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Pro Sports Wrap - Sports Personality of the Day:Patrick Marleau

10/2011 WR Rankings

October 21st 2011 15:20
1. Larry Fitzgerald- When will this guy get a quarterback again? Is uncoverable when he actually has good receivers around him as well. This is how Steve Smith used to feel before Cam Newton came around, except Smith still doesn't have all that good wideouts around him quite yet.

2. Andre Johnson- Statistically the best, but the game goes beyond stats. He isn't quite at Fitzgerald's level, but the distance between them is almost negligible.

3. Calvin Johnson- Matthew Stafford would be nothing without this bro to bail him out.

4. Steve Smith CAR- Strong, solid hands, fast, agile, intense, and uncoverable. There may not be a more talented receiver than Smith, but I might be a little biased when it comes to my favorite NFL player. I think not, as there are several scouts who would agree with his top 5 ranking having watched him terrorize defenses. If you disagree, just watch the 2005 and 2008 seasons and look at his top 5 yard per route run ranking. Newton is alright, but he is yet another overhyped rookie, and the guys around him don't alleviate all that much pressure. Still, Smith has shown that the numbers are there provided his quarterback can actually throw the ball.

5. Reggie Wayne- Nobody else on the team is hurt more by the loss of No. 18.

6. Roddy White- Definitely a top-flight receiver in the NFL today.

7. Greg Jennings- I don't get why some people think he is a top 5 receiver, but he's pretty close to that. Another YAC monster on the Pack who is a versatile receiver.

8. Brandon Marshall- As you can see, these rankings haven't changed much from a month ago. Marshall may not be your favorite player, but there is no denying that he is arguably the most talented possession receiver in the game. Imagine what he would be able to do with a steady quarterback situation.

9. Mike Wallace- The most efficient receiver in the league, but he really isn't all that skilled. Still, I have to reward deep threats who deserve this. Again, a lot will be explained in the next Football Talk post (whenever that may be).

10. Kenny Britt- Was tearing it up before a crushing injury hit him, but he will definitely be back for some more. This guy can play it up with the best of them. Hell, he is one of the best of them.
Still the best

9/2011 WR Rankings

September 24th 2011 13:50
1. Larry Fitzgerald
2. Andre Johnson
3. Calvin Johnson
4. Reggie Wayne
5. Steve Smith CAR
6. Roddy White
7. Greg Jennings
8. Brandon Marshall
9. Kenny Britt
10. Mike Wallace
11. Miles Austin
12. Santonio Holmes
13. Marques Colston
14. Jeremy Maclin
15. DeSean Jackson
16. Vincent Jackson
17. Anquan Boldin
18. Mike Williams TB
19. Steve Smith PHI
20. Hakeem Nicks
21. Lance Moore
22. Sidney Rice
23. Santana Moss
24. Brandon Lloyd
25. Dwayne Bowe
26. Braylon Edwards
27. Johnny Knox
28. Dez Bryant
29. Wes Welker
30. Austin Collie
31. Mario Manningham
32. Steve Johnson
33. Earl Bennett
34. AJ Green
35. Percy Harvin
36. Jordy Nelson
37. Malcolm Floyd
38. Pierre Garcon
39. Nate Washington
40. Davone Bess
41. Hines Ward
42. Robert Meachem
43. Mike Thomas
44. Donald Driver
45. Lee Evans
46. Julio Jones
47. James Jones
48. Antonio Brown
49. Jordan Shipley
50. Derrick Mason
Musgrave must use him more

Week 3 Picks

Bengals over 49ers
Panthers over Jaguars
Lions over Vikings
Titans over Broncos
Browns over Dolphins
Eagles over Giants
Saints over Texans
Patriots over Bills
Ravens over Rams
Jets over Raiders
Chargers over Chiefs
Packers over Bears
Cardinals over Seahawks
Falcons over Bucs
Steelers over Colts
Redskins over Cowboys (To make this more interesting)

9/2011 Colts top 20

September 14th 2011 15:29

The Colts aren't contenders anymore, but I still think they will edge out the Texans and win the AFC South. Although the Texans got much better in the secondary with the additions of stalwarts Jonathan Joseph and Danieal Manning; I don't think their defense has the right personnel to successfully run the 3-4. I also think the Colts' offense is far more consistent and more potent. Even though the Colts don't have a dynamic back like Arian Foster, Joseph Addai is a more than capable player.

