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Pro Sports Wrap - Sports Personality of the Day:Tony Romo

Tony Pashos Player Profile

December 9th 2011 15:23
Cleveland Browns right tackle Tony Pashos is an injury prone offensive lineman who is slightly above-average when he is healthy. Pashos has been the second best player on the team's offensive line this season, as he has been one of only two players who have helped keep Colt McCoy's jersey clean. Pashos, however, has never been lauded for his pass protection, and this is the only season in which he has been good as a pass blocker. In fact, Pashos has been tearing it up and is the team's best pass protector this season- even better than Joe Thomas. However, Pashos's run blocking has been poor, making him "only" slightly above-average on the year. He is much better than backups Oniel Cousins and Artis Hicks, so Browns fans can't really complain too much about his 2011 season.

Pashos gives up minimal pressure and is one of the only players on offense who has provided some value. The Browns are an above-average pass blocking team and a poor run blocking team overall, which makes them an average line overall. The team averages a high 4.9 yards per carry off the right tackle, but they average an atrocious, league-worst 0.4 carries off the right end. In any case, Pashos is not going to mistaken as one of the premier run blockers in the NFL for this season.

The weird thing is that Tony Pashos's 2011 season is actually the exact opposite of what we have come to expect from him. He has been an incredible pass blocker this season, but he has left a lot to be desired as a run blocker. However, he has usually been one of the better run blockers in the league, and, by the same token, a poor pass blocker. He is a decent offensive lineman overall, but this has truly been a bizarre season for Pashos. He was cut from a couple of teams in his career because of his poor pass protection, but he was always able to find a starting job somewhere because of his ability to pave the way for running backs. This season, he has been almost perfect in pass protection but has been overrun as a run blocker.

Colt McCoy is a quarterback who is significantly better when not pressured, and he is definitely happy that Pashos has had this weird 2011 season. In fact, he has been one of the top five best pass-blocking tackles in the NFL. Run blocking is more important, in truth, so he has "only" been decent overall. Some things don't change, as Pashos is still a quality right tackle who can step right in and be a huge upgrade over bottom-feeders (Hicks and Cousins). Pashos can also speak Greek and German, which means that he is a boss. I mean, how many other trilingual players are there in the NFL today?


11/2011 Team Scope: Cleveland Browns

November 20th 2011 18:09
The Cleveland Browns are clearly the worst team in their division, and their 3-6 record reflects a poor team filled with enormous holes on offense. Although their defense is actually quite good, their offense more than drags down all the good their defense does. You can't win if you can't score, and this truism rings true when examining the Cleveland Browns roster.

Colt McCoy is pretty much as average as you can get at quarterback, and he basically has no help. All of his receivers are below-average, even if the two tight ends on the roster are decent. That's not really enough, and rookie Greg Little just can't get to the ball. When Little does, he makes plays by forcing missed tackles, but the main job of a receiver is to actually make the catch. The numbers below show us a poor receiver overall, and it's pathetic that he's their best receiver on offense.

Greg Little 2011: 10.2 YPR, 5.8 YPT, 56.9% CR that somehow leads players with at least 30 targets on the team.

Say what you want about Montario Hardesty, but Chris Ogbonnaya is a far cry from what Peyton Hillis was able to do last year. Say what you want about the Madden cover guy, but he's far better than one of the least elusive backs in the NFL. Ogbonnaya has been nothing short of atrocious thus far, as his 3.7 YPC, -10.7 EPA, and 28.6% SR will tell you.

The offensive line has been thoroughly unimpressive this year, and only Joe Thomas has been legitimately playing well. He is having a down year by his standards, but he's still played good football this season. Center Alex Mack hasn't been completely healthy and is also having a poor year by his standards, but Mack has still been able to perform at about a league-average rate. Right tackle Tony Pashos has been his usual self; great in pass protection, but league-average overall due to his inability to block for the running back.

No, the problem with the Browns offensive line play lies in their guards. Jason Pinkston has easily been the worst guard in the NFL this season, and his backup Artis Hicks give us a new meaning of the word "inept". Their right guard is a JAG, and I'm just going to leave it at that. When Pashos went down, the Browns were forced to play Oniel Cousins as their starting right tackle. Let's just say that Colt needs to thank Pashos for his return, because the drop off between those two in pass protection is immense; Cousins basically gives up free sacks.

