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Pro Sports Wrap - Sports Personality of the Day:Patrick Marleau

9/2011 Top 20 on Tampa Bay Bucs

September 30th 2011 16:58
1. QB Josh Freeman- Uh...the reason why they were above .500 last year. Talk about clutch performers, this guy can ball with the best of them in crunch time.

2. RB LeGarrette Blount- Elusive as hell, you gotta give this guy more credit. I mean, you've punched someone in the face before, right? I hope so, because you've devoided yourself of all manliness if not.

3. WR Mike Williams- The Bucs have a great young core on offense indeed

4. CB Aqib Talib- Mel Kiper Jr. was right on with this guy when he said he had all the tools to make big plays, but lacks the technique and can get beat rather easily. That's not to mention the off-the-field concerns with this knucklehead.

5. DT Gerald McCoy- No offense Mr. McCoy, but you know there's something wrong with the talent level on your team when he is one of your top five best players.

6. LB Quincy Black- An underrated linebacker, but it seems like he is rather high. He isn't, that's the Bucs for you.

7. TE Kellen Winslow- Hey Freeman, buddy, please throw it at this guy some more. He can play some damn good football.

8. SS Sean Jones- Has played great this season after a disappointing year in 2010.

9. DT Brian Price- He and McCoy are pretty good at bringing the heat up the middle.

10. LT Donald Penn- No matter how overrated I think this guy is, he's still not all bad.

11. WR Arrelious Benn- This ranking is based on potential all alone. He's gotta put it together himself so that the picture connects.

12. CB Ronde Barber- Was huge last game and is showing us that he still has some talent left.

13. DE Adrian Clayborn- Was last week his rookie breakout game? He was incredible after two poor weeks to begin the season. Although that game was against the lowly Sam Baker, he was still absolutely dominating.

14. LB Geno Hayes- Yeah, it's the Bucs.

15. WR Sammie Stroughter- No, your mom doesn't play for the Bucs.

16. DE Da'Quan Bowers- Remy Zero, please save me; this job is too tough for Superman.

17. TE Luke Stocker- I think I should just give up on these write-ups.

18. FB Earnest Graham- Party like it's 2007; it ain't the end of the world.

19. LB Mason Foster- You know your bad when I'm temped to put Kregg Lumpkin on this list. I think most of the Bucs best 20 players are young players with potential and nothing else.

20. WR Preston Parker- Now this guy I like as a potential darkhorse. He can play some ball.

The Tampa Bay Bucs have one of the worst and most overrated lines in the league. Players such as Donald Penn, Jeff Faine, Jeremy Trueblood, and Davin Joseph are players who are considered to be good; but they are in fact among the worst offensive linemen in the league. Penn is considered by some to be a top ten tackle, but he is a major liability at left tackle. Jeff Faine signed a massive deal to play for Tampa, but he is one of the worst centers in the game. Davin Joseph recently re-signed and was given far too much money, and Trueblood is the player I will examine in this post.

To illustrate how poor Trueblood is as a run blocker, the Bucs were the 25th worst team at runs to the right tackle and the 26th worst at runs to the right end. These numbers are according to Football Outsiders. While Trueblood was excellent in 2008- the same with fellow tackle Donald Penn, he was absolutely awful in 2007, 2009, and 2010. Although Penn still has some value, Trueblood is a player who really shouldn't be starting at this level. He's really only a depth-guy at best.

While Trueblood is a poor run-blocker, he is even worse in pass protection. He is arguably the worst pass-blocking right tackle in the NFL, and he was beyond putrid last season. According to the Pro Football Focus, the Bucs had the 2nd worst Pressure Per Play percentage. The Pro Football Focus's Pass Blocking Efficiency statistic rates Jeremy Trueblood as the 5th worst pass blocking right tackle in the NFL; I couldn't agree more with that statement.

See, Trueblood struggles mightily in pass protection, and this is especially true against speedy edge rushers. In short, he is one of the worst tackles in the league and does not deserve a starting spot on the Bucs offensive line. It's amazing how Josh Freeman and LeGarrette Blount can succeed with such an inferior line "protecting" them. It's also amazing how people say that Jeremy Trueblood is an underrated player; he's not. If anything, he's overrated and is a lousy right tackle at that.
5th worst PBE among RTs



3/2011 Team Scope: Tampa Bay Bucs

March 12th 2011 14:35
I realize that there is a lockout, and it obviously both angers and disappoints me that both sides were more concerned in their own pride instead of trying to actually bargain. I know that there were a few people that kept their integrity in all of this, but I also know that there were those that didn't. Regardless, after much deliberation I have decided to continue to write about football. This is another team scope that thoroughly reviews a team's roster and their strengths and weaknesses. Enjoy.

Davin Joseph and Jeff Faine are mainstays in the interior, and I really like Donald Penn at left tackle. The problem with this team is the right side of the offensive line. Their right guard isn't so good, and they desperately need a right tackle. The combination of Jeremy Trueblood and James Lee doesn't cut it. LaGarrette Blount is a good running back that really breaks out of the hole extremely well. He is a physical runner that is extremely explosive. Cadillac Williams has almost the same kind of skill-set, so the Bucs are set with their running game.

We all know how good Josh Freeman and receiver Mike Williams are. Kellen Winslow Jr. is the guy that really opens things up for Williams, and his contributions to the Bucs are beyond what any stat sheet can say. Sammie Stroughter isn't a number two wide receiver in this league, but he can be a number 3 guy. Arrelious Benn has some promise, but I would like to see the Bucs try to draft another receiver in like the third round to put into the mix.

Gerald McCoy and Brian Price look like a nice tandem in the middle of the defensive line for years to come. I love McCoy's upside. However, the Bucs' defensive ends are terrible at generating pass rush. Stylez G. White is serviceable, but they very much need a pass rusher that can actually get to the quarterback. Geno Hayes is a pretty good player, and Barrett Ruud is the heart of this defense. They really need him to stay if they want to still be successful using the Tampa 2.

Aqib Talib is an insanely talented player. EJ Biggers has some talent, but he makes far too many mistakes. Ronde Barber is falling off, but he knows what he's doing. That's an interesting pair up at nickel and 2nd corner respectively. I think the Bucs might want to think about bringing in a corner in the draft because Barber's time in the league is almost up. Tanard Jackson needs to figure out what is going on in his life, but in the meantime, Sean Jones is showing why he was once one of the best safeties in the AFC when he played with the Cleveland Browns. Jones is a very underrated player.

Michael Spurlock is a very good returner that averages nearly 26 yards per kickoff return. Connor Barth is a solid kicker, but I don't really like their punter Robert Malone. I think the Bucs have a solid special teams unit. The Bucs have a solid offense that is anchored by a strong running game. Their defense needs to get a dynamic pass rusher to become relevant again. Overall, the Bucs are a solid young team that will once again threaten for a playoff spot.
Bucs Must Groom A Future CB


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