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Pro Sports Wrap - by Sam Ruesler

Pro Sports Wrap - October 2012


October 31st 2012 16:52

I know the NBA season started last night with the Heat defending their title, but I'll let more games go by to start on the season. Instead I've chosen a new player of the week. Normally they perform greatly and help their team win; this weeks winner is a little different.

Name: Marcus Lattimore

Position: RB South Carolina
Year: Junior

He was one of the top running backs in the nation the moment he stepped on the South Carolina campus; having a good running back in the SEC is very important. He showed why the Gamecocks wanted him, by running for over 1,100 yards and 17 touchdowns. His 2nd year was going just as well until an injury ended his year. Lattimore came back this year ready to go and helping his team off to a fast start. After a couple of losses it was time to face Tennessee. Though the short losing streak was over, it wasn't time to celebrate.

The season once again ended for Marcus, this time with an injury that no one wants to watch happen again. All the players and coaches from both teams surrounded him on the field, showing their respect for such a great player and person. You could see the emotions on everyone's face, and you heard the respect from NFL players and opposing coaches. What he has done in a short time in Columbia makes everyone hope for his return to the field. A crunching hit on the leg also happend to Willis McGahee while he was at the U; maybe Lattimore will call him up and be back next year banging his way against SEC defenses or in the NFL.

Half Way Home

October 30th 2012 17:26
Had a post typed up but the image wouldn't load, so I tried dragging it into the post but that messed it up. Instead of retyping the whole thing I'm just gonna give a short version of the NFL Week 8 highlights.

1) Falcons Move to 8-0 though most "experts" picked them to lose to the Eagles. Don't know why really.

p.s- "Matty Ice" is baller.

2) Bears Survive Panthers with last second filed goal. Cutler chased defender after pick on 2 point try (dumb).

3) Packers Outlast Jags who didn't have Jones-Drew and are the worse team in the NFL. Green Bay is still really good though.

4) Broncos Are 2nd Best in AFC. Peyton is MVP candidate, Thomas is a stud wideout, McGahee can still run, and their defense is awesome shutting down Drew Brees.

Week 7 Brings It Again

October 23rd 2012 16:44

The NFL keeps us watching each week for many reasons; Week 7 did not disappoint. There were great games (Giants vs Redskins), injuries (Jones-Drew), and some great plays. Once again I went through all the excitement and picked out what I believed to be the biggest stories.

1) Texans Dominate Ravens- Terrell Suggs was back for the depleted Baltimore defense, but he wasn't at 100%. He had a good game but wasn't even close to being enough against Houston. Last week they got housed in their own house by Green Bay. This week they did the housing by winning 43-13 and holding Joe Flacco to a QB rating of 0.3. The Texans defense showed up again adding a safety and a interception for touchdown from Johnathan Joseph. The NFL is an update league so here's an update since last week; Houston is still really really good.

2) Pats Survive Jets in OT- Last week the Patriots squandered a lead against Seattle leading to a 3-3 record. This week they tried to do it again against the Jets. How do you let Mark Sanchez look like Joe Montana out there? New England won in extra time some how but that defense needs a lot of work. Tom Brady still good but not looking great. Instead of leading a game winning touchdown drive in regulation or in OT, Brady only got them to a field goal. It was good enough as Sanchez was sacked and fumbled to end it. The Patriots' defense won them the game? No, but who did?

3) Arizona Loses Again as Vikings Keep Rolling- The Cardinals started the season 4-0 and had one of the best defenses in the league. The defense is still there, but the W's have disappeared. Sunday's loss to Minnesota made it 3 in a row and brought Arizona to 4-3. On the other side the Vikings continue to pile up the victories. Now 5-2 they are 2nd in the NFC North behind the Bears and in front of the Packers. Ponder was terrible (58 yards) but their defense was good once again (Int for touchdown) and Adrian Peterson looks back to top form. Will Arizona continue to fall in a tough division? Probably. Will the Vikings stay strong in another tough division? Probably not, watch out for Green Bay.

4) 2 In a Row For the Saints- Just the opposite of Arizona's start is what New Orleans has done; with their 2nd win in a row they move to 2-4. Tampa Bay didn't go away quietly on Sunday though. If it wasn't for Vincent Jackson having large feet and another receiver running out of bounds, overtime would have been calling. A win is a win though and the Saints aren't in a strong division, outside of the only unbeaten left in Atlanta (had a by this week). Bad news though is that their defense is still absolutely terrible and Jimmy Graham did not play this week, will he next week? I hope so (on my fantasy team). Can New Orleans make the playoffs somehow? No

5) Chris Johnson Busts Out- Where has the speadster in Tennessee been the past year and a half? That is the question tons of Titan fans and fantasy owners have been asking. He finally showed up Sunday with 2 tds on 195 yards including a 83 yard score. He Chris Johnson back or was it just a fluke against a terrible Buffalo defense? Like I said before, this is and update league so I guess we'll find out in 2 weeks against Chicago (next week is the Colts).