If you stuck around to read through the negative first half of this post, you will soon be rewarded by some good news about the Browns. The draft has already paid dividends for this club, as rookies Phil Taylor and Jabaal Sheard have been hits in the draft.

Although Taylor's play has become stagnant and mediocre since a sizzling start, he has still been solid as a rookie and should continue to develop. Sheard has been better than the man next to him on the line, as he's shown a good mix of pass rushing ability and stout play in run D. Although Sheard has also seen a drop off in production, he was better for longer than Taylor and hasn't had as big of a drop in play quality.

The veteran Ahtyba Rubin is what he is at this point, and that is a very good defensive tackle who is among the league leaders at his position in defensive stops. He also has a surprisingly high number of sacks (four) and should continue his run-stuffing ways after a disappointing 2010 season that followed a breakout 2009 campaign.

D'Qwell Jackson is showing us what the Browns were missing when he went down with an injury, because he is also one of the league leaders in stops at his position. Jackson is one of the best linebackers in the NFL against the run, but he will most likely continue to be one of the more underrated players in the game. The quality of linebackers in his division doesn't exactly help Jackson, and teammates Scott Fujita and Chris Gocong get way too many tabs for being underrated. Both are solid players, but neither of them are quite as good as Jackson and are talked about more often than the middle linebacker.

Although the Browns have two poor safeties with T.J. Ward out, they don't need to worry with the way Joe Haden is playing. Haden was the best rookie corner last year, and he's showing it by continuing to shut down his opponent game after game. His partner, Sheldon Brown, is also a solid corner. While Brown doesn't give up many catches, he does get burned which obviously hurts his value. That's not to say that he isn't good, he certainly is, but Brown isn't going to be recognized as a top 20 corner. The thing is, people don't really realize that he is good; they just think he is another washed up corner who is past his prime.

As the Cleveland Browns go through the motions of another dismal season, they have a clear view of their positions of need. They certainly need a wide receiver- more likely two, a guard, and another safety wouldn't hurt either. There really isn't much hope for this franchise at this point, but they are a solid receiving core away from becoming a spoiler in the AFC North.
Best LT


9/2011 QB Rankings

September 29th 2011 18:27
1. Aaron Rodgers- The NFL's version of The Machine
2. Tom Brady- Look past the four picks; he owned the Bills
3. Drew Brees- He rips up secondaries
4. Peyton Manning- MVP
5. Philip Rivers- Repeat after me: 4,700
6. Tony Romo- Kevlar baby
7. Ben Roethlisberger- Can't believe dude got married
8. Michael Vick- He ain't whining, the complaints are legit
9. Eli Manning- Peter Keating has it right; Eli is underrated
10. Matt Ryan- Matty Ice is melting
11. Matt Schaub- This guy
12. Joe Flacco- QBR has him as the best QB, why is this a bad stat again? Oh yeah, cause Brady's been better
13. Josh Freeman- The reason why the Bucs don't suck
14. Matthew Stafford- He's fo real
15. Jay Cutler- How many hits does he have to take? Memo to Bears' line: Get your hands out of your ass and get to work!
16. Kevin Kolb- Levi Brown is his worst enemy, but at least he has a BFF in Fitzgerald
17. Ryan Fitzpatrick- Who said the smart guys can't play ball?
18. Sam Bradford- If only he had receivers....
19. Cam Newton- Disappointing against the Jags
20. Colt McCoy- West Coast we mash up!
Have you seen his line?

8/2011 QB Rankings

August 24th 2011 14:50
1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Peyton Manning
3. Tom Brady
4. Drew Brees
5. Philip Rivers
6. Tony Romo
7. Ben Roethlisberger
8. Matt Ryan
9. Michael Vick
10. Matt Schaub
11. Eli Manning
12. Joe Flacco
13. Josh Freeman
14. Jay Cutler
15. Matthew Stafford
16. Kyle Orton
17. Matt Cassel
18. Sam Bradford
19. Kevin Kolb
20. Colt McCoy
21. Mark Sanchez
22. Donovan McNabb
23. Ryan Fitzpatrick
24. David Garrard
25. Jason Campbell
26. Chad Henne
27. Alex Smith
28. Matt Hasselbeck
29. John Beck
30. Tavaris Jackson
*Rookies Not Included
Not Overrated

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