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Pro Sports Wrap - by Sam Ruesler



Messed Up Place

January 18th 2013 19:48
I just want to say I love America and we are number 1, but we are so messed up. We have people that think this Gangam Style video is awesome; I had never heard of it until it become the most watched video EVER. So getting on youtube thinking its gonna be something sweet; I was so wrong and people are just stupid. Then you have people going around shooting others for no reason, the Kardashians, and Tim Tebow.

Now there is the Manti Te'o story. I really still don't know what really happend and don't really care either way. If he was part of it the whole way that says a lot about what kind of person he is. Who makes shit like this up to get publicity (that he would have gotten just from being a great football player)? The latest is that he was tricked but then played along with it after he found out. This also says something about him, but also the guy that did this to him (who also has done it before). Who does that kind of stuff to other people with no real benefit in the end?

Americans is the answer to these questions. We are one messed up society, in and out of sports. I don't know if other places in the world are like this. If so maybe it's unfortunate that the world did not end in December. Sports are my biggest passion and I just want to be able to enjoy watching them without someone talking about how messed up some of the athletes are. I don't really care. Being an American, I also have the habit of browsing through UK betting platforms and look out for a guide to uk betting on which open new betting avenues for bettors residing in UK. I just want to see basketball players dunking on people, baseball players crushing the ball or making a great diving play, football players making a great catch or a big hit, and soccer players scoring terrific goals. These are some signs for sports bettors too. If you’re a sports lover or a bettor, find the best odds tips available online from the community of sports betting experts. No more "inspiring" stories because you have ones ending in Lance Armstrong and Te'o.

Go Falcons!!!!

Dominant On D

November 22nd 2012 18:23

It's Turkey Day so everyone is stuffing their faces with lots of food and eyes with football. I haven't gotten to the food yet but at this moment enjoying big guys hit other big guys. It's tradition but I have no expantion on it; instead I have player of the week: Aldon Smith.

Yes, Kaepernick was a huge story in the Monday night win over Chicago, but Smith was all over the place. He came from the left, the right, up the middle, and around the outside for 5.5 sacks and 7 quarterback hits. Jason Cambell had no chance, and neither would have Cutler. Every play it seamed like number 99 was getting off of #2.

Smith could/should have won the Defensive Rookie of the Year last year, Von Miller is a beast too. Now he has shot himself into the Defensive MVP only in his second year. I have lived in Missouri my whole life so I'm a Mizzou fan, but I was surprised win the 49ers took him so high. They obviously knew something and are reaping the benefits. His 15 sacks lead the league ahead of previously mentions Miller, and he has added 3 forced fumbles. Can he be stopped? I don't think so.

Backup v Backup

November 20th 2012 18:31

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and that means turkey and football. Here are the highlights from the week before.

1) Ravens D Stops Pitt- Big Ben was out along with many other quarterbacks this week, and he may be the most important of them all. The defense is still good but not like in the past. The Ravens offense on the road is terrible so only 13 points wasn't a surprise, but their defense did step up against a backup quarterback. The question is can they do that against a legite starter?

2) Kaepernick Wins Battle of the Backups- The Bears faced another top team and defense in primetime and lost. Last week it was in the rain to Houston and this week the 49ers ran and threw all over them. Neither team relies on the QB to do a lot; they run the ball and play amazing defense. The only problem is that while San Fran was running the ball well and man handling the Chicago offense, the Bear's defense was getting pounded. Gore had a big day and Kaepernick looked amazing. QB controversy now in the bay area??

3) Saints Move to .500- Starting 0-4 is not a good sign, but winning 5 out of the next 6 is. Can New Orleans make a playoff push? It's going to be tough with Seattle and Chicago/Green Bay taking the wild card spots, and the division is over. Even if they don't make it, no one wants to face Drew Brees and that offense.

4) Falcons Bounce Back- Coming off the 1st loss of the season could Matty Ice and company make a statement? Well the QB could not, throwing 5 interceptions and no touchdowns. Ryan had never thrown more than 3. It was against the Cardinals who still have a good defense, but their offense is terrible and Atlanta took advantage. 9-1 and already in the playoffs, the Falcons still need to improve and be ready for January.

5) Pats Crush Colts- It was close at first with Luck driving Indy down the field for a couple of touchdowns. Then came the punt return and some interception returns for touchdowns. The Colts are a good story but not quite a real contender. They will still make the playoffs with a weak schedule outside of Houston, who looked really beatable. Now how will New England do with the absence of Gronk? What a fluke injury, oh well.

A Tie?

