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Pro Sports Wrap - Sports Personality of the Day:Patrick Marleau

And on I march with these historical player profiles, while listening to Nirvana of course. Is Dave Grohl not the best rock personality in recent history? While that would be a very entertaining topic to discuss, my "job" here is sports analysis. It's an equally fruitless activity in the eyes of the equally ignorant public, but why listen to the ignorant who have not reaped the rewards of sports? I mean, every diehard sports fan admits that they have learned a lot about life with sports as a medium. Life is like Shawn and sports are like Gus, Gus translates the incoherent nonsense Shawn says. Likewise, sports help translate the craziness and seeming randomness of everyday life. Alright, I'm gonna stop being philosophical- and not get religious- and hit up this HPP.

Before I start this post, I want to go off on another monologue (an aside would be if I was talking to myself, but I'm not Jack White). Why is Dwight Howard's nickname D12? Like, how does that make sense at all? I hate it when people make basketball player's nicknames out of their initial and jersey number. AK47 is cool, but D12 is as ludicrous as the rapper. The guys who made up this nickname are popping too many purple pills and seeing too many purple hills.

Otis Taylor may never have shown his All-Pro talent had legendary scout Lloyd Wells not spotted him and signed him on to the Chiefs. In his first full season, Taylor broke out in a big way. He was a Pro Bowler and First-Team All-Pro after hauling in eight touchdown catches for 1,297 yards and a league-leading 22.4 yards per catch. According to Pro Football Reference, his AV of 20 in 1966 was the best in the NFL

The way Otay went to the Chiefs is also interesting, because he was originally under the control of Eagles scouts. In the famous baby-sitting incident, Taylor snuck out of his hotel room and met up with Wells and the Chiefs scouts.

Len Dawson and Otis Taylor had an incredible rapport that is akin to what Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison had a few years back. At 6-3, Taylor was an incredible talent in the middle of the field and could beat you deep. Many agree that Otay revolutionized the wide receiver position and should be in the Hall of Fame. Without a doubt, however, Taylor is the best receiver in Chiefs history. He is deserving of a place in the Hall of Fame, even if he played before the AFL-NFL merger.

In 1967, his 11 touchdown catches were the highest in the league. Taylor was also a Pro Bowler in the years 1971 and 1972, as he caught seven touchdown passes with a league-high 1,110 yards in 1971. He was also a First-Team All-Pro in '71, and he wore the number 89 for the Chiefs for 11 seasons from 1965-1975.

In Super Bowl IV (the last before the merger), the Chiefs upset the Vikings 32-7 when the Vikes were supposedly the greatest team ever before that game. In that game, Otis Taylor caught a pass from Len Dawson and ran it the rest of the way for a 46 yards touchdown. He also had one of his signature stiff-arms on that highlight play.

However, Taylor was not just a great pass-catcher, he was also a formidable blocker. For a guy of his height, it's not exactly hard to see why. But more importantly, however, he was an elusive receiver who could get a ton of yards after the catch. Taylor was also athletic enough to make unheard of one-handed grabs.

"Otis made my job easy,"Len Dawson said. "If you got the pass to Otis, you knew he'd catch it."

A season after their Super Bowl victory, Otay had one of those games that a player just wishes it never happened. The Chiefs were beating their hated rivals- the Raiders- 17-14. It looked like a sure victory after Len Dawson's scramble led to a first down, but defensive end Ben Davidson pretty much jumped into Dawson's helmet while the star QB was already on the ground. As you now know, Taylor was great friends with Dawson and did what any good friend does; take action.

Needless to say, the ramifications of this incident led to an outcome that wasn't very positive from a Chiefs perspective. Taylor came at Davidson, and the benches cleared like it was a baseball game (or a Suns-Spurs game). Both penalties basically turned the first down into nothingness- under the awful rules at the time- and the Raiders would go on to register a comeback victory. What makes this worse is that the Raiders went into the playoffs, and the Chiefs were stuck at home because of a head-scratching rule that is- thankfully- not in place today.

So you can plainly see that Otis Taylor was a pretty damn good football player. I mean, he was one of the best players in football when he was playing, and he made the wide receiver position the marquee position that it is today. He was the guy who started the highlight-reel plays, and Otay is also the best wideout in Chiefs history. Taylor was slighted from the Hall of Fame, and that's because of the statistics. For his era, Taylor was as elite as a wide receiver as you can get.



June 12th 2011 10:18
I told you that I would announce my MVP winner during the NBA Finals. Derrick Rose won the official award, but he was only fourth on my ballot. Dwight Howard, LeBron James, and Chris Paul were my top three picks. For those of you who have been reading this blog, you can tell who my pick is going to be.

SF Miami Heat LeBron James

Derrick Rose and LeBron James were the two players who received the most recognition for this award, and I picked the guy who was the better player in the 2010-2011 season. This is no knock on Rose, he's a great player, but LeBron is the best in the NBA. He has been the best for the past couple of years, whether or not you want to openly admit that is your choice. The fact is, James turned in another great season. This time, in Miami.

I really don't want to tack about the background stuff with James, and "The Decision" isn't something I want to revisit any time soon. I do want to look into the advanced statistics and talk more about James's accomplishments this year. Even if the Heat lose to the Mavs, James was still the best player during the regular season.

PER is one of the main things I look at when conducting my MVP ballot. In years past, the MVP usually has a PER of 30. LeBron had the highest PER in the NBA at 27.37. There was a lot of parity on most people's MVP ballots because there wasn't much of a difference between the level of play among the top ten players in the NBA last year.

