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Pro Sports Wrap - Sports Personality of the Day:Seth Smith

6/21 NFL News: Newton makes good first step

June 21st 2011 21:00
Jimmy Clausen failed to develop good chemistry with Steve Smith, and it was one of the reasons why he was horrible last year. He got on Smith's nerves by showing hubris during training camp, and that carried over into the regular season. He didn't give the ball to his star, and he threw it far too often to Dante Rosario.

While I have been critical of Cam Newton, I commend him profusely for a move that he recently made. It may seem like a small gesture, but what Newton did may help out this offense more than you would think. He has made it clear that he wants Steve Smith to stick around in Carolina and not leave, and he also tipped his cap and said that Smith is a great receiver. This is exactly the opposite of what Clausen did last year, and I think this move will work out for Newton if Smith indeed does stay. Smith, however, wants to play on a winning team as his storied career winds down to a close. He won the Triple Crown of Receiving and is the best player in Panthers' history.

“I’ve grown maybe a little bit of maturity. So what I’m going to do is keep saying it: It’s between me and my family,” Smith said. “And when we decide what we’re going to do, whether people like it or not, as long as my family is happy, I hope they would understand.”

Steve Smith is one of my favorite players in the NFL, and it makes me mad when people talk crap about him. He has always contemplated retirement because of his family. He doesn't want to sustain an injury that will force his family to pay for the expenses. He also wants to spend time with the people he cares the most about.

“Obviously, skills are diminishing, losing a step. So we’ll see,” Smith said, mocking critics. “We’ll see how many 24-year-olds can cover a 32-year-old, 4.3 runner, wide receiver who wasn’t supposed to be here anyway.”

One of the main reasons why the star receiver contemplated retirement was because his wife may of had lupus. She didn't, and the person Smith cares about the most didn't have a dangerous disease.

“Retiring at that time was one of the things that we were thinking about, because I needed to be home with my wife,” Smith said. “I needed to make sure I didn’t let her down.”

Smith also praised the rookie quarterback. I personally think that character concerns about Newton are overblown now that I have seen his actions in the NFL. He's been nothing but a leader so far, and his work ethic is incredible. Newton has incredible athleticism, but I'm still worried about him busting. The Panthers did a very thorough check up on him, so I am optimistic about Newton's future. Marty Hurney is the last guy in the league to make a rash decision. If Smith says he's good, then he's probably good. Smith doesn't usually dole out praise on young QBs unless if they really are that good.

“His athleticism speaks for itself,” Smith said. “You can see an athlete walk in the door. He doesn’t have to wear a sign or a jersey. You can tell if a guy can play or if he can’t.”
Wants Smith to stay
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Comment by Rick Gillispie

June 22nd 2011 02:54
All that sounds good but it will be his performance on the field that will show if he is ready. Steve Smith is one of the great receivers in the game. Hopefully he does stay in Carolina and we can watch him teach Cam some things.

Comment by nbageek

June 22nd 2011 04:06
Yeah would be nice to see Cam and Steve Smith play together. Am not high on Cam either, and a great veteran receiver would help him adjust to the nfl.

Comment by Joe Soriano

June 22nd 2011 05:35
Rick, I am still a low on Cam Newton as a player because of his lousy technique and overrated accuracy among other things. This post was to hint that while Newton is obviously extremely cocky, he's also willing to be a leader on this team and is willing to work with his receivers. Clausen wanted to be a leader, but he didn't know how to lead a group of NFL players. As Steve Smith said, "He ain't at Notre Dame".

Comment by Rick Gillispie

June 22nd 2011 12:23
I got you Joe, Clausen was a joke last year. Cam has started his career better than Jimmy did. The key for any young QB is getting therespect from his teammates. So far I like what another young QB is doing. Jake Locker is getting the respect of his Titans teammates so far.

Comment by Joe Soriano

June 22nd 2011 13:03
I'm not surprised with Locker though, because he's a natural born leader. I love him, and he is my top rated rookie quarterback ever since a week before the draft. He's going to be big. With Newton, though, I was surprised that he has actually stepped up. With Locker, it was expected. I think Locker is going to be a very good quarterback for years to come. I do want to see Kerry Collins mentor him, only because it would help Locker's development as a player even further. Collins is one of the most experienced players in the game.

Comment by Rick Gillispie

June 22nd 2011 14:00
You are exactly right about Collins. I hope Tennessee signs him to a two year deal giving Locker the time to learn the system.

Comment by Joe Soriano

June 22nd 2011 15:25
I think two years is too long. They should give Collins a one year deal, and then another one year deal the next season if Locker still isn't ready.

Comment by Rick Gillispie

June 22nd 2011 17:15
Not sure if Collins will want just a one year deal. With Rusty Smith and Maybe Chris Sims as backups i would go ahead and spend the extra money and lock up Collins for Two years.

With a new coach staff at Tennessee I feel having a guy like Collins around for a couple of years can do wonders.

My only hope is that Tennessee doesn't rush Locker. Fans will want to see him on the field if team struggles at beginning of the year.

Comment by Joe Soriano

June 23rd 2011 03:08
Collins told the Titans that he would be happy with anything as long as he could play and mentor Locker for at least a year. I think that was in my last rumor post. Collins is an older QB who would be happy with anything as long as there's continuity.

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