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Pro Sports Wrap - by Sam Ruesler

Another Week

September 21st 2012 21:02

Coming into the 3rd week of the NFL season, which actually started last night, there were the same amout of 2-0 teams as 0-2 teams (6). That means there are 20 teams that are 1-1, the most ever. There are definitely surprise teams that fall into each of these categories. Who saw the Cardinals going 2-0 or the Saints going 0-2? The later is more believable because of all the offseason stuff. After winning week 1 Tom Brady and New England looked like an easy 2-0 start until those pesky Cardinals beat them in their home opener.

Plenty of story lines will be unveiled throughout Sunday and Monday night. Here are the things I'm looking at (including some college action).

- Will the replacement referees give the NFL more reason to lean towards a agreement with the normal refs? Or will these replacements step up and take control of these games? Players and coaches have both been taking advantage and intimidating the replacements. As long as us fans continue to watch, which there is no doubt that we will, the NFL has the upperhand. There may be some horrible calls or wasted time, but the play is still entertaining.

- Atlanta Falcons vs. San Diego Chargers. Both teams are 2-0 and have looked very impressive. Matt Ryan looks like he is ready to take that next step to being elite and bring his team with him. Julio Jones is breaking out to be amung the top receivers, while the Chargers are the hardest team to ever figure out. They normally get off to horrible starts but still make the playoffs where they lose (so do the Falcons). Then you have last year where they didn't make the playoffs in their weak division. FALCONS WIN

- Saint Louis Rams vs. Chicago Bears. Both are 1-1 and the Rams could easily be 2-0. After only winning 2 all of last year Stl looks much improved in Sam Bradford's 3rd year and under Jeff Fisher. The Bears beat the Colts who also only won 2 games last year and have a rookie qb, needless to say not an impressive win. Then they go out and get manhandled by the Packers. Cutler can't throw 4 interceptions and get sacked 7 times if they want to avoid falling to 1-2. Don't think its as bad but still no protection leads to a RAMS WIN.

- Kansas City Chiefs vs. New Orleans Saints. No team needs a win more than Drew Brees in the Saints. With all the offseason issues they have started as bad as can be. 0-2 with absolutely no defense having the Chiefs coming into town is perfect timing. KC has looked absolutely horrible; if they pull the upset off then New Orleans fans my as well take a lesson from Cub fans, "There's always next year." Chiefs are too awful and fall to 0-3 as SAINTS WIN big.

- Peyton Manning, more week 1 or 2? Really the only bad part of week 2 was the first quarter where he was obviously confused. Give credit to the Falcons defense and to Peyton for coming back and making it a competitive game. The answer is he is still Peyton Manning and will be fine. HOUSTON WINS though to go to 3-0.

- Will Jet's fans start chanting Tebow? Sanchez better hope he shows more of week 1 than 2. All I have to say is I hope its not until they face a good defense that can crush him. JETS WIN with no Tebow chants at least for another week.

- Saturday night packed with ranked games, which will I watch? LSU facing their first text in Auburn could be a good one but probably just one to watch until others get started. 30 minutes into that one Notre Dame (11) hosts Michigan (18) where the Irish will show if they are for real this year and Denard Robinson will try to come back and show what he's got. Don't know how good Oklahoma is as number 6 but they host Kansas State in a top 15 matchup. Then comes the one I'm definitely ready for, Clemson (10) at Florida State (4). The Tigers have looked really good while the Seminoles have also while not facing any real competition. Finally to close off the night and send me to bed ready for the NFL is Arizona (22) against the high power offense, lead by freshman qb Mariota, of Oregon (3).

- Will USC bounce back and crush CAL? Most likely but being upset again will be fine by me. Will any other top teams get upset? Possibilities for the upsets are Mizzou trying to get their first SEC win over South Carolina (7), an improved Vanderbilt team going down to Georgia (5), and Oregon State looking to do in for the 2nd time already this year against surprising UCLA (19).


Back for Football

September 7th 2012 17:57

Been in process of moving and finally git it done just in time for football. Having directTv is going to be great, the first weekend of college football has already proven that. I got to watch every game I wanted to live or recorded and watch great plays over and over again. Banana dominated big blue and jumped to number 1 where they should have already been. There were some great games (Vanderbilt vs. South Carolina), great debuts (Marcus Mariota), great plays. Then there were blowouts between big time programs and FCS. teams, tons of drop passes ending in interceptions, and bad debuts (Mike Leach).

I'm even more excited for this weekend; I love college football and being from Missouri I'm a MIZZOU fan and am pumped for their SEC debut. Both them and Texas A&M have already started talking shit and I have no clue why. Let your play on the field do the talking. Now if you suck it up you look even worse. I will give the Aggies a pass because it was a fan who put up a dumb billboard (they aren't too bright but think they are apparently).

