamaal Charles

24 Eagles 20 Titans MVP Asante Samuel

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10/22 MLB Rumors: 7 Day DL?

October 22nd 2010 14:50
Sandy Alderson is the frontrunner for the Mets job and rightfully so. He is the most qualified of everybody that has been interviewed by the Queens team. Rick Hahn is among the other candidates.

This just in: the MLB is discussing implementing a seven day DL. This would be to help players suffering from concussions. Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell may have just won the managerial job with the Toronto Blue Jays. This report is not set in stone, but Farrell very well could be the next manager of the Jays

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10/2010: 5 Overrated NFL Players

October 21st 2010 14:09
1. Dunta Robinson- Why do people think he is so good? He doesn't shutdown receivers, he doesn't get picks, and he gets burned too often. Dunta isn't a defensive force. He is average, but he isn't great like people make him out to be.

2. Michael Oher- I bet a lot of you will be appalled to see his name on this list, but people that are willing to think along my lines will see my reasoning. He is a solid player, but people act like he is a superstar. Oher is not. Did you know that Alan Faneca was just as good as Oher last year? That's right, in-his-twilight Alan Faneca. I am not smashing Oher, I am just making the statement that he is overrated. It's not his skill, it's the fans. More so, the inaccurate movie. Michael Oher was no idiot when it came to football knowledge. Nice job Hollywood

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The Flow: Hit Em Hard (3)

October 20th 2010 13:33
1. Well, the NFL won't be handing out suspensions to players who make hard hits. Instead, they will keep it to fines. They are right in doing so because a suspension is too much of a price to pay. Heavy fines are the closest thing to a fair price. I just dislike seeing players getting hit and having career-ending injuries. Concussions may also lead to death in athletes. I always remember those terrifying and out of place hits on Trent Green. I do realize that football is fast-paced and that players cannot help those terrible tackles sometimes because of the speed of the game.

2. Speaking of Trent Green, let us take a little look-see at his career. Green is one of the top 200 players in NFL history. He threw for over 4,000 yards three times in his career, he once led the league in TD%, and he once led the league in adjusted yards per attempt. In 2003 and 2005, Green made the Pro-Bowl roster. Drew Brees, Kurt Warner, Randall Cunningham, Joe Theismann, Jeff Garcia, Rich Gannon, Joe Namath, Tom Brady, Roger Staubach, and Jim Zorn all have similar careers to Green. Four years of his career have seen him as a top 10 fantasy quarterback. In 2003 and 2004, he was 4th both seasons. In 2004, he was the 23rd best QB fantasy-wise. That was the highest mark of his career

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2010 Week 6 All-Stars

October 19th 2010 14:42
*denotes on my fantasy team that won again this week, improving to 5-1.

QB Kevin Kolb

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MLB Notes: Yankees Goners?

October 19th 2010 04:20
If it said "Red Sox Goners", I would have loved the title. Instead, my favorite team looks out of it. Their pitching is horrendous, as expected, but not even the offense has picked anything up. So all I've been watching is complete dominance by Cliff Lee. He only gave up two hits and a walk while striking out 13 in his eight frames of scoreless baseball. If this was my man Tim Lincecum, I would be rejoicing. Not this time. Now it's a player I am not fond of that devoured my team.

Out of the sad Yankee fan's closet and into the world of Josh Hamilton. The Sports World has been doused with articles praising Josh Hamilton every day. Hamilton is a great player that finally overcame his troubles and has the career that he was destined to have as a prospect. However, he still did drugs. Does that make it right? I don't think he can walk away with a free pass. His comeback story is amazing, but the dark spots never disappear. Unless if it's the sun spots on the sun. Every few years those do

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2010 NFL Week 6 Predictions

October 17th 2010 12:52
24 Falcons 20 Eagles MVP Michael Turner

3 Browns 20 Steelers MVP Troy Polamalu

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Larry Siegfried died at the age of 71. He was a college basketball star with Ohio State and led them to their sole national championship in 1960. He died on the 14th of October, but I still feel the need to talk about this. Siegfried won five rings with the Boston Celtics from 1964-1966 and during the 1968 and 1969 seasons. Speaking of college, he was a third team All-American in 1960.

However, he had more success in the NBA. Larry Siegfried was the third pick overall in the 1961 NBA Draft, and he was selected by the Cincinnati Royals. In 1965 and 1968, he led the NBA in free-throw percentage. His career free throw percentage was .854, and he shot .409 from the field during his nine NBA seasons. He spent his first seven years in Boston, one year with San Diego, and he split 1972- is last year- with Houston and Atlanta

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8/15 MLB Rumors: Crawford and Jurrjens

October 15th 2010 14:51
Joey Cora has garnered some interest from the Milwaukee Brewers to be their manager. He is currently a coach on the White Sox. However, Bob Melvin is the favorite to manage the Brew Crew. I would hire Bob Melvin. The Jays and Cubs also interviewed Melvin. Bobby Valentine had an outstanding interview with the Seattle Mariners for their manager position, but he is not the leader in the race.

