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Pro Sports Wrap - Sports Personality of the Day:Patrick Marleau

2011 Week 4 Preview: Jets and Ravens

October 2nd 2011 13:29
This right here is definitely the game of the week, and it features Rex Ryan, Bart Scott, and Jim Leonhard going at it against their former team. This is a matchup between two contenders who have quite a bit to prove heading into this matchup. The Ravens need to show that they are indeed for real, and the Jets really have to show that they aren't all mouth after getting run all over by Darren McFadden.

In big injury news, Nick Mangold is listed as questionable for this game, and this actually does mean quite a bit. Not only is he one of the best centers in the game, but his replacement Colin Baxter is one of the worst run-blocking offensive linemen in the league. He gets pushed around like crazy, and that more than "makes up for" his great work in pass protection. It's known fact that run blocking is far more important for centers than pass protection, and Baxter has proven to be a liability on the line overall.

While Ladarius Webb and- to a greater extent- Ed Reed have played well in the secondary, Cary Williams has been absolutely terrible this season. If you watched that Steelers game, you would pretty much know all that you need to know about this guy; he gives receivers far too much space.

I could see this being a very easy game for Haloti Ngata in run defense against Baxter, and Terrell Suggs is another high-impact player who should have a high impact in this contest. Dustin Keller has already been a force on offense for the Jets this season, and Mark Sanchez needs to continue hitting him up for the Jets to remain successful on offense. I really don't see them getting much on the Ravens defense though, and I have always been critical of Sanchez.

The Ravens tackles have been absolutely horrendous this season, but they are lucky that the Jets don't have any good pass rushers. Bryan Thomas barely qualifies as adequate, and I don't think anyone will be mistaking Aaron Maybin for DeMarcus Ware any time soon.

The Ravens interior, however, is much better and has two of the best in the business in Marshal Yanda and Matt Birk. I think Ray Rice should be okay in this game, but don't expect him to play like he has through the first three weeks. Even though they got run down by McFadden, this Jets run defense is a tough matchup.

While Lee Evans has been nothing short of disappointing and awful through his first three weeks in a Ravens uniform, Torrey Smith was exactly the opposite last week. Still, I really don't see Flacco being all that good against a very solid Jets secondary. This game is definitely going to be a battle of defenses.

For the reason stated above in that last sentence, I am going with the Ravens. Although both teams are about even defensively, the Ravens are actually good offensively. Even though I would probably take the Jets wideouts over the Ravens group, Joe Flacco and Ray Rice easily trump Sanchez and Shonn Greene.

Prediction: Ravens 20 Jets 14

MVP: Terrell Suggs (Wayne Hunter? What a joke of a tackle.)

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Steelers over Texans
Panthers over Bears
Chiefs over Vikings
Bills over Bengals
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Bucs over Colts (How weird would that be five years ago?)
Terrell Suggs
Heeelloooo Wayne Hunter

I like to try to come up with questions that I don't currently have an answer for, and then I just start investigating and trying to come up with an answer. With all the great passing performances going on right now, you could argue that having a shutdown corner like Revis makes all the difference in the world. You, in a sense, take out the opposing quarterback's best weapon and are able to handcuff about 70 yards or so from an offense.

There is actually another question that I need to tackle first: who is the best shutdown corner in the game? Although quarterbacks are less likely to throw it at Nnamdi Asomugha, Revis is younger and is a slightly better corner overall. And oh by the way, he offers far more than Nnamdi in run support. It actually doesn't matter as to which corner you prefer, because either way, Nnamdi or Revis could be the best player in the league.

Cornerbacks aren't only matched up against the wide receiver, they are also facing the quarterback. Think about it, it's really not a fair matchup in a corner and receiver duel. Sure the corner can shut down the receiver, but great quarterbacks can put it in spots where only the receiver can get it. That Madden quote was easily evident in the Super Bowl. Did you see some of those throws Aaron Rogers got by Ike Taylor? And Taylor is one of the best ten cornerbacks in the NFL.

The fact that Revis is able to beat two player- and both are usually stars- is quite remarkable in itself. What's more amazing is that he completely elevates the Jets defense. Revis is by far the team's most important player, because the Jets can get away with having no true pass rushers. Rex Ryan can send out all the men he wants to in his elaborate blitzing schemes, because he knows that Revis has his back. Like, there really aren't many other teams who can blitz two defensive backs and still feel safe.

In fantasy football, great running backs are taken so high because of value. There aren't many shutdown corners in the NFL, maybe five or so, and guys like Nnamdi and Revis are the only players who can truly completely take another star player out of the game. This may be hard to believe, but these corners also beat quarterbacks. When was the last time you saw a quarterback have success throwing it at Revis? There's a reason why passers usually don't throw it at him, and that Tony Romo pick was evidence.