On top of this its the first week on the NFL season so I'll be right here on my couch for about 48 hrs starting tomorrow morning. Perfect time to get directTv with getting Sunday Ticket for free. Only problem is deciding what game to record and which ones to watch. That along with having to get up to grab a beer or piss are gonna give me head aches. There are huge story lines; Petting Manning, rookie qb's, and backs coming off injuries. One game has already been played but to me it was kind of a let down, hopefully San Fran at Green Bay will live up to being best game if week one. Speaking of the 49ers my Super Bowl pick is Baltimore over San Francisco, the marchioness of brother coaches that came so close to happening last year.

I hope everyone us as pumped for this weekend as me. Let me have your Super Bowl picks and what else you are looking forward too.

I have decided to start a new blog segment where I talk a little bit about a now retired athlete who is most likely not a well-known player. There will usually be very little information regarding the player in question, but I will try and do my best to talk a little bit about him. The inaugural historical player profile will be Dean Hamel's.

Dean Hamel was born in Detroit, Michigan on July 1, 1961 and played his college ball at Tulsa. Hamel is currently working for a company speed and agility training company called "3 Up, 3 Down" after spending six seasons in the NFL for two rival franchises.

Back in 1985, the year Hamel was drafted, there were 336 picks in 12 total rounds, as there were 28 teams in the league at the time. Although Bobby Beathard *insert inappropriate joke here* was known for his various picks that turned into busts, such as Walter Murray, the former 'Skins GM had a penchant for finding talent late in the draft such as quarterback Mark Rypien (6th round), linebacker Monte Coleman (11th), and tight end Clint Didier (12th). With the 309th pick in the NFL Draft (12th round), Beathard and the Redskins selected defensive tackle Dean Hamel.

Even though Hamel didn't have a great career, he was still a solid role player with the Redskins. That's more than what you would normally get out of a player selected in the last round of the draft, especially when that player was picked lower than over 300 guys in a single draft.

It's safe to say that Dean Hamel's rookie season was a success, and his six sacks set the rookie sack record for the Redskins. That record has since been broken by Brian Orakpo, but six quarterback takedowns is pretty impressive for a rookie. Of course he is no Ndamukong Suh, but Hamel was very good as a rookie.

Unfortunately, his career took a downward turn, and he only had 6.5 sacks during the next five seasons of his career. Hamel spent 1989 and 1990 with the Redskins' dreaded rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, after playing his first four seasons in Washington. It's important to note that he was traded, not signed, by Dallas. During his years with the Cowboys, Hamel's defensive line coach was Butch Davis.

In week 9 of the 1985 season, Dean Hamel had the game of his life in a 44-10 blowout of the Atlanta Falcons. Hamel recorded a career high three sacks, and that total was half of his season total.

While Dean Hamel's career wasn't an illustrious one, he was a solid player who was an impact rookie. He was definitely a bargain for the Redskins in the 12th round, and it's always interesting to look back at a player's career. And oh by the way, six sacks is a really good number for a rookie defensive tackle.
Drafted a Redskin, retired a Cowboy

Yeah, I haven't written about anything soccer in a while or very much on this website. It's mainly because- as an American- I am focused on basketball, baseball, and football. That's America's Big 3. What I'm writing about is obvious and overstated, but I will try and bring it into different terms. This season, there have only been three undisputed elite soccer teams in the world. Those are Dortmund- who lost to Frankfurt and are spiraling downward, Manchester United- who might not even deserve to be on this list, and Barcelona. Only the last team of those three cannot be questioned at all.

All three teams have dominated, and really I should rephrase that sentence in the last paragraph. Only one of those teams is indisputably elite. I just had to name a top three. Barcelona are mowing through the La Liga in style. Nobody can exactly romp the Champions League, but if anyone can- it's Barcelona. Usually, we find about five teams each year that are very strong. Last year, Chelsea; Inter; Barca; Bayern; and Manchester United were dominant. This year, it's been all about La Blaugrana.

And why not? Puyol and Pique are arguably the best duo in central defense in the world. The guys to pit against them are United's Vidic and Ferdinand. Barcelona easily have the best midfield there is. The combination of Xavi, Iniesta, and Mascherano are every manager's envy. Lionel Messi is the best player in the world, and David Villa is another top class player. Dani Alves is barely the second best defender in the league. Only former Sevilla teammate- and now rival in Real- Sergio Ramos is better.

This is a team that features an underrated goalie in Victor Valdes. He is constantly overshadowed by fellow Spaniard Iker Casillas. Obviously, Valdes isn't as good; but Valdes is great in his own right. Pedro, Milito, Sergio B, and Abidal make up a great supporting cast to the superstars.

I think Cam Newton will be the most overhyped player in the draft. Heck, everybody and their uncles would agree with me on this one. Even though Jake Locker had a poor year, he is still the better pro prospect than Newton. Newton's leadership, accuracy, and character are huge question marks. Those three things are some of the keys to success in the NFL. Locker is a leader and happens to have absolutely no supporting cast in Washington. Andrew Luck is still the best, but don't dump Jake in your Locker.
What if Dani Alves and Sergio Ramos- as they are now- where still at Sevilla together?

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