Possibilities could be that Valentine wants more money than Seattle wants to pay, or he isn't enthusiastic about managing a team that lost over 100 games. Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik will probably not work well with Bobby Valentine either. Cecil Cooper and Eric Wedge are two other notable candidates for the job. Valentine is a great candidate, but Cecil Cooper fits what the Mariners need more

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MLB LCS Previews

October 14th 2010 15:02
I was 75 percent last week, but I did correctly pick the series outcomes of the sweeps. I bet everybody else was right about the Twins and Reds getting swept by last year's league winners. Well, I am sticking to my guns. These two teams will meet in the World Series. The next portion goes a little deeper into my reasoning, and which team has an incredibly tough matchup. Just a heads up, my friend Nakamura has a great baseball blog at It kills this crappy one. Check it out, he got the Rangers prediction right on.


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Fun With Salaries: Texas Rangers

October 11th 2010 06:19
1. Not surprisingly, Michael Young is the highest paid player on the Rangers. He makes approximately 13 million dollars each year.

2. Set-up man Darren Oliver makes more money than Colby Lewis, All-Time Rookie Single-Season Saves Leader Neftali Feliz, and fellow set-up man Darren O'Day

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Week 5 Re-Rank: Fantasy RBs

October 9th 2010 06:05
1. Adrian Peterson
2. Chris Johnson
3. Maurice Jones-Drew

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Week 5 Re-Rank: Fantasy QBs

October 8th 2010 06:05
1. Peyton Manning
2. Drew Brees
3. Aaron Rodgers

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Roy Halladay is a Hall of Famer. When you say the names Bob Gibson and Cy Young, Halladay has solidified that you must mention his name somewhere in that area as well. He isn't as good as Gibson, but he is close. Yesterday he stymied the Reds by throwing an incredible no-hitter. That was his second of the year 2010. Halladay is the most deserving pitcher of the NL Cy Young Award. Now that I have exalted Doc, let's move onto some rumors.

Cardinals GM John Mozeliak maintains that Colby Rasmus will not be traded, but that hasn't prevented teams from claiming interest in the young outfielder. The Braves, Jays, and D'Backs are all players in the Rasmus Race. The San Diego Padres will try hard to resign a former Cardinals outfielder. Former being from this year in midseason. San Diego acquired him in a trade. It will likely cost 6 million a year for a deal. I don't know if I would pay that much for a 32 year old that only hit .251 with 69 RBIs

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Breaking News: Randy Moss Traded

October 6th 2010 14:18
Randy Moss was traded by the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings. The Pats will receive a third round pick in return. A 3rd rounder seems very meager for a star receiver, no matter what the age of the player. I think the Patriots should have squeezed more out of the deal.

The Vikings and Moss are reunited. The main part of Moss's storied career came with the Vikes back in his days with Big C, Culpepper, and Carter. New England have just lost their best deep threat. The Vikings add him to a team that already has the average receivers of Greg Camarillo, Bernard Berrian, and Percy Harvin. Sidney Rice is still injured, but this passing offense will be unstoppable when Rice comes back

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2010 MLB Playoff Preview

October 5th 2010 15:41
Before the in-depth first round preview, I would like to tell you that the Rays beat the Rangers in 5, Yankees over Twins in 3, Phillies over Reds in 4, and Braves lose to the Giants in 5. I would also say that Yankees beat Rays in 6 and the Phillies beat the Giants in 5. I believe that the Phillies will get revenge on the Yankees in a classic 7 game battle.

Rays vs Rangers

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2010 Week 4 All-Stars

October 4th 2010 14:43
QB Philip Rivers
QB Peyton Manning

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2010 Week 4 Predictions

October 3rd 2010 14:38
13 49ers 27 Falcons MVP Curtis Lofton

20 Jets 0 Bills MVP LaDainian Tomlinson

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Mets Coming to Senses on M&M

October 2nd 2010 12:58
Minaya and Manuel are what I'm talking about. The Mets are finally on the verge of firing the GM and manager respectively. Omar Minaya has proven himself to be one of the worst GMs in the league. Jerry Manuel has always been in rumors to be fired, but this one is the biggest rumor yet. The Mets hired Jerry after releasing Willie Randolph. Old Willie did much more than Manuel did.

“This is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lat ely town, and lately it hasn’t been good,” David Wright said, “I think everybody that signed up for this, everybody that’s in the organization knows that in New York you’re expected to win, and that when you don’t get it done, there’s going to be fingers pointed and, obviously, that’s where we’re at now

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Martin Wants out of Denver Too

October 1st 2010 16:08
The Denver Nuggets really hate the selection of players that the Knicks have to trade. I do too. However, the Knicks are showing their interest in Carmelo Anthony by putting a deal in place to acquire a first rounder to get Melo. This means the trade would at least be a three team deal. Melo wants a blockbuster, but he's not the only Nuggs player that wants to get traded. More on that later.

Erick Dampier went to the Raptors practice. He could sign with Toronto to help revitalize a depleted frontcourt thanks to the departure of CB4, or he could sign with the team he has been in the most rumors with- the Houston Rockets. It is looking like a 50-50 chance right now, and Dampier will make his decision shortly

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