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Pro Sports Wrap - by Sam Ruesler

Pro Sports Wrap - September 2010

Why LT is Having a Renaissance

September 30th 2010 14:08
I predicted it. I sound like a braggart, so be it. I and others knew LT would come back this year. Running backs at 29 or over aren't exactly washed up. See, they preform on great offensive lines. LT is doing great because he has a great O-Line.

Thomas Jones did incredible last year because of the Jets offensive line that features Nick Mangold and Damien Woody. Now, LT was doing poorly with the Chargers due to the fact that their offensive line is horrendous as a run-blocking unit.

Don't listen to Tiki Barber about his comment that Tom Coughlin is losing control of the Giants. This comment happens all the time. Another reason is that Tiki Barber absolutely despised Coughlin when he played under Coughlin. The reason is that Tiki was a huge softie that couldn't take any criticism, no matter how constructive it may be. He thought his game was perfect, and he never listened to his coach.

I would give Beanie Wells much more carries than Tim Hightower. Beanie played so well last game coming off of injury. It would be amazing to see how great he would be this season when he is fully healthy.

The best wide receiver on the Denver Broncos is DeMaryius Thomas. I think he will end up having a similar career to Michael Crabtree. I think Jimmy Clausen really needs to keep the ego down. He consistently failed at recognizing this simple idea. Your number one receiver is your best receiver. Throw him the ball, not your backup tight end.

He needs to realize that even though he is the quarterback, Steve Smith is the leader and he needs to find him the ball to win some games. For now, just throw Matt Moore in there.
(Picture from NY Daily News)
His Final Push


Obviously, there were no buyers in the Trent Edwards market. The Buffalo Bills released him. Earlier, they released rookie quarterback Levi Brown. The seventh rounder is needed as a young QB because their depth is awful. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm should ideally be backups. So should Brown, but at least he will be and he is a rookie so he has more upside than the other two.

An AFC South team signed Trent Edwards as a backup, much like the curious case of Matt Leinart. The Jacksonville Jaguars will keep him stashed behind David Garrard. If Garrard continues his recent struggles, Edwards will be the one trying to get the ball into MSW's hands.

John Carney is having a reunion with the same coach that signed his unwarranted release form, keeping him out of a possible Super Bowl win. Sean Payton proved he goes through kickers, but after three years he has forgiven this one. Carney is a decent veteran kicker that knows the Saints well. He played for them not too long ago. Garrett Hartley will stick around in the Bayou.the

It's time for the Week 3 All-Star team. (A * denotes my fantasy team)

QB Kyle Orton
RB Adrian Peterson*
RB Chris Johnson
WR Austin Collie
WR Lance Moore
WR Brandon Marshall*
TE Tony Gonzalez*
S Earl Thomas
LB DeMarcus Ware
LB Tamba Hali
DE Trent Cole
DE Chris Clemons
S Bernard Pollard
LB Stephen Tulloch
CB Kelvin Hayden
LB Lance Briggs
CB Antoine Winfield
DT Terrance Knighton
(Picture from SI)
Topped Elway: 476 yards Broncs Franchise Record


A Legend Passes Away

September 28th 2010 14:03
He was a first team All-Pro legend. The NFL Great would be inducted in Canton in 1981. This Kentucky alumni was drafted in the 12th round by the Chicago Bears in 1949 and wore the number 16 proudly. This man was George Blanda.

The Quarterback/Kicker was elected to four pro bowls. He twice led the league in yards thrown and once led the league in touchdowns tossed. The year he threw those touchdowns was also the year he led the league in yards per attempt (9.2) and percentage of touchdowns thrown (9.9).

Blanda once led the league in QB rating, twice in yards per completion, and thrice in yards per game. George Blanda topped the league for eight years in extra points made. He also was the leader in field goal percentage for three seasons.

Blanda has the 19th most passes for touchdowns and the most extra points made in history. He has also played in the fourth most games in NFL's storied history. George Blanda was the symbol of longevity. He died at the age of 83 yesterday.

