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Pro Sports Wrap - Sports Personality of the Day:Tony Romo

Pro Sports Wrap - July 2008

Defining Athletes Through The Decades

Is Ken Griffey Jr. on one of your lists?
Over the past few days I have been reading and responding to a post on an Orble blog site that I subscribe to, put that together with watching a gathering of many of the greatest baseball hall of famers of all-time at the Major League Baseball All Star Game, and it gives me ideas. You see the post I was responding to was on , a site run by Mr. Nice Guy. It asked for one musical artist from each decade “that really stamped with authority on the era or simply personified the time.” So as I was watching a rather good All Star game I said, “why don’t you do the same thing, but with athletes?”

Click here to go respond to Mr. Nice Guy's music post

So here goes. . .

Your mission if your choose to accept it is to name the athletes that for you defined a decade. (Don't worry this post will not self-destruct in ten seconds, that would just be silly.) You can name people from any sport, or one from each sport you wish to list. Feel free to list any decades you want.

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Since my mind is stuck on baseball at the moment I will get the list started using the boys of summer.

Let’s say Babe Ruth owned the 1920s. Not many would argue that.
1930s – Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, Satchel Paige
1940s – Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Bob Feller
1950s – Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Yogi Berra, Warren Spahn
1960s – Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Sandy Koufax
1970s – Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Reggie Jackson, Steve Carlton, Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver
1980s – Cal Ripken, Jr., Rickey Henderson, Wade Boggs, Dwight Gooden, Roger Clemens
1990s – Ken Griffey, Jr. Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, (you can’t list one of the previous three without listing them all) Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez
2000s – Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, Curt Schilling, Randy Johnson

I know I listed a lot, but when I got to the end of the list I realized there were very few pitchers on it, so I went back and added at least one for each year. I also know I missed so many greats. This is where you come in, who is on your list? Again, not just baseball, but all sports in general.

If you care about ESPYs (Spoilers)

July 17th 2008 03:33
Here's this year's winners (the show airs Sunday on ESPN):

Male Athlete: Tiger Woods, golf

Female Athlete: Candace Parker, Tennessee and Los Angeles Sparks

Team: Boston Celtics

Coach-Manager: Pat Summitt, Tennessee women's basketball

Comeback: Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers

Breakthrough Athlete: Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings

Game: New York Giants defeat New England Patriots, Super Bowl

Record-breaking Performance: Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers

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Championship Performance: Tiger Woods, U.S. Open

Play: New York Giants QB Eli Manning's pass to David Tyree, Super Bowl

Moment: Central Washington's Mallory Holtman and Liz Wallace, Western Oregon's Sara Tucholsky for sportsmanship

Finish: Western Kentucky's Ty Rogers hitting buzzer beater to defeat Drake in first round of NCAA men's basketball tournament

Upset: New York Giants defeat New England Patriots, Super Bowl

Sports Movie: ``Semi-Pro''

Male College Athlete: Tim Tebow, Florida football

Female College Athlete: Candace Parker, Tennessee basketball

Women's Collegiate Team: Tennessee basketball

Male Action Sport Athlete: Shaun White, skateboarding/snowboarding

Female Action Sport Athlete: Gretchen Bleiler, snowboarding

Male Athlete With A Disability: Ryan Kocer, wrestling

Female Athlete With a Disability: Shay Oberg, softball

Male International Athlete: Rafael Nadal, tennis

Female International Athlete: Lorena Ochoa, golf

Baseball Player: Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

NBA Player: Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

WNBA Player: Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm

NFL Player: Tom Brady, New England Patriots

NHL Player: Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins

Bowler: Norm Duke

Driver: Jimmie Johnson

Fighter: Floyd Mayweather, boxing

Golfer: Tiger Woods

Jockey: Kent Desormeaux

MLS Player: David Beckham, Los Angeles Galaxy

Male Tennis Player: Roger Federer

Female Tennis Player: Maria Sharapova

Track and Field Athlete: Tyson Gay

Outdoor Athlete: Scott Smiley, mountain climber

Arthur Ashe Courage Award: John Carlos and Tommie Smith, 1968 Olympic medalists

Jimmy V ESPY for Perseverance: Kevin Everett, former Buffalo Bills tight end

Like Nothing Else Award: George Martin walks across America

Undeniable Moment: Warner Robins, Ga., defeats Tokyo to win Little League World Series on Dalton Carriker's walk-off homer in extra innings

Tennis Girls Gone Wild

July 17th 2008 03:00
If you can’t be known for your tennis, you might as well be known for something. Well, that’s kind of the motto for Ashley Harkleroad who will appear in the August edition of Playboy magazine, which hits newsstands on Friday.

