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Pro Sports Wrap - by Sam Ruesler

Pro Sports Wrap - February 2010

Final Act.

February 24th 2010 03:11
Manny Ramirez

Entering his 17th season , Manny Ramirez has once again let his mouth cause some problems in the early stages of spring training. He has gone on record of saying that he won't be playing in Los Angeles next year, in fact he doesn't know where he will be playing at all.

As a Red Sox fan, I had to watch this wonderful act for 8 seasons. With that came some amazing moments and 2 championships, it did come with alot of headaches. Overall I Ioved every second of it.

I think Manny Ramirez is one of the best baseball players of all time and maybe the best hitter second only to Barry Bonds that I got to see in my generation. It just kinda sucks that people are going to forever judge him for being suspended 50 games and for being open about always getting paid his worth.

I'm personally gonna enjoy watching his career slowly come to a close. He turns 38 this year and hopefully we can see him play into his forties.

Its All In The Wrist.

February 23rd 2010 00:52
Tim Tebow

For the past couple of weeks Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow has been refining his ball handling skills and giving himself a complete makeover before his Pro Day in March. Tebow will not be throwing a football during this weeks NFL Combine workouts.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter he has been working on a 3 and 5 step step drops that have improved his passing ability and ball security. A far cry from the spread offense he played in Florida .

If he has become a better NFL quality QB then the future looks pretty bright for Tebow, currently he was looking at maybe being a third round pick but if he can impress some folks in March then he may bring up his stock to being a first rounder.

Bulls On Parade

February 18th 2010 03:37

The South Florida Bulls have gone from the little team that could to top 25 team in just over a decade. Its not only the big three in Florida I believe its now the big four. in 2010 they will have alot to over come under new head coach Skip Holtz.

For the first time ever the bulls march into gainesville to take on the gators. Good news is theres no more Tim Tebow lurking around , Bad news is that Urban and crew have a stud called John Brantley which I think is a better QB than Tebow.

They will play the U down in Miami which Im sure they want sweet revenge after the canes pounded them in Tampa this past year.

They also have to take care of business in conference as they play six big east games in a row three of which are on the road at West Virginia, at Cincy, and at Louisville. If they are gonna make a stand and the show the nation they are not a joke they need to sweep those games.

i think they Bulls have a chance of being a top 15 team at the end of next year. With a top fifty 2010 recruiting class the future looks bright in sunny Tampa Florida.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

February 16th 2010 22:48
Dustin Pedroia

Man i cannot wait for this season to get under way! Its been an up and down off season with the sox and we have alot of issues still to resolve as spring training gets under way and pitchers and catchers start showing up. Theo Epstein has done a great job putting together this group of players but I just hope this "bridge to the future" doesn't translate into
major rebuilding rather than a smooth transition into the future.

I think still think trading Mike lowell is a big mistake. He says he'll do whatever is best for the team so why not rotate him at first or DH? Is it that bad to keep such a valuable player on the team? Just look at Jason Varitek, he has settled in his new role with the team.

I wonder how long we are going to let J.D Drew stay in right field. Don't get me wrong I like him and the numbers he's put up but I think its time for a change. Let's see if Jeremy Hermida is ready to step after leaving the Florida Marlins, or if Josh Reddick is ready for the big time.

So far Josh Beckett has been quiet and is looking to be in great shape. The starting rotation needs him to be the anchor that he has proven to be. If Beckett, Dice-k, and Lackey can stay injury free theres not a doubt in my mind who haas the best rotation in baseball.

I hope Adrain Beltre can be somewhat productive this year. I don't mean to dog the guy already but he starts stinking at the plate I don't care how good he is at third he's gonna hear from the Fenway crowd.

I have this gut feeling this will be David Ortiz's last year in Boston. Who will be the next DH you ask? Uhmm Prince Fielder??? Thats another blog in its self I will get to later.


Super Bowl Notes

February 8th 2010 22:57

2010 NFL Mock Draft Picks 11-20

February 4th 2010 23:07

Ok lets get right to it. Here are the next ten picks

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2010 NFL Mock Draft PIcks 1-10

February 4th 2010 21:53
Eric Berry

Its my second favorite time of the year (first being opening day in baseball for those who care about what it was), which is getting ready for the NFL draft! This is the time of year where I dig deep for my inner Mel Kiper to give my best insight on what I think is gonna happen in New York in April. Now this is using up to date Scouts Inc information on every one thats available now. Also I had to break it up into a couple parts because its so dang ole long. Let us Begin

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Noles Have An Excellent Signing Day.

February 3rd 2010 21:26
File photo by Scott Seighman Lamarcus Joyner has committed to Florida State.

Florida State had a great showing today finally signing four top ten defensive players in the nation. This was very important for Jimbo Fisher being that this is his first recruiting class since taking over for the great Bobby Bowden. The two biggest pieces were All American CB Lamarcus Joyner and fellow All American ILB Jeff Luc. Both were ranked 2nd in there position on College Football Team Recruiting Prospects. Getting Joyner signed was a great addition for the noles since they are losing Patrick Robinson to the NFL

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