Blanda is 5th in NFL history in one of the most important statistics, points scored. He amassed 2,002 of them in the longest career of any football player. He retired at the age of 49. His incredible legacy spanned four decades.

George Blanda's touchdown percentage stands at 16th of All-Time, and he ranks at 28 in yards per completion. In 1970, he was the Male Athlete of the Year by the AP. Blanda is one of the greatest players of All-Time. There is no doubt in my mind about that statement. The memory of his great games will live on forever
(Picture from
1981 HOF Inductee


NO Searching: LJ Signing?

September 27th 2010 14:05
Running back Larry Johnson- *stifling laugh*- could get signed by the St. Louis Rams. What happened to Steven Jackson? You may ask. Well, Jackson left the Cardinal's game with a groin injury. The superstar running back may not play against the now 2-1 Seattle Seahawks thanks to Leon Washington. Larry Johnson stinks, but if Jackson's injury is serious it will be necessary.

There is at least one other team interested in Bills QB Trent Edwards. The once promising quarterback has been absolutely awful for a while. Doesn't that invigorate the name J.P. Losman? It is a surprise anybody is interested in trading, seeing how easily Edwards could be erased. This sounds like a Matt Leinart story, except Edwards was actually once OK at being a starting quarterback.

Sean Payton is always ready to fire a kicker. Especially if they missed a 29 yarder that ended up losing an important game to a team in their division. I have long been a skeptic of Garrett Hartley's roster-ability in the NFL. I wouldn't release a kicker due to one kick, unless if it was this guy.

Former Saints kicker John Carney, Matt Stover, Shayne Graham, and Kris Brown are all free agent kickers available. All of them are much more capable than Carney. In fact, all of them are pro bowl caliber. I would personally sign Stover in this situation. His power makes him a great choice. The second best is Graham and the third is Brown. However, Brown has been dealing with some injury issues.

Remember that the Chiefs 3-0 season is proof that Scott Pioli is the best general manager in every single professional sport at this moment. He knows how to draft, trade, and build a coaching staff. Todd Haley and Charlie Weis together, genius.
(Picture from Yahoo!)
Ain't That Misser, Misser on the Saints?

2010 MLB All-Star Team

September 26th 2010 15:51
This list is compiled before the junk games at the end of September. Where do the stars like Vlad and Latos stack up? Read on to find out. Note: The starter is always listed first.

C- Joe Mauer and Victor Martinez. Mauer led all catchers in batting average, doubles, and runs scored. Even though he wasn't as amazing as last year, he still showed why he is the game's best at the position. V-Mart was productive on an injury plagued Sox team. He had 32 doubles and the second highest batting average among catchers

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Chapman and Lincecum Make Statements

September 25th 2010 15:45
Aroldis Chapman was labeled as "extremely risky" when the Cincinnati Reds signed him to a lucrative deal this offseason. Chapman hasn't pitched much, and for good reason. He will not be Stephen Strasburg and suffer a huge injury. The young pitcher has been kept fresh for the future. Not only that, but he threw baseball's first ever 105 mph pitch. Chapman is now the fastest pitcher in history. He beat out big names like the Big Unit, Nolan Ryan, The Rocket, and Joel Zumaya.

Tim Lincecum threw a two hitter to keep the Giants on top in the West. Lince showed how great he is and why he is one of the greatest pitchers of the last ten years. Heck, I bet he will be a Hall of Famer by the end of his career. Lincecum is the best player today, and nobody can question that. Jimenez is great but he is streaky, Lincecum is consistent year in and year out

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Don Nelson Fired; Gentry Getting Love

September 24th 2010 14:21
Assistant coach Keith Smart was named head coach after the firing of All-Time great Don Nelson who has lost his greatness. This was a great decision by the Golden State Warriors organization. Nelson may be the coach with the most wins in history, but he wasn't getting results. The Warriors were constantly under performing, and Nelson's motivational ploys were coming up with hideous results.