November 13th 2012 18:23

Another interesting week in the NFL. 3 QB's got knocked out of games with concussions, Adrian Peterson looks better than before his knee injury (still not 100%), and the Kansas City Chiefs finally had a lead in a game this year despite already having a win. The Jets continue to stink while Denver continues to roll, but here is what I really took away from Week 10.

1) Rams Tie 49ers- A divisional rivalry between a top team in the NFL and a bottom feeder that is looking more impressive, who would have thought Saint Louis could go into San Fran and win? Well they didn't, but they also didn't lose. It ended in the NFL's first tie in 4 years. Both teams had multiple chances to win the game; kicking let both teams down while coaching did help the Rams throughout (2 fake punts worked) but gave them a delay of game penalty with a timeout left. Ties suck for everyone; get rid of them.

2) Texans Down Bears- It was an ugly rainy game in Chicago. The Texans beat the Bears at their own game; the first offensive play was a fumble which they added another on top of Cutler's 2 interceptions. Shaub also threw 2 picks and obviously the rain had an effect on both teams. Houston continued to run the ball with Arian Foster and stopped the Bears from moving the ball at all. Both teams are really good, but the Texans are just better.

3) Falcons Finally Fall- Now 8-1, they still have the best record in the NFC. They lost on the road against a high power offense in the Saints, who now have won 4 in a row. Matt Ryan once again looked great, but they had no running game and are missing Weatherspoon on defense. Graham lit them up and so did the New Orleans running game. I don't think anyone expected a perfect season and its ok that they didn't get it. All that everyone is waiting for is a postseason victory. Shout out to Tonny Gonzalez for his 100th career touchdown, and also his 101st.

4) Bengals Crush Giants- What has happend to the New York Giants? This question should sound familiar; we all ask it at some point every year and it ends up not mattering. They have won 2 Super Bowls recently doing the exact same thing. The only real problem this year is that Eli has been struggling. Cincinnati had lost 4 in a row coming in and just destroyed the men in blue. It was shocking to me and New York better step it up because Dallas is right behind you.

5) Tampa Is Rolling- The Bucs have now won 3 in a row and 4 of their last 5 to get to a 5-4 record. Josh Freeman has looked more like himself from a couple of years again with the help of a big target in Vincent Jackson. They also have the "Muscle Hampster" in the backfield. Martin has had a great few weeks and is definitely in the Rookie of the Year conversation. Earlier in the year it was all about the coaches style (diving at Eli in the victory formation), but now its all about him getting them to win. The rest of their schedule is tough as they play Atlanta twice, Denver, New Orleans, and the improved Rams.

Barner Burns USC

November 7th 2012 17:58

Even after a couple of marks in the L column for USC, the matchup against Oregon last week was huge. The Ducks were easily the favorite though they were on the road, but it was still gonna be a tough challenge. I had to work so I recorded the game; there was so much speed and so many big plays that I watched it in 1 hour. USC racked up over 600 yards while Oregon added over 700.

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9 Down, 7 to Go

November 6th 2012 18:26

There weren't any great matchups to watch during the first wave of games on Sunday. Dolphins at Colts, who would have seen that as a big game and the best to watch? There was RG3 vs Cam but that really wasn't anything special. Even with it being a down week, we come away with some good story lines. The Eagles losing again is not one of them; they suck so lets move on.

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NBA Preview

November 2nd 2012 16:36

The NBA season started on Tuesday with the Heat defending their title against the rival Celtics. That game alone had plenty of storylines, and now add the early struggles of the new look Lakers. I use to hate the NBA because it wasn't really basketball. There was a lot of one on one play; there still is some but a lot less, and there is actual defense being played. This is why I have started getting back into it, though I still prefer college basketball (Go UNC).

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October 31st 2012 16:52

I know the NBA season started last night with the Heat defending their title, but I'll let more games go by to start on the season. Instead I've chosen a new player of the week. Normally they perform greatly and help their team win; this weeks winner is a little different.

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Half Way Home

October 30th 2012 17:26
Had a post typed up but the image wouldn't load, so I tried dragging it into the post but that messed it up. Instead of retyping the whole thing I'm just gonna give a short version of the NFL Week 8 highlights.

1) Falcons Move to 8-0 though most "experts" picked them to lose to the Eagles. Don't know why really

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Week 7 Brings It Again

October 23rd 2012 16:44

The NFL keeps us watching each week for many reasons; Week 7 did not disappoint. There were great games (Giants vs Redskins), injuries (Jones-Drew), and some great plays. Once again I went through all the excitement and picked out what I believed to be the biggest stories

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