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Pro Sports Wrap - by Sam Ruesler

Player of the Week

October 3rd 2012 17:24

45-51 (88.2%), 656 yards, and 8 touchdowns; that are the stats for West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith, last week! That's a 3 game stat line that he just decided to do all in one day. The 45 completions, 656 passing yards, and 8 passing td's are all school records. Smith also added 31 rushing yards on 5 attempts making a school record for total yards as well.

The 6-3 Senior out of Miami is having a season for the ages. Over 83% of his passes this year have found their target, while 20 have been for scores and 0 to the other team. Add the 1728 passing yards (10.23 per attempt) and you get a quarterback rating of a ridiculous 208.4. Can anyone say Heisman? There's a whole lot of people in Morgantown screaming it.

Everytime the stat line from Saturday's win over Baylor came across the bottem of ESPN I just laughed. I just couldn't believe it, and Geno had to do it because his defense gave up 63 points. This week will be a much bigger test as he leads his #8 Mountaineers into Austin to face #11 Texas. The Longhorns have the best defense in the Big 12 and will look to get after Smith in the backfield. They have not played quite up to expectations though, so now would be a great time to prove their worth by stopping/limiting the Heisman frontrunner.

Rich to Broke

September 13th 2012 17:20

4 Years $100 million, when you see this you automatically think of a contract for some sort of professional athlete. That is a lot of money. Do athletes deserve to make so much? That can be, has been, and will continue to be debated. I'm not going to do that though. The only reason that bothers me is because I love sports and am jealous. Who wouldn't want to play a game they love and make enough to live many lifetimes?

What pisses me off are the athletes who end up filing for bankruptcy. I mean how do you spend/lose all that money? They do it in a short amount of time; it's not like they are on their deathbed spending the last dollar. Gambling and child support are a few of the excuses players have had, but that don't matter; it all falls under the umbrella of stupidity.

"Money changes you." Well since I don't make millions and probably never will, I can say it wouldn't change me. Yea I'd buy some nice things, like a big house and a nice car. I'd go on some nice vacations too, but I don't think I could ever spend $100 million plus. If I won say $5 million, that would be plenty for the rest of my life. After a house and car what big purchases are there? Nothing really unless you get those in multiple which no one needs. I mentioned vacations; $50 grand would make a amazing vacation for 5 people.

I can see spending some of the money stupidly but all of it? I guess a lot of the ones that do go bankrupt probably didn't go to college or at least didn't finish. The amount of money made by athletes is ridiculous and plenty to have an amazing lifestyle and support your friends and family. It's pretty simple; just don't be an idiot and continue to be a freak athlete for my entertainment.

Sports Betting Spot

November 3rd 2011 04:51
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Even though the website is all about betting on sports games, there are still some features that have nothing to do with betting. There are articles about news updates from around the sporting world, and you can always check out their scores and schedule to see if your favorite team is playing and how they did in their last game. In any case, this is the place to be for those of you who bet on sporting events, and their over 1,000 likes on Facebook speaks for itself. If you are looking for the best websites to place your bets on, Sports Betting Spot has reviews for sportsbooks.

Sports Betting Online

August 3rd 2011 18:00
Recently, I came across a website called Sports Betting Online. At first, I thought it was just another one of those gambling websites that seemed sketchy. But when I first went on to their site, my first impression was proved totally wrong; and it was a good kind of wrong.

I'm not a fan of actually betting on games, but what does interest me is stories- like those rise and fall archetypes- about people in history who bet on games. This website has book and movie reviews about such events in history, and they are very detailed in their reviews.

For instance, their movie review of "Two for The Money" is very well written. It is unbiased and filled with useful information about the film, as well as facts and mini-bios for the two main actors. Checking out this website on sports betting is worth your time.

2002 Darryl Kile is found dead in his hotel room before a Route 66 rivalry game. The Cardinals pitcher's tragic death still brings a tear to my eyes today.

1926 Grover Cleveland Alexander was picked off of waivers by the Cardinals from the Cubs. The pitcher was 39 at the time

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2010 Orble Sport Awards

January 2nd 2011 16:15
I just want to thank everybody that posts on Orble and comments on other blogs. The guys that drop in and comment/read/vote on my blog are really important to me and this website. These awards were viewer's choice, so there really shouldn't be any big snubs. There were two ties, and I gave the person that won the least amount of awards the tiebreaker. However, I did list both people that were tied. At the end of the main awards, I will list everybody who received votes. Thanks guys for an amazing 2010! Let's keep it up and move ahead better in 2011!

Overall Blog: Pro Sports Wrap

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Top Menu Section

August 2nd 2006 08:12
MindSports Football Trivia
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