While it may seem a radical idea at first, Darrelle Revis may actually be the best player in the NFL. I would personally take Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady over him, but I would agree that Revis is the third best NFL player right now. With Brady and Rodgers, those guys provide so much value that it isn't possible for them not to be the two best players in the league, and quarterbacks do have the highest WPA totals in the league (for the most part).
3rd best NFL player

8/18 NFL Rumors: Aaron Maybin signs

August 18th 2011 15:04
This post will talk about the top rumors and bits of news of the week. Michael Vick told GQ that he didn't want to sign with the Eagles, because he didn't want to be a third stringer behind McNabb and Kolb. Both of those guys have since been traded, and Vick has become one of the best ten QBs in the league. He wanted to sign with the Bills or Bengals, but Roger Goodell told Vick that the Eagles were the best team to choose. Good thing Vick followed the commish's advice, otherwise there would be no Super Bowl talk for the Eagles.

While Vick did have a great year in 2010, he was fairly mediocre towards the end of the season thanks to disguise blitz packages that confused Vick. He especially struggled against the Vikings, and he had a ton of trouble recognizing cornerback blitzes involving Antoine Winfield. This year, he has arguably the league's best possession receiver in Steve Smith, and the additions of Danny Watkins and Ryan Harris will bolster a line that was very poor last year. Harris is one of the most athletic linemen in the league, and he was one of the best tackles out there under Mike Shanahan's zone blocking scheme. He's recently struggled with injuries, and the man blocking scheme employed by the Broncos last year did not suit Harris's skillset. Since Vick is a lefty, Harris is his blindside protector, and he should have an excellent 2011 season.

T.O.'s rehab is going ahead of schedule, and Owens will probably be able to play in four months. I honestly think that he doesn't have much left in him, and more importantly that Owens really doesn't seem interested in actually playing when he's on the field. He was overly targeted last season, and there were times where he wasn't focused or didn't care. I think he can still help a team out as a third or fourth receiver, but he really won't have much of an impact.

New Bears' wide receiver Roy Williams is apparently not in shape. I don't think this matters because Mike Martz really loves Williams, and he made him the number one receiver over Johnny Knox and Earl Bennett. I understand that Williams played in Martz's system with the Lions and that he is their big- literally- target, but Knox is a more productive player and Earl Bennett is Cutler's favorite receiver and is better than Williams.

I understand that Aaron Maybin has been nothing short of horrendous this year, but Maybin's talent didn't just suddenly go away. The Jets understand that, and they have signed the former PSU standout to a one-year deal. The Jets also recently released a high-profile bust in Vernon Gholston.

The Jets don't have anything to lose with this trade, and they really only have one useful pass rusher on their roster in Bryan Thomas. A lot of players need three years to develop, and you can't give up on a first rounder after just two seasons. There's no denying Maybin's talent, but this is a guy who is extremely immature and gets pushed around because he can't make his weight. Rex Ryan will make sure Maybin bulks up, and there is absolutely no risk to this deal.

Even though the Eagles probably won't trade Asante Samuel, they are obviously putting him on the trade block to see what they can get. The Eagles are always looking for deals, and they want two second-rounders in return. I ultimately don't think he gets traded, but it is interesting to look at what the team wants for Samuel. I would have thought that the Eagles would be looking for a first-rounder, because Samuel is an elite corner.
Eagles would want two second-rounders

8/2011 Player Profile: Mike DeVito

August 7th 2011 13:28
The New York Jets are one of the best run-stuffing teams in the NFL, and a large part of their success is due to the work of defensive linemen Sione Pouha and Mike DeVito. One of the best 3-4 ends in the NFL against the run, DeVito is one of the most underrated players in the game today. There are many great players on the Jets defense who deservedly get a ton of the spotlight, but that doesn't mean that Mike DeVito's contributions should be overlooked.

Although he is a poor pass rusher, 3-4 ends are rarely guys who are asked to put pressure on the QB on a consistent basis. Rex Ryan runs his dad's 46, and it's a hybrid scheme; there really is no base personnel. Usually, though, the Jets run a 3-4 to allow Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace to get more opportunities to rush the passer.

So DeVito is usually a 4-3 tackle or 3-4 end (otherwise known as a 3-technique). He is mainly classified as a 3-4 end, and I believe that DeVito is definitely one of the top ten 3-4 ends in the game. He may even be the best at his position against the run.

Even though DeVito isn't expected to be a good pass rusher, he does need some work in that department. It's not that big of a deal though, because he is such a great player against the run. Rex Ryan is able to use his complex blitz packages because of the great run-stuffers up front. Sione Pouha was great in 2009, but DeVito's performance last season- including a great playoff run- makes him the best defensive lineman on the Jets.

With Shaun Ellis's future with the Jets in limbo, DeVito may finally get some more recognition. Even if Ellis comes back, DeVito and Pouha are both far better players. Ellis is still a decent pass rusher, but he can't play the run nearly as well as the other two guys. I mean, Ellis is a useful player; but DeVito and Pouha are two very good players who are among the best 3-4 ends/defensive tackles in the NFL.
Best run-stuffing 3-4 DE according to PFF


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