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1/24 NFL Rumors: LeBeau, Cutler, and Palmer

January 24th 2011 16:34
Dick LeBeau could go to the Arizona Cardinals once his contract is up. He is familiar with head coach Ken Wisenhunt because Wisenhunt used to be the Steelers' offensive coordinator. LeBeau is known as one of the best cornerbacks of all-time, and he is one of the best defensive minds in the league. His complex blitz packages and defensive back coverage zones make him a priority for the Steelers to keep. LeBeau is also a Steelers legend from his playing and now coaching days.

As Randy Inman wrote on Footballdogz, there is a report that Carson Palmer has asked for a trade. Now with some information, I can talk about this rumor better on this post than in the Footballdogz comment section. Palmer is under contract up until 2014. This makes it difficult for him to be traded because he is a 31 year old with four years left on his deal. He might even retire if he isn't traded. I think that's an empty threat. As poor as Palmer is and as much as his arm strength has faded, it would be asinine for him to retire at this point.

All the talk is about Jay Cutler's injury, and every damn football player decided to lash on him. That's sad on their part. That they didn't have a damn clue about the injury and started talking crap about Cutler. The report is that he has a torn MCL. If this is true, the MJD's of the world need to be acquainted with the taste of their tongue more often than not. It's just pathetic how people will run their mouths about a player when they don't know the whole story.

Marvin Lewis wants Cedric Benson back. Wow, big surprise here. Lewis loves to open things up with the run game, and the Palmer stuff in the background makes it incumbent upon them to keep Benson. He is the heart of their offense, far and away their best offensive player, and the Bengals really need him. They built their team around a strong running game.

Vince Young says he wants to be a starter in the league. I just hope the Panthers don't get him. We don't need an ego like him that has arguably the worst mechanics of any QB in the league. I honestly think that Matt Moore is a better player than Young. Moore is a team player that has solid technique, is smart, and doesn't make foolhardy mistakes on and off the field.
Demanding A Trade
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Comment by Michael Wasco

January 24th 2011 19:51
I doubt LeBeau goes to AZ. Or rather I hope like hell he doesn't go. Palmer forcing a trade only makes things that much more difficult for the Brown family and Marvin Lewis. Will he retire? I don't know, but another season playing behind that offensive line might make him hesitate. I blasted Cutler before the MCL tear was announced. But I don't take my words back. We're talking perception here, and not reality. Unfortunately, the perception is that he's a jerk anyway, and now he won't play through an injury. It's not the *right* response, but the perception of him will rule the day. Maybe the Bengals and Titans can trade for their starting QBs. Not like Cincy isn't willing to take basket-cases into their fold. And just imagine the hilarity of watching T.Ocho explode at VY...

Comment by Gabe Lock

January 24th 2011 19:56
My thoughts exactly on the Cutler situation. And who says he could have done what Hanie did at the end of the game anyway? Wonder if the 49ers will have an interest in Palmer?

Comment by Jeff Glade

January 24th 2011 23:52
I agree completely on the Cutler argument...I mean how do you logically attack a quarterback for his toughness after he's led the league in being hit and never walked away before. It would have been far easier to leave while getting beat during that drubbing the the Patriots in the middle of a blizzard than to walk away from the NFC title game.

Comment by nbageek

January 25th 2011 01:07
I agree Cutler isn't a quitter. It was all Lovie. Too bad Carson was a trade. He didn't exactly have a good season last year. Why would anyone else want him?

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