LeBron James had the highest Win Score in the NBA- a Basketball Reference stat- which further underlines his value to the Heat. When a team is as top-heavy as the Heat are, they desperately need a very good year from their major contributors (the Big Three) in order for them to get to the stage that they are now. The MVP is a combination of importance to your team as well as overall play.

I want to go on a minor tangent for a paragraph- or two- about how people misinterpret the meaning of "MVP". When we say "Game MVP" or something like that, we are talking about the best player on the court for that particular game. People have distorted the meaning of the phrase when it describes a season because of the word "value".

Most Valuable Player is simply referring to the player whose season-long performance provided the most value. Therefore, the MVP award should be given to the guy who was the best. We should boost players who have lesser teammates around them and are expected to carry much of the load, but the players who are perennially in the MVP discussion already do this.

Not only was LeBron scoring like crazy, he was also passing it around a lot as well further entrenching him as the most versatile player in the NBA. His insane athleticism has allowed him to become one of the best defensive players in the game. LeBron was always this good at D, even before his much-talked about performance against the NBA's MVP in the Eastern Conference Finals.

LeBron James's Defensive Wins Score was the third best in the league behind only Dwight Howard and Kevin Garnett. That's pretty good for a guy who also boasts the highest PER in the league. Picking LeBron as the 2010 PSW MVP wasn't a difficult choice for me. Although there were some good and intriguing candidates, James was the player who stood out the most in my eye. Disagreements? I bet there's a lot of them. Let's hear it in the comment section.

2010 PSW NBA All-Defensive Team

May 10th 2011 14:29
Team One

PG Rajon Rondo
SG Ronnie Brewer
SF Luol Deng
PF Kevin Garnett
C Dwight Howard

Team Two

PG Chris Paul
SG Tony Allen
SF LeBron James
PF Joakim Noah
C Omer Asik

Team Three

PG C.J. Watson
SG Carlos Delfino
SF Paul Pierce
PF Taj Gibson
C Marcus Camby
King of D

2010 PSW NBA and NHL All-Stars

April 21st 2011 15:17
I have assembled both of my All-Star teams for the NHL and NBA with both league's regular seasons having ended. There are three All-Star teams (or lines for hockey) and there is a goalie for each NHL line. This has nothing to do with team value, but rather how well the player played overall.


Line One

G Carey Price
D Lubomir Visnovsky
D Nicklad Lidstrom
W Daniel Sedin
W Corey Perry
C Henrik Sedin

Line Two

G Tim Thomas
D Zdeno Chara
D Keith Yandle
W Martin St. Louis
W Jarome Iginla
C Steve Stamkos

Line Three

G Pekka Rinne
D Dustin Byfuglien
D Christian Ehrhoff
W Alex Ovechkin
W Claude Giroux
C Ryan Kesler


Team One

PG Chris Paul
SG Dwayne Wade
SF LeBron James
PF Kevin Love
C Dwight Howard

Team Two

PG Derrick Rose
SG Kobe Bryant
SF Kevin Durant
PF Dirk Nowitzki
C Tim Duncan

Team Three

PG Russell Westbrook
SG Manu Ginobili
SF Carmelo Anthony
PF Pau Gasol
C Andrew Bynum
Kobe Bryant
Still A Beast

2010 PSW NBA Defensive POY

April 20th 2011 14:44
I am going to take a break from the NHL awards and give out my award for the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year. This award was easily given out to Dwight Howard (his 3rd straight). I have no disagreements with this, and I will show you my statistical reasoning for picking Howard.
Defensive Player of the Year

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2010 NBA Playoffs Preview Round One

April 15th 2011 13:53

1 Bulls vs 8 Pacers

[ Click here to read more ]

Yeah, Hoop Talk is a new thing where I'll just start talking about basketball. I'll start with some topics and work my way through the news of the day- sort of. Anyway, George Karl got a three year extension, no surprise because Karl is an icon in Denver. Nate McMillan got a two year extension. He is a great coach that manages players well, he has great strategies, and he deserved like a five year extension. McMillan is one of the best coaches in basketball, and his team plays very efficient basketball.

Kobe Bryant just topped Moses Malone for sixth on the all-time scoring list with his 26 points against the Atlanta Hawks. I called the winner- easy- but I also called the MVP- Andrew Bynum. He of the 16 points and 16 boards with 3 blocks on 8-10 shooting had a boom-roasted kind of day against Atlanta. Bynum was easily the most efficient player on the court in that game. Only Zaza Pachuila could even think about challenging him on the boards. Bynum was easily the most dominating defensive player in the game. He was impressive- as usual- in the paint

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3/3 NBA News: Corey Brewer to Sign

March 3rd 2011 15:26
It comes as no surprise that defensive specialist Corey Brewer will sign with the Dallas Mavericks. They had the most money of the three main suitors for Brewer, and they also had their mid-level exception left. It all equated to Brewer going to Dallas. He was traded to the Knicks in a Knicks-T'Wolves swap that was supposed to be a nice one for the Knicks. Instead, they bought out Brewer's contract in what was a pretty stupid move. Brewer is 25 and now has a multi-year contract with the Mavs. I see him being a really nice addition for this team. It was a great move, and he will be a quality contributer.

Utah Jazz head coach Ty Corbin received a two year deal with a team option for the third year. The front office was impressed with how Corbin led his team through the turbulent time in which their best player was traded, and their legendary coach was fired. The players have fed off from him, but Corbin still needs to bring home some tangible results. I don't need anything big from him, but I want to see Corbin actually win some games

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