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10/2011 WR Rankings

October 21st 2011 15:20
1. Larry Fitzgerald- When will this guy get a quarterback again? Is uncoverable when he actually has good receivers around him as well. This is how Steve Smith used to feel before Cam Newton came around, except Smith still doesn't have all that good wideouts around him quite yet.

2. Andre Johnson- Statistically the best, but the game goes beyond stats. He isn't quite at Fitzgerald's level, but the distance between them is almost negligible.

3. Calvin Johnson- Matthew Stafford would be nothing without this bro to bail him out.

4. Steve Smith CAR- Strong, solid hands, fast, agile, intense, and uncoverable. There may not be a more talented receiver than Smith, but I might be a little biased when it comes to my favorite NFL player. I think not, as there are several scouts who would agree with his top 5 ranking having watched him terrorize defenses. If you disagree, just watch the 2005 and 2008 seasons and look at his top 5 yard per route run ranking. Newton is alright, but he is yet another overhyped rookie, and the guys around him don't alleviate all that much pressure. Still, Smith has shown that the numbers are there provided his quarterback can actually throw the ball.

5. Reggie Wayne- Nobody else on the team is hurt more by the loss of No. 18.

6. Roddy White- Definitely a top-flight receiver in the NFL today.

7. Greg Jennings- I don't get why some people think he is a top 5 receiver, but he's pretty close to that. Another YAC monster on the Pack who is a versatile receiver.

8. Brandon Marshall- As you can see, these rankings haven't changed much from a month ago. Marshall may not be your favorite player, but there is no denying that he is arguably the most talented possession receiver in the game. Imagine what he would be able to do with a steady quarterback situation.

9. Mike Wallace- The most efficient receiver in the league, but he really isn't all that skilled. Still, I have to reward deep threats who deserve this. Again, a lot will be explained in the next Football Talk post (whenever that may be).

10. Kenny Britt- Was tearing it up before a crushing injury hit him, but he will definitely be back for some more. This guy can play it up with the best of them. Hell, he is one of the best of them.
Still the best
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Comment by The Wiz

October 21st 2011 18:18
Personally i believe Marshall is a top 5 talent, he has the size and strength to beat any corner off the line. This year it has been his inability to catch passes that are slightly under/over thrown or he would have at least 5 or 6 touchdowns. I agree that if he had a good QB he could be the one of the best. I would like to see Hakeem Nicks on this list at maybe 9 or 10 but i don't disagree with Britt or Wallace in those spots. Nicks is becoming a staple in New York and seems to make big plays when he is called on. You are going to make a lot of New England fans upset by omitting Wes Welker from this list, but I am on board with you. Nice write up again sir.

Comment by Joe Soriano

October 21st 2011 20:03
Marshall was hard for me to rank, because he does have talent and is obviously one of the most physical receivers in the game. The problem is that he isn't very good at stretching defenses out, but his size does make him a hard matchup. The gap between these receivers is very close, so there are always going to be minor disagreements. Wes Welker is a top 20 receiver, but what he does really isn't all that special; he's a system player. That's not to say that he isn't a very good receiver, but he doesn't belong in the same group as these ten guys. As for Hakeem Nicks, he needs to learn how to run routes and work on his hands. He is an athletic specimen, but he does hurt Eli Manning with some of the mistakes he makes. He's like a more athletic, less explosive DeSean Jackson who is better than Jackson because Jackson is even worse at catching and can be easily covered. Jeremy Maclin is better, and while D-Jax is a good player because of his insane speed and agility; he is overrated.

Comment by nbageek

October 21st 2011 22:41
I like the rankings no argument from me. Fitzgerald is for sure the top receiver. Thought Kolb would be better then he has shown thus far on the season.

Comment by Anonymous

October 31st 2011 16:23
Fitzgerald without a doubt is the best in the league. He is one guy that continues to make plays even though his team does not have top level talent.

Comment by Joe Soriano

October 31st 2011 18:49
Hey man, thanks for dropping by and agreeing. Remember to log in before you comment so that you show up as "Ken" and not "Anonymous". Anyway, Fitz and Smitty are the only two recent receivers who have excelled with awful QBs and WRs around them. Remember Smith in 2008? And he pretty much carried his team as a freaking receiver in 2005 to the NFC Championships. I don't think anybody had a better season as a wideout than Papa Smurf in 2005. At 5"8 his ability puts him in the HOF. Don't believe me? Watch the man play, truly a monster. And Fitz has been my boy since he was at Pitt, and he is on his way to greater accolades as well. Shame that Kurt Warner retired.

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