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Pro Sports Wrap - Sports Personality of the Day:Seth Smith

6/18 Daily Rundown: Osi vs. LeSean

June 18th 2011 06:13
1. Osi Umenyiora Shoots Back at LeSean McCoy

I think Osi Umenyiora just hurt himself some more in terms of league-wide respect. He once threatened to retire, and now he said that Jerry Reese lied to him. LeSean McCoy called Osi overrated and the third best defensive lineman on the Giants. I don't agree with what McCoy said at all, but it is his opinion. I think that he is the third most important defensive lineman on the defense. Justin Tuck is better, and Barry Cofield is an important leader. Osi is a great player, but he's such a head case.

You have to read Osi's response to McCoy's comments. He called McCoy Lady Gaga, and he said that he refers to McCoy as a "she". His reasoning for this sexist remark is that LeSean McCoy did what a woman would do. Huh? What are you talking about man? Everybody calls people overrated and soft all the time. There was no reason for him to make a sexist remark.

It's no secret that these two hate eachother, but this is the first time that we've seen it off the field. Thank Twitter for the sudden interest in this rivalry. What's more is that he called McCoy a nobody and said McCoy should stop talking. Memo to Osi Umenyiora: LeSean McCoy is one of the best all-around running backs in the National Football League.

2. Michael Pineda Helps Break Phils' 7 Game Win Streak

If you have the fastest fastball in the majors, you throw strikes, and you have nice offspeed stuff; you're going to be a successful pitcher in the majors. Right now, Michael Pineda is very successful. The most recent young pitching sensation on the M's is tearing up the league. On a team bereft of offense- bereft is a kind word- performances like Pineda's yesterday are necessary.

Michael Pineda took a no-hitter through six, and Brandon League got his 20th save in a rocky ninth. Roy Oswalt gave up eight hits and four runs in six surprisingly poor innings. Recent call-up Dustin Ackley got his first base hit through the veteran ace's legs. The second baseman who should change positions is one of the biggest prospects in the majors. Ichiro had three hits- including a double- and three runs to help lead the M's to victory. And yes, Ichiro was their lead-off hitter so I just made another really bad pun.

3. Red Sox Win Again

The Boston Red Sox beat a tough AL Central opponent 10-4 thanks to some big hitting from A-Gone. He went 3-4 with three runs, one RBI, a walk, a double, and a homer. Big Papi went 3-5 with a double, a run, and a run batted in. Nyjer Morgan went 3-4 with two runs. After three poor innings, John Lackey bounced back and finished off the game with five solid, scoreless frames.

4. Lockout '11: Owner News

A handful of NFL Owners are stalling negotiations because they don't like the deal that Roger Goodell is offering the players. They believe that the deal offered benefits the players more than the owners. The recent summit is for the owners to talk everything together amongst themselves rather than to actually negotiate.

5. Owners Allow Guaranteed Contracts

An important debate among the owners and players in the NBA, the issue of guaranteed contracts has been resolved with the owners allowing the current system of guaranteed contracts to continue. This is good news for the players, but the issue of a hard salary cap also needs to be resolved. Both sides really want to get a deal done and settle their differences even if it means letting the other side get what they want- meaning you didn't want such a thing to happen.
Were you born this way? Or do you like the Paparazzi covering the crazy stuff you do? Or is it just that you and LeSean have a bad romance?

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