Playoff Broadcast

October 19th 2012 22:56

The MLB Playoffs have been great once again. Games and series have been filled with excitement, outside of the Yankees showing against the Detroit Tigers. Even with October shining on us, there has been a problem for me and that has to do with part of the television broadcasts.

There are no more games on TBS thankfully. They show the "k zone", or whatever you want to call it, the whole game. First of all I've never liked it on any broadcast. Having watched tons of baseball over the years I know what a strike and a ball look like. I don't need an extra visual for that, especially one that is way off. It never adjusted the size of the strike zone, which should change for each batter unless they are all the same height. What makes it worse is that every umpire has a different strike zone so this it just makes viewers frustrated with what are shown as blown calls. It's easy to tell by just watching the game if the call was wrong. Get rid of this stupid, useless visual.

They other problem with the broadcasts for the MLB playoffs started last year and is really only on FOX. The spot of the camera is different in different stadiums but gives pretty much the same view, from centerfield into the catcher. This gives a perfect view of the pitch, its location, and the batters swing. Well FOX thought it would be a great idea to show the game from behind homeplate. This isn't a problem if it would just be on replays, but it isn't. For random pitches the broadcast switches to this view, where you can't tell where the pitch is at, and if the batter hits it you don't know how hard or where the ball is going until they switch to a different camera.

I know these are little problems and some people may like them, but I have no idea why they would. I just want to see the excitement from a view that shows me what is going on and without a visual that implies that I'm an idiot and have never watched basbeall. Outside of that I'm happy; Yankees are out and Cardinals look like they will be playing in their 4th World Series in the last 9 years. Still love October.

Crazy Week 6

October 16th 2012 18:24

The NFL season has already seen some crazy moments, and Week 6 didn't change from that at all. Many different things will be talked about all week so I'm just going to jump right into my top stories

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Loving October

October 15th 2012 17:35

October 26, 2011, I'm still living with my parents and it just happens to be Game 6 of the World Series between my beloved St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers. 1 Strike away from series being over and a parade down in Texas. It was an ugly game throughout so hard to watch, but now its late in the evening and I can't watch for other reasons. Then all of a sudden David Freese, aka The Big Chill, drives one deep to right; I have my finger on the button ready to change the channel if the ball is caught. It never was and I jumped around like crazy waking my parents up. Moments later I'm hit right in the heart again by Josh Hamilton's first home run in forever, but then Lance Berkman copies Freese and extends my hopes and dreams even farther. Yes, once again I woke my parents up and again when #23 walked it off

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Swatter of the Week

October 10th 2012 16:11

6'5, 295 lbs of get after the ball and quarterback; that is the definition of J.J. Watt. The Texans defensive end is just a flat out beast. His 8.5 sacks on the year are tops in the NFL, while he also has deflected/batted down/swatted 8 passes at the line of scrimmage. He had 3 of them in the Monday night win over the Jets to push Houston to 5-0. One of his deflections was the play of the game as it led to an interception as Mark Sanchez was trying to put it into the endzone.

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Week 5 in the NFL

October 9th 2012 17:33

Baseball playoffs have started and there have been some great games, but it is still football season. Sunday is dominated on the gridiron so missing the Stl Cardinals blow game 1 was ok with me; I did get to see them destroy in game 2 though. So what were the great moments from Week 5 in the NFL? Well it started Thursday night.

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20 Long Years

October 4th 2012 16:59

The baseball regular season is now over. It was exciting with all the Perfect Games and No Hitters, plus Josh Hamilton's 4 homerun game. Also Miguel Cabrera completed the first Triple Crown since 1967. Will he win the MVP though?There was also controversy in Washington with sitting Strasburg as the team is fighting for a World Series ring.

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Player of the Week

October 3rd 2012 17:24

45-51 (88.2%), 656 yards, and 8 touchdowns; that are the stats for West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith, last week! That's a 3 game stat line that he just decided to do all in one day. The 45 completions, 656 passing yards, and 8 passing td's are all school records. Smith also added 31 rushing yards on 5 attempts making a school record for total yards as well.

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Another Week to Remember

October 2nd 2012 20:41

With the real officials back everything was back to normal. Not every call was made but that was expected, and at least the ball was placed in the right spot every time and games didn't take forever. For the first time ever players embraced the officials while the fans cheered up until the first flag against the home team. A lot went on, including the Rams equalling their win total from last year and the Vikings staying on top in the NFC North at 3-1. Those were just a few of the stories from the NFL in week and here is what I took away from it.

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Molina Equals MVP

October 1st 2012 23:15

Being a huge Stl Cardinals I'm probably extremely bias here, but I don't care. Yadier Molina should be the NL MVP. He definitely is the most important. The team is totally different without him in there. Best defensive player in all of baseball; he has the best arm and handles the pitching staff perfectly.

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