Twenty-three-year-old tennis player Ashley Harkleroad will appear nude in the August edition of Playboy Magazine, which hits the newsstands on Friday
True tennis fans will know who Harkleroad is. She is an 8-year pro from the United States, consistently ranked in the Top 100, but has no wins on the WTA Tour. Because of that, the casual tennis fan may have never heard of the 23-year old. Maybe because of the talent of the women’s game, she never did reach her full potential as she was once supposed to be one of the hottest young stars around.

Interesting to note that she is the first tennis star to ever pose for the magazine. But several prominent athletes have posed in the past, including Katarina Witt and Gabrielle Reese among others.

Being a family-friendly site, we won’t be able to show the photos here, but rest assured, come Friday I’m sure they will make there way to the World Wide Web somehow. The question is, will this really help Playboy or Harkleroad? To me, getting someone like Maria Sharapova would help Playboy, but not Sharapova. I think this one is going to help Harkleroad more than it helps Playboy, at least in terms of name recognition, and maybe it helps her establish a career beyond tennis. After all, her career in tennis is going nowhere.

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A.L. Continues All Star Dominance 4-3 in 15 Inning Marathon

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The dream is over

July 15th 2008 00:27
Tiffany Michelle had a chance to be the first woman to win the World Series of Poker mian event, and perhaps the yougest player to win it. But it wasn't to be. She was eliminated in 17th place.

She was in 4th place to start the day but quickly dwindled to the bottom half of the field continuing to see flops and play aggresive poker. But today the rest of the players were kind of tight, and so when they had hands they tended to go all in. Michelle lost quite a few chips this way, raising then folding to all-in bets

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Down to 27 in WSOP

July 14th 2008 08:41
Sorry for the lack of updates over the last few rounds of the World Series of Poker main event, internet connection has been in and out. As it is now, I'm on a borrowed connection.

But the tournament has finally reached the final 27 and they will go at it today until they get down to nine,then take a vacation to November

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The Packers Will Not Release Brett Favre

Brett Favre's hand has now been forced. They won't release him.
The Green Bay Packers have let it be known that they won’t give up Favre for nothing in return. They announced they will not release him just a day after they received a letter from Brett’s agent requesting his release. Packers GM Ted Thompson said, “We have communicated to Brett, that we have since moved forward. At the same time, we’ve never said that there couldn’t be some role that he might play here.” Even though the Associated Press reported Favre’s only role with the team would be as a back-up Thompson later disputed that fact saying, “It’s not accurate. We don’t know what role that would be. He can come back as an active member of the Green Bay Packers.” He also would not field any questions about the team possibly trading Favre, other than to say he had not received in calls from other teams interested in Brett.

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It Is No Longer Just Rumor

Brett Favre is now looking to leave the Frozen Tundra behind. Could he end up in another team in a cold climate? Chicago, the domes in Detroit, or Minnesota?
Brett Favre’s agent James Cook sent a letter overnight to the Green Bay Packers from Favre requesting his unconditional release from the team. This comes after a conference call on Tuesday between Favre, Cook, and Packers general manager Ted Thompson, and head coach Mike McCarthy

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Tony Stewart Will be Released from Joe Gibbs Racing Contract

Tony Stewart is moving on to Stewart Haas Racing.

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Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles Winners List Page 3

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Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles Winners List Page 2

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Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles Winners List (Last updated 7-8-08)

Rafa holding his Wimbledon trophy. (Image: T.Hindley)

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Beijing Olympic Gardens Pictures

July 7th 2008 10:51
A friend sent me some pictures of the Beijing Olympic Gardens. There are some amazing features. I do not know who to credit with these pictures, but thank you for sharing them with the world whoever you are.

What do you think of the Olympic Gardens in Beijing

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NASCAR Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway

Kyle Busch won his 6th race of the season at Daytona this week.

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The beast leaves his mark on WSOP

July 7th 2008 08:19
There was something obviously eerie when the final numbers for Day 4 (or 1D) of the main event of the World Series of Poker were announced.
In all, 6,844 players entered, that made first place worth over $9,000,000, while the top eight all cash over $1,000,000. But in all 666 players will cash. Creepy.
Seriously, who cares if she can play poker or not. Still, Shannon Elizabeth can, and survives Day 1 at the WSOP

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Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Finals - #1 Roger Federer vs. #2 Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal hoists his new trophy.