The new owner Joe Lacob did not like Don's style of coaching either. Nelson is actually very happy because he gets to take his money and leave. The former Warriors coach is expected to retire

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Carmelo in Three Team Deal?

September 23rd 2010 16:46
I am talking about basketball here. The New Orleans Hornets traded rookie Craig Brackins and Darius Songaila to the 76ers for Jason Smith and Willie Green. I like this deal for New Orleans mainly because I am a Willie Green fan. I think he works hard and got shoved down the depth chart with the Sixers' depth at guard.

Melo Watch: The Denver Nuggets might do a three team deal involving the small forward. This would enable Carmelo to join the two teams he wants to play for; the Knicks and the Bulls. Joakim Noah has been rumored in trades, but he has maintained that he wants to play for Chicago and is excited with the new look Bulls. In my honest opinion, I would take Noah over Carmelo. However, Noah and the Bulls aren't close to getting a contract extension done. Could a deal happen

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9/22 NBA Rumors Carmelo

September 22nd 2010 14:11
Disgruntled star Carmelo Anthony mainly wants to go to the Knicks or Bulls. He and his representatives have been pushing for a deal to occur before the start of the league wide training camp openings. The Knicks don't have enough to get a deal done, so it looks like the Bulls are the team left in the mix. I don't think the Bulls need Melo that much. This is a long saga that shows how overrated Melo really is.

Adam Morrison will work out with the Wizards during training camp. Morrison is another one of Michael Jordan's beloved busts. With the Wizards, he would actually get some playing time which is Morrison's goal. It may actually prove to be a slightly good deal for the Wizards

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2010 Week Two Honor Roll Offense Only

September 21st 2010 14:24
I love defense and it is very important in football, but it makes the list way too long. The honor roll last week was hard to read and very time consuming. T/I is the ratio of touchdowns to interceptions.

1. Michael Vick 284 yd 2 TD-0 INT 37 rush yds

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9/2010 MLB Hi 5s NL West

September 20th 2010 15:22
This is the last division in the series.

San Francisco Giants

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9/2010 MLB Hi 5s NL Central

September 19th 2010 13:16
St. Louis Cardinals
1. 1B Albert Pujols
2. SP Adam Wainwright

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2010 Week 2 Predictions

September 18th 2010 14:30
17 Steelers 13 Titans MVP Troy Polamalu

20 Ravens 14 Bengals Ray Rice

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9/2010 MLB Hi 5s NL East

September 17th 2010 15:12
Philadelphia Phillies

1. Ryan Howard 1B

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9/2010 MLB Hi 5s AL West

September 16th 2010 13:54
Texas Rangers

1. Josh Hamilton LF

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9/2010 MLB Hi 5s AL Central

September 15th 2010 14:03
Minnesota Twins
1. C Joe Mauer
2. 1B Justin Morneau

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9/2010 MLB Hi 5s AL EAST

September 14th 2010 14:03
Before we get started, I just want to mention that King Felix deserves the Cy Young. Enjoy the top five from each AL East team! There are plenty of surprises!


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2010 Week One Honor Roll

September 13th 2010 15:03
1. Lito Sheppard 3 tips
2. Chris Johnson 17 CAR 142 Yards 2 TDs 4 REC
3. Darren McFadden 18 CAR 95 Yds 6 REC 55 yds 1 TD

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2010 Week One Storylines

September 12th 2010 15:09
Oakland Raiders- How does Jason Campbell fit in? Do he and Zach Miller have a Celek-Kolb combo to them? Is Darius Heyward-Bey as good as advertised?

