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Pro Sports Wrap - Sports Personality of the Day:Patrick Marleau

10/2011 Top 20 Players on the Patriots

October 12th 2011 13:48
1. QB Tom Brady
2. LG Logan Mankins
3. LB Jerod Mayo
4. CB Devin McCourty
5. WR Wes Welker
6. DT Vince Wilfork
7. C Dan Koppen
8. TE Rob Gronkowski
9. CB Leigh Bodden
10. RT Sebastian Vollmer
11. DE Andre Carter
12. TE Aaron Hernandez
13. LT Matt Light
14. LB Brandon Spikes
15. RG Brian Waters
16. DT Albert Haynesworth
17. RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis
18. RT Nate Solder
19. CB Ras-I Dowling
20. C Dan Connolly


9/2011 QB Rankings

September 29th 2011 18:27
1. Aaron Rodgers- The NFL's version of The Machine
2. Tom Brady- Look past the four picks; he owned the Bills
3. Drew Brees- He rips up secondaries
4. Peyton Manning- MVP
5. Philip Rivers- Repeat after me: 4,700
6. Tony Romo- Kevlar baby
7. Ben Roethlisberger- Can't believe dude got married
8. Michael Vick- He ain't whining, the complaints are legit
9. Eli Manning- Peter Keating has it right; Eli is underrated
10. Matt Ryan- Matty Ice is melting
11. Matt Schaub- This guy
12. Joe Flacco- QBR has him as the best QB, why is this a bad stat again? Oh yeah, cause Brady's been better

13. Josh Freeman- The reason why the Bucs don't suck
14. Matthew Stafford- He's fo real
15. Jay Cutler- How many hits does he have to take? Memo to Bears' line: Get your hands out of your ass and get to work!
16. Kevin Kolb- Levi Brown is his worst enemy, but at least he has a BFF in Fitzgerald
17. Ryan Fitzpatrick- Who said the smart guys can't play ball?
18. Sam Bradford- If only he had receivers....
19. Cam Newton- Disappointing against the Jags
20. Colt McCoy- West Coast we mash up!
Have you seen his line?

I like to try to come up with questions that I don't currently have an answer for, and then I just start investigating and trying to come up with an answer. With all the great passing performances going on right now, you could argue that having a shutdown corner like Revis makes all the difference in the world. You, in a sense, take out the opposing quarterback's best weapon and are able to handcuff about 70 yards or so from an offense.

There is actually another question that I need to tackle first: who is the best shutdown corner in the game? Although quarterbacks are less likely to throw it at Nnamdi Asomugha, Revis is younger and is a slightly better corner overall. And oh by the way, he offers far more than Nnamdi in run support. It actually doesn't matter as to which corner you prefer, because either way, Nnamdi or Revis could be the best player in the league.

Cornerbacks aren't only matched up against the wide receiver, they are also facing the quarterback. Think about it, it's really not a fair matchup in a corner and receiver duel. Sure the corner can shut down the receiver, but great quarterbacks can put it in spots where only the receiver can get it. That Madden quote was easily evident in the Super Bowl. Did you see some of those throws Aaron Rogers got by Ike Taylor? And Taylor is one of the best ten cornerbacks in the NFL.

The fact that Revis is able to beat two player- and both are usually stars- is quite remarkable in itself. What's more amazing is that he completely elevates the Jets defense. Revis is by far the team's most important player, because the Jets can get away with having no true pass rushers. Rex Ryan can send out all the men he wants to in his elaborate blitzing schemes, because he knows that Revis has his back. Like, there really aren't many other teams who can blitz two defensive backs and still feel safe.

In fantasy football, great running backs are taken so high because of value. There aren't many shutdown corners in the NFL, maybe five or so, and guys like Nnamdi and Revis are the only players who can truly completely take another star player out of the game. This may be hard to believe, but these corners also beat quarterbacks. When was the last time you saw a quarterback have success throwing it at Revis? There's a reason why passers usually don't throw it at him, and that Tony Romo pick was evidence.

While it may seem a radical idea at first, Darrelle Revis may actually be the best player in the NFL. I would personally take Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady over him, but I would agree that Revis is the third best NFL player right now. With Brady and Rodgers, those guys provide so much value that it isn't possible for them not to be the two best players in the league, and quarterbacks do have the highest WPA totals in the league (for the most part).
3rd best NFL player

8/2011 QB Rankings

August 24th 2011 14:50
1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Peyton Manning
3. Tom Brady
4. Drew Brees
5. Philip Rivers
6. Tony Romo
7. Ben Roethlisberger
8. Matt Ryan
9. Michael Vick
10. Matt Schaub
11. Eli Manning
12. Joe Flacco
13. Josh Freeman
14. Jay Cutler
15. Matthew Stafford
16. Kyle Orton
17. Matt Cassel
18. Sam Bradford
19. Kevin Kolb
20. Colt McCoy
21. Mark Sanchez
22. Donovan McNabb
23. Ryan Fitzpatrick
24. David Garrard
25. Jason Campbell
26. Chad Henne
27. Alex Smith
28. Matt Hasselbeck
29. John Beck
30. Tavaris Jackson
*Rookies Not Included
Not Overrated

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