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Wimbledon Day 13 - Gentlemen's Final

Roger Federer Rafael Nadal image
Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal face-off today in their third straight Wimbledon Final.

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As to be expected, Day 3 (or 1C) of the main event at the World Series of Poker was interesting for not just the play and who all climbed to the top, but who all climbed out.
I honeslty wish I could have seen a lot more of the action than I did, as this looked like some of the best poker yet. That hopefully means that Sunday will be superb.
Saturday's eliminated list is a small who’s who of poker. Huck Seed, TJ Cloutier, Daniel Aleai, Gavin Griffin, Mike Sexton, Mimi, Tran, Joe Tehan, JC Tran, Paul Darden, Marcel Luske, Tony G, David Plastik just to name a few

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Sorry about the lack of updates from the World Series of Poker last night. Something came up and it became difficult to pay attention to the happenings at the Rio.
In fact it will be hard to pay attention today as well, but I should be able to give a day’s end recap.
Really yesterday’s play looked like it slowed down and the leader Ben finished the day with 177,500, quite a ways behind the first day’s leader, but still a nice amount. I think a lot of this has to do with the quality of play on Friday

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NASCAR Coke Zero 400 powered by Coca-Cola from Daytona International Speedway

Paul Menard will start from the pole in the Coke 400 at Daytona.

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Wimbledon Day 12 Schedule – Ladies’ Finals

Due to something coming up I won’t be able to preview the Williams – Williams match like I had hope to, but here we go with the very abbreviated version.

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Federer – Nadal Three is Set

Marat Safin didn’t have a good day right from the start, his very first service was broken, and Roger Federer dominated the first set, winning 6-3. He did much better in the second set, for most of it. It went to a tie-break which Fed then won 7-3. In the third set Safin completed his meltdown. During the 5-4 changeover he bounced his racquet off the court, then smashed it again on his way back to the chair. He would receive a code of conduct violation. Federer would finish off the set in the next game, 6-4. It was Fed’s 65th consecutive win on grass, and sets up a third straight Wimbledon final against Rafa Nadal. Safin’s run ends in England after an overachieving road into the semis

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Day 1B seems to be much looser and tougher than 1A of the main event at the World Series of Poker. Not even an hour into the day, several stacks were above 40,000. Some of the best players are gone, including Daniel Negreanu at the feature table, who saw his set of sixes fall to a set of nines, Ted Forrest, and Andy Black.
A few others have taken early hits, including Jamie Gold, Kenny Tran, and Greg Raymer, but are surviving.
I can easily see the tournament winner coming from this group. To survive today is going to take a miracle just because of some of the aggressive play

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Wimbledon Day 11 Schedule – Gentlemen’s Semi-Finals

Could Safin make it through to face Rafa in the finals?

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Williams vs. Williams it is.

Top: Venus Williams (Image J. Finney) will face sister Bottom: Serena Williams (Image: V Doney) in the Finals at Wimbledon, again.

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WSOP main even day 1A is over

July 4th 2008 08:23
The day finally came to an end and there is still a small buzz about one hand. It was the ultimate bad beat.
Justin Phillips took down Motoyuki Mabuchi with a royal flush. Certainly royal flushes are going to happen in a tournament, so why all the buzz? Mabuchi had quad aces. Talk about a sick way to go out.
I’m curious to figure out what Josh Arieh went out on. He got into a nice pot, and maybe he felt pot-committed as the board showed 2, J, and Q of spades along with 6 of diamonds and 7 of hearts. When the 7 came, Arieh’s opponent fired 10K, and Arieh eventually called, putting him all in…and gone. His opponent only had a pair of jacks. I thought at first that maybe Arieh though that the opponent was chasing, missed and fired. But his opponent kept betting it right the whole way: info seeking bet on the flop, then aggressive on the next two. Maybe Josh was confused. I have a feeling he had pocket 10s or 9s and honestly thought his opponent was chasing. Just a bad read by a quality player

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Can't stand ya...

July 4th 2008 02:25
It looks like the final entry count for Day 1 of the World Series of Poker Main Event will be about 1300. That’s huge, and it’s just Day 1. The players have gone to dinner. We’ll update at the end of the day, but it’s been a short run for many hopefuls already and several more will fall before the night is over.
Jason Alexander was eliminated from the Main event on the opening day.