Tennessee Titans- Two words: Vince Young

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Top Ten Best Transfers of 2010 Summer

September 11th 2010 14:36
1. David Villa from Valencia to Barcelona. Villa was the most talented player transfered. He has been incredible on a national scale, and was such a capture that Barca subsequently transfered superstar striker Zlatan Ibrahamovic

2. Zlatan Ibrahamovic from Barcelona to AC Milan. This was a transfer that helped bring in "The Big 4"; Pato, Ronaldinho, Ibrahamovic, and Robinho. Milan are now the favorites to win the Serie A due to this move and another move that will be mentioned later

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2010 NFL Week One Predictions

September 10th 2010 14:31
Raiders and Titans: Titans win 17-10

Panthers and Giants: Giants win 20-17

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2010 Kickoff Vikings-Saints Preview

September 9th 2010 14:25
Finally! The wait for the NFL season is over! I cannot wait for this marquee matchup between the Saints and the Vikings. Adrian Peterson guarantees a win. I disagree with AP, but first I will break this game down. It is an important game. It's the anticipated start of a season in which both teams made some roster moves to try and bolster their team.

Storylines surround this game. Is Brett Favre fully healthy? How will the Vikings perform without Sidney Rice? Is Pierre Thomas prepared for a full role? Is Tracy Porter a fluke? The answers in my opinion are no, good but just a notch under with Rice, yes, and no. I don't feel like giving explanations because this is about the game, not the storylines

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Hoffman Notches 600th SV

September 8th 2010 14:54
Fresh on the island, I'm going to say it. The Phillies are going to win their division. I don't see the Braves pushing past the surge of Philadelphia. This is a team to be reckoned with when September starts. They have the lead, and they certainly aren't going to give it back. Just ask the New York Mets. Shane Victorino is a man on a mission.

Adam Dunn wants a four year deal with the Washington Nationals. Right now, he has a two year deal worth 20 million. A nice contract extension should be in the works for one of the league's premier power hitters. Dunn's 34 homers and 91 RBIs lead the team. There is no other player in the 30s or 90s in those respective categories. Only Albert Pujols and Jose Bautista have more dingers on the year. Dunn's goal is to stay in one place and finally have a long term deal

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Housh and Leinart Snapped Up

September 7th 2010 13:56
Let's start with the huge news. The Seahawks are stupid. Seriously. They released their second best offensive player because of poor performances that are directly tied to the fact that they have no quarterback. Simple math, running offense with an awful quarterback means that your receiver will not be productive, right? Well, Housh was actually productive.

WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh had 79 catches last year, proving that he is one of the top possession receivers this year. Hasselbeck had a QB rating of just 75.1 and managed to throw as many TDs as INTs. Houshmandzadeh will take his talents to a team that believes in him more. He will now team up with Anquan Boldin to make a fearsome wide receiver duo for rising star QB Joe Flacco. I see a juggernaut in Baltimore

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Revis Garbage Over

September 6th 2010 15:18
Darrelle Revis's holdout did not last past week one of the regular season, as expected by many people. The Jets really weren't that serious about being stiff and not letting Revis get money. They just wanted us to think that. He gets a four year 46 million dollar deal which makes him slightly overpaid, but he will probably earn that salary by the end of the season.

The New York Jets also released star lead-blocker Tony Richardson and young receiver David Clowney. Both moves hurt the team slightly, but we are talking about slightly. The Jets are still the favorites to win that division

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Ravens Acquire CB Wilson

September 1st 2010 14:05
The Seattle Seahawks surprised many people by trading cornerback Josh Wilson to the Baltimore Ravens for a conditional draft pick in 2011. This is a huge deal for the Ravens because of the Dominique Foxworth injury, and that fact that Fabian Washington isn't 100 percent. Wilson will play alongside Washington. He will make a Reed and Foxworth-less secondary a little more bearable for the Ravens.

Kelly Jennings and Walter Thurmond will move up on the depth chart. The Hawks lose some depth, but this deal is good for them. I they really like Thurmond. Josh Wilson is also great at special teams. He is a temporary replacement, seeing as he will be a UFA next year when Foxworth returns. This was a good trade for both teams

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