I don't think I even need to talk about the Colts' at quarterback. Peyton Manning is a beast, and he's going to play every game this season. If he somehow doesn't; then Curtis- well, we don't need to talk about that either.

I love the receiving weapons around Peyton because they are so diverse. Reggie Wayne is one of the best five receivers in the NFL, Pierre Garcon is a nice deep threat, Austin Collie is the best receiver out there at catching, and Blair White is a nice fourth option. We all know that Peyton loves to use his mind to create mismatches. Well, he's got two of the best receiving tight ends in the NFL to use to confuse and over-match defenses.

As far as the running game goes, the Colts need Addai to be healthy. He's really the only thing they have at running back, and he is a very underrated player. People are writing him off, but Addai is one of the top 20 backs in the league right now. Donald Brown and Mike Hart, on the other hand, are two liabilities in the running game. I've basically given up on Brown as a starting-caliber running back- or even a decent number two- in this league.

The offensive line, however, is a mess. Manning helps mitigate the concerns on the line, but the front office certainly knows how bad the guys blocking for Manning are. I should have said "the guys blocking for Addai", because it is Addai who suffers the most from the incompetent blocking up front.

Anyway, the Colts drafted Anthony Castonzo and Ben Ijalana, and they are both starters on the left side of the line. They both look like decent players, but they only good player on this line is veteran center Jeff Saturday. The other two starters, Mike Pollak and Ryan Diem, are liabilities.

The other line has improved from last season, and there's no doubting who the two most dangerous players on that line are. Newly signed backup end Jamaal Anderson has the versatility to play inside, as does backup end Eric Foster. Antonio Johnson, Fili Moala, rookie Drake Nevis, and recent signing Tommie Harris will get snaps at defensive tackle. Harris's career went on a strange decline, and it will be interesting to see how he does in Indy.

Clint Session moved on and is now playing with the Jags- I have no clue why they played only an average LB that much. It doesn't really matter much to the Colts, because they're already solid at the position. They signed Ernie Sims, but he's a subpar player who is worse than Session. He was terrible last year with the Eagles, but he is a legitimate downhill run-stuffer.

Gary Brackett is a leader on defense and a fixture at MLB. Young, speedy linebackers Pat Angerer and Philip Wheeler will both get significant playing time on the outside.

The Colts only have one corner that I like, and that's nickel corner Justin Tyron. He's a solid player who is their best player in coverage. Jerraud Powers is physical and can make plays, but he's a liability in coverage. I'm not a fan of Jacob Lacey, or really any other corner on this roster for that matter. I think the Colts are really going to struggle to hold down the opposition, because this defense just doesn't look that good.

Melvin Bullitt is a solid player who can hit and make tackles, but he can't cover all that well. Antoine Bethea is one of the best safeties in the NFL, and he is far and away the best player in this terrible Colts' secondary. Although he does have lapses in coverage, he can actually cover and makes a ton of plays. Bethea makes mistakes, but he is a difference-maker on defense.

As always, the Colts are going to score points, but they will also give up their fair share of points. And as always, their offense will score enough points for them to be a playoff team. The Colts aren't what they used to be, but they are still a good team with a high-powered offense.
Can he turn up the heat?


2/2011 Top 75 Wide Receiver Rankings

February 26th 2011 14:29
1. Larry Fitzgerald- Still put up big numbers with nightmare QB carousel. Can catch absolutely anything. Has height, leadership, and athleticism.
2. Andre Johnson- Speed, height, and athleticism. Nuff said.
3. Brandon Marshall- If only he was reunited with Cutler

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