Jason Alexander is eliminated with pocket As. Pocket As seem to be getting cracked quite a bit early today but since we can’t see all the hands, it’s hard to tell what percentage that happened. As the night moved on, the As seemed to be holding their own

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Pros going down

July 3rd 2008 23:59
Over 1,300 on the first day. Nice. The official tally will be up soon, I think, as we are at the end of the second level (players can buy in until the end of the second level). Again it’s going to be a great accomplishment for whomever wins this, and it won’t be easy, as some of the eliminations show.
Another pro leaves as David Benyamine goes down on a tough hand, losing his AJ to pocket As when the board showed both an A and J. Benyamine had four cashes in this year’s WSOP, including a bracelet in event 37, $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo.
Freddy Deeb is out, dropping his pocket 7s to pocket Queens and a board that helped neither. Not a good day for Deeb, who never had much of a stack. Not a great WSOP for the two-time bracelet winner, who only cashed one time this year with an 80th place finish in a $1500 No Limit Hold 'Em event

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Shuffle up and Deal

July 3rd 2008 21:57
The World Series of Poker is finally underway and at the first break on Day 1A, which basically means they’ve hit the end of the first level.
Among some of the notable names participating in the first day are Dan Harrington, Scotty Nguyen , Josh Arieh, Barry Greenstein, Jason Lester, Jason Alexander (actor), Ray Romano, Paul Wasicka, Freddy Deeb, and Tuan Lam, the 2007 runner up.
There’s plenty more, but those are just a handful. No word yet on the total number of entries, but of note is that at the break, Svetlana Gromenkova, a top femael player from Russia, is among the early chip leaders at about 51,000

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Wimbledon Day 10 Schedule – Ladies’ Semi-Finals

Can my prediction of a Dementieva - Zheng finals happen?

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Wimbledon Gentlemen's Quarter-Finals - Here Comes the Rain

Top Left: Roger Federer (Image: T. Hindley) will play Bottom Left: Marat Safin (Image: J. Finney), while Top Right: Rafa Nadal (Image: T. Hindley) will have to wait to see if he will play Bottom Right: Rainer Schuettler or Arnaud Clement in the Semi-Finals.

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Wimbledon Day 9 Schedule – The Men Take Centre Stage, and Court

The first match on Centre Court today is Roger Federer against Mario Ancic. Both men can play down the fact that Ancic was the last to defeat Federer on grass in 2002, but the fact remains. Federer has dominated the Croat since then, beating him five times, including a straight set win two years ago on this very court. Certainly there is a great chance that Roger Federer will win today, but there is that possibility of an upset since he is the last person to figure out how to beat him on grass. I think Federer will prevail, in my opinion the question is how much will Ancic take out of him as he heads into the semi-finals, and will it be enough to make it a little easier for Marat Safin to beat him. (That sort of gives away my next pick.)

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Wimbledon Ladies’ Quarter-Finals Results

Top Left: Jie Zheng (Image: A. Grant), will play Bottom Left: Serena Williams (Image: V Doney), while Top Right: Elena Dementieva (Image: A. Niedrunghaus) will face Bottom Right: Venus Williams (Image: T. Hindley)

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World Series of Poker time

July 2nd 2008 08:27
Thursday morning thousands of wanna-be millionaires will sit down around some green felt in hopes of winning the main event at the World Series of Poker.
It’s a event that has grown from just a handful of players playing on one day when it started years back to close to 10,000 players sitting down for an event that begins Thursday and ends in four months…literally.

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Wimbledon Ladies’ Round 4 Results

I am not sure just how it happened, but I managed to pick the #2, and the #4 women being upset. The only part I got wrong in those two picks was Tamarine Tanasugarn only needing two sets to down Jelena Jankovic. Agnieszka Radwanska fought hard to win her three set match against #4 Svetlana Kuznetsova. It is a shame she is already mentally beaten by Serena Williams before the match even starts.

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Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Round 4 Results

Lleyton Hewitt made Roger Federer work a little bit for his three set win on Monday. My pick of four sets was just a little off. Mario Ancic not only made it through, but took five sets to do it as I picked, winning the final set 13-11. Marat Safin also made it through as I expected, he needed four sets to do it, I picked three. It took five sets, but Feliciano Lopez upset #10 Marcos Baghdatis. I was totally wrong with that pick.

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The men have day eight off. The remaining eight women will be playing for the second straight day.

On Centre Court will be the highest ranked woman left in the tournament, Elena Dementieva against fellow Russian Nadia Petrova. I think Dementieva gets through to the semis with